January 24, 2011

Healthy Hair, Yuko, EOTD, Bio Oil, APA Stuff

I have healthy hair and I'm not gonna hide it!

My hair takes a lot longer to grow than the average Asian! lol
My sister's hair, like most of my Asian gal pal's hair grows as fast as weeds (they all said it, not me!)

I've always envied girls who can chop all their hair off and have it grow back again by the end of the year. Silly me back then thought I could do the same. I chopped off my hair in 2007 or 2008 and got a bob haircut lol. It's taken almost 3 1/2 years (with occasional hair trims) to get my hair to get past my shoulders since then!!! BTW Hair pills..made me lose a patch of hair on my forehead haha I had a bald spot for a few weeks and it was miserable. It's growing out now, but still I have this patch of short baby hairs sprouting from my head. lol. I had to change my hair part!

For your entertainment, bald spot growing back haha. I should just eff it and get bangs, but Minh says don't do it Steph! He already thinks I look too young lol. Poor 28 year old Minh..your fault for having a 23 year old gf man!

I went to my hair stylist and she said I lost hair because I had stop taking the hair pills...she told me that's how they get you to buy more! Anyhow, I've talked about that already in an old post - just felt like it was worth mentioning again!

Picture from the day I cut it short, short!
I found my Titanium tag Tiffany's Necklace that Minh gave me long ago when we first started dating. I started wearing it again to make him happy. He always tells me I never wear all jewelry that he's given me lol. It's our inside joke because he didn't know I was into jewelry making when we first started dating in college. :D

I was still in college when I cut my hair compltely short as you can see by my messy dorm room.

I lived in a dorm all 4 years of my college career (no shame!). I had a single room in Shaw Hall at MSU my last two years. :D Ballin'! Literally b/c there's a blue yoga in the background of my dorm room haha. I loved the dorms because I felt safe and I didn't have to worry about my meals, or a far walk to get to class. Anyhow..I miss my college days as most of us tend to do after we graduate. But back to hair!

I take a lot of pride in having healthy hair. I haven't dyed my hair for over a year now! I don't suffer from split ends anymore.

Anyhow, I was so sad to read the Blonde Salad's post today regarding her problems with her Chanel & YSL fashion jewelry! It really makes me want to reevaluate my goal to collect 50 pairs of Chanel earrings by age 50. Check out her blog post here. She is one of my all time favorite bloggers and I'm glad she has shared her experience will all of us in the blogging community.

My earrings are by Chanel (Paris Boutique!) <--Does it matter if it's from Paris, and not Seattle's Chanel Boutique..not really to me, but my Aunt is convinced it does lol. But after reading the Blonde Salad I just think they're all made equally ..not as good as they used to be made. haha Anyhow, just had to give my 2 cents about that.
I used to change my hair color every 3 months when I was "cool." I've become very content with my life and myself so I'm not as fussy about hair (unlike my friend Marisa!) or really much of anything else as of late. I really have been surrounded by people who fuss about their hair all my life..my best friend growing up...new friends I've made in Seattle. lol. They are all about hair!
I didn't even use conditioner until I roomed with my best friend at the time. lol She was like you don't use conditioner?!?! WTF (ok maybe not as dramatic, but you get the picture ^_^).

I've just been letting my hair grow, grow, and grow. I don't straighten or curl my hair on a daily basis, only occasionally. When I do curl or straighten my hair. I make sure to use some hair products to not fry or damage my healthy hair (that I worked so hard to make healthy!).
I've learned over time styling hair products really do WORK! They help protect your hair from getting fried and they also help you keep your hair style lasting longer.

Speaking of conditioner ---
I switch my shampoo and conditioner every time I finish the bottles! lol
I love trying new products. I just figure we have one life to live, so why not?
I've tried pretty much everything that you can buy from Costco or Sam's Club, I can tell you that!

I have noticed that my hair doesn't respond well to expensive shampoos or conditioners! LOL
I guess my hair doesn't have expensive taste :P
Biosilk, and Fekkai shampoo and conditioner were both fails for me.
OMG OMG Burt's Bee shampoo and conditioner was the worst I've ever tried in my life. My hair just hated it and it felt absolutely unpleasant.
I am currently using Costco sizes of Dove shampoo & conditioner and I like it a lot!
I do still want to try the Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo & conditioner that Asian Beauty Bloggers have been raving about since I began blogging! I just forget to buy it to try it lol.

Here's a glimpse of some of the hair products I have been reaching for from time to time.

I can tell you right now I won't be repurchasing the CHI Keratin Mist after trying out Yuko's Repair Through. They're both leave in conditioners, but Yuko is so much better!
I still have a lot of love for CHI products, but for a leave in conditioner, CHI has been trumped.

Yuko Repair Through <-- I've seen a few reviews on this Yuko Repair Through leave-in conditioner on both blog & Youtube prior to trying it myself, and the reviews all pretty great. I was really excited to be sent such a nice product to try out and review!
It really is an amazing leave-in conditioner I'm so grateful for it : )
You can find more information on the Yuko Repair Through here.
It's $24 for a 6.8 fl oz bottle, but completely worth it -- you will thank yourself later for trying it. I plan on purchasing from them in the near future. I've never heard of Yuko Salon or Yuko Products until recently.

How to Use: Spray on wet or dry hair. For best results, finish with blow drying.
I personally spray it on after I towel dry my hair, and brush out my hair and call it a day.
The best part about this leave-in conditioner is how shiny and healthy my hair and curls look after I curl my hair :D

Yuko Repair Through is a leave-in conditioner that deeply revitalizes, smoothens, and detangles the hair before styling, preventing split ends and breakage.

It's true what they say about this product, and I really am happy with what it has done for my hair especially before I curl it.

CHI Keratin Mist
<-- It's not bad, but it does smell kind of like guy's cologne lol. I think many who have used this can agree.

Macadamia Healing Oil Spray
<--- I love this! Macadamia Oil is pretty much the same as the Morrocan Oil (Argan Oil). I love this spray bottle though because I often times dislike the feel of oil on my hands. I feel like I can't do anything until after I wash off the product from my hands.

Morrocan Oil Leave in Conditioner / Hair Mask
<--- freaking amazing! I use it as my conditioner sometimes after I shampoo my hair. I've also left it on my hair ask a hair mask. It's amazing. I've never had softer hair. :D

<-- I'm not a big fan of this but it does help my hair stay shiny (but overall way too oily, greasy feeling). I think I was spoiled by the Morrocan Argan Oil (not pictured) because I had finished and threw away a bottle already!

Frederick Fekkai Glossing Cream <--It's ok, but not worth the $ I've bought their set of Shampoo & Conditioner from Costco to try and I just did not love either. It make my hair feel like blahh. But the Glossing Cream is worth re-buying in the future, but it is a bit pricey. All in all, my most favorite hair products of the moment include the Yuko Repair Through, Morrocan Oil & the Macadamia Healing Oil Spray. What are your favorite hair products (shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, hairspray)? I really would love to hear them. I'm always looking for the best of each type of product out there. What is your favorite product for detangling hair? I remember I had a friend growing up with super curly hair, she recommended me a very good shampoo but I don't remember what it was called! I just cannot stand tangles (I brush my hair with a shower comb when I condition my hair too). I just want to prevent them as much as possible and I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a good shampoo to manage tangles. But now to my favorite topic: makeup :) Circle Lenses are the G&G/Dueba Big DM 23 in Brown
You can find them here.
I like these a lot, but not as much as my Diamond Series Grey ones! lol

I think I should transition back to wearing normal contacts though, I kind of miss my normal eyes! :) I just need to make an appointment to get a new prescription before I can order new "normal" Acuvue contacts. I've been meaning to get new glasses as well. I haven't had a new eye glass frame since the 8th grade! Versace frame glasses = high quality and worth every penny.
I've always just had the lenses changed not the frame : ) I like to be frugal sometimes.

I also used to think I wanted to be an Optometrist too. lol I have an Aunt on my Mom's side who is an Optometrist. I hear she makes bank owning her own practice and all. I just think it would be sweet to be able to try on glasses all day to see how you'd look in each and every pair.

The makeup I used over the weekend : )

Laura Mercier Matte Eyeshadow - Smoky Grey

MAC Shroom Eyshadow
<-- A classic Benefit Bunny Hop Cream Shadow <-- terrible product, I've used it twice and it's already dried out completely. I have to warm it up before applying it b/c it's pretty much a goner.

MAC Lipgloss
in Underage

Lancome Definicils Pro
<-- curvy wand, I love Definicils but for some reason hate the curvy wand)

Makeup Forever Aqua Lips Lipliner
(part of my MUFE Dany's Essentials Kit)

MAC Engraved
Black Eyeliner Pencil for waterline

YSL #19

MAC Fluidline
in Blitz & Glitz (not shown)

Laura Mercier Matte Eyeshadow in Smoky Grey

Another product that I'm new to trying is Bio-Oil. I've heard some great reviews about it online, and I wanted to try it for myself. I was so happy to find both bottles in a Costco set for around $22 : )

I have minor scars on my face from just life struggles jk, more like minor acne scarring and hyper pigmentation. I have noticed that Bio-Oil used religiously everyday has help reduce the visibility of the discoloration in my face. This stuff is legit and it really lasts! But then again..how much oil does one really need to rub on their face. I keep one in the living room (I'm terrible I know, but it's my place) so I apply it at night when I'm watching a movie from home.

Read more about Bio Oil here.
It really is a multi-use product just like Egyptian Magic (which I stopped using because it was so greasy). Nothing wrong with it, but I hate getting the oily cream stuck under my nails! It drove me bonkers.

I know you can find it at most drugstores, and Target. I almost bought it at Target once (small bottle) but it was $13 or $16 so I put it back! haha
I love Costco..I really do. You can find everything there!

I've honestly been using it remove my makeup too! haha.
I'm so glad that I can use a oil base products to take off my eye makeup now that I no longer have lash extensions. I've been really unmotivated to wear falsies too. It's weird. I think I got spoiled by extensions. Anyhow..I want to get back on the falsies bandwagon so I can have more fluttery lashes!

This my window ledge where I keep most of my "blog worthy" things to photograph.
It's also my unofficial makeup area because the lighting is so amazing :)

My nails of the moment. The pink polish is from one of OPI's Summer mini sets.
I can't tell you the name to save my life! I do adore it though : )
I do remember it came with OPI's Princess Rules (haha the reason why I bought the mini set).
Princess Rules by OPI is a freaking adorable pale pink shimmery nail polish.

I felt like trying out my Rimmel French Nail Pro White Polish brush.
I think this is called the "dragon tail" design. I'm really rusty with my brush nail art, but the Rimmel brush wasn't outstanding either.

I always admire nail bloggers, they're SO good at what they do!
My favorite nail blogs currently include,

My friend Kae's blog http://www.thehungryasian.blogspot.com/
and http://www.scrangie.com

Scrangie is an amazing amazing nail blogger. I love visiting her page : )
Her latest post are pictures of the OPI's Katy Perry Collection polishes, which I picked up yesterday at Ulta! I love the OPI Mini's because they included everything I want!

I picked up Black Shatter too just cause. ; )
Crackle nail polish has been around for ages (since I was in middle school!)
I'm just curious for OPI's formula. I will let you know how it goes in the upcoming weeks. ^^
I just had to try it out last night. I didn't put a top coat over it or anything, this is exactly how it turned out after a few seconds after I applied the Black Shatter "crackle" nail polish. :D

I can never keep my nail polish or hands looking amazing anymore. I could when I was in college. Work life is not as fun as college life! I keep telling my sister to enjoy her freshman year because she'll never get it back! : ) Live it up Julia and stop complaining the way a damn elitist would :P Us commoners just cannot relate ::drinks Costco Kirkland brand water::: puahaha

Speaking of Costco, I snagged a "THE LAST ONE" KING SIZE down comforter from Costco (South Center). :D I only have a queen bed, but I couldn't help but snatch this up...it was the last one of the season! I think this is a much better use of $99 than the Gucci throw. :D
100% Egyptian Cotton too, but only 420 thread count. I do have a 1000 thread count 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets for my bed. *Pat self on back* It was something I've always dreamed and wanted for myself. I'm worth it! :D I'm not frugal when it comes to comfort!

The Viet saying goes.."Chet la het!"
It's all over when you're dead! lol

I like to think of it as GAME OVER.

I like to recite that when my Mom scowls me over the phone about buying something of luxury for her or Dad. They so deserve to have super nice things if I can help it. My Mom always reply but well you're not dead so be more frugal so your future is better!!! Sigh.."me Vietnam" = Vietnam Mother.

You all know they're damn happy inside when their children from far away send gifts home!
My Mom recently asked me why I sent the family a Christmas card lol, cause it's a waste of a stamp! haha, but if I didn't send a card...she'll tell people I forgot about my family! jk jk

I'm sure most of us by now have read or have heard talk about the following "Why Asian Mothers are Superior" Wall Street Journal Article by Author Amy Chua. It even aired on the news twice here in Seattle! lol Seattle and Bellevue, WA has a very large Asian, Asian-American population about 25%. I had a feeling their would mention this article on the local news.

Did you ever wonder why your (immigrant) Mom was so hard on you as a kid? I sure did!!!

This Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article really helped me understand my Mother a little bit better. I hope it can help you too if you come from a family of immigrant parents : )

Click here for the article: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704111504576059713528698754.html

I mentioned it already the other day on Twitter, and really enjoyed the feedback from all my Tweethearts who could relate with me. : ) That's why I want to share with all of you here at blogspot. Maybe you had a Mom that was strict? This article might be able to help explain "the method to her madness" raising you as a child. :)

Special thanks to my friend Danielle (she's Russian American Jewish) for sharing it with me the other day. :D You're probably thinking, why did I mention her ethnicity, but it will make sense as you continue to read. We really enjoy teaching each other about ethnicity & identity growing up in the US with the parents that we did.

We were having a conversation while she was holding and playing with her bf Yuan's baby cousin (Chinese American). She was telling me how amazing Chinese American babies were (from her experience being around the babies in his family) when it came to potty training. She told me they are capable of using the the bathroom (think not dependent on diapers) at the mere age of 1 1/2 - 2 years! (of course w/ Mom's help).

I was way impressed! Then we got into a conversation of how Chinese parents are amazing at teaching their children at an early age. Either later that night, or early next morning she sent me the WSJ article on the same topic. I read it with a smile on my face.

My Mom wasn't as extreme nor strict as the article mentioned; she actually let me go to two girl friend sleepovers when I was little (4th or 5th grade). It sure took weeks and weeks of convincing her and my dad!

Now that I look back..I bet I caused her a few sleepless nights while I was having so much fun (back then we didn't even have cell phones). The funny thing..I barely even remember those friends today. Maybe Mom was right in saying that it wouldn't even matter in the future.

I really have a stronger appreciation for my Mom as I get older, but even more after reading this article. Thanks Mom!

I also minored (specialized) in Asian Pacific American Studies (APA) in college. I also was intern for the APA office my Senior year so I was very close with the heads of the study program. I got to meet a lot of famous Asian American activists too! I know this article is one to be debated in APA classes. I wish I was still at MSU so I could sit in and hear the student's arguments. : )

I hope you all have a great Monday! I am going to headed over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond after work with Sam & Minh to buy some light bulbs, and check out the clearance goodies! (We won't forget our 20% off coupon nor forget our $5 off a $15 purchase coupons, no worries!)

See ya!


  1. Your hair looks so shiny and pretty when it's curled :). I'm LOVING MorrocanOil Shampoo, Conditioner, & the oil right now. I've had the oil for over a year but only started using it every night for the past 3-4 months and what a difference I feel :). I know a lot of people say the shampoo & conditioner are overpriced and dupeable but honestly I bought the Sally's One N' Only Argan Oil shampoo & conditioners and they don't feel the same on my hair (they just smell the same). Hope your finger is healing well Steph, take care!

  2. omgsh steph, your single dorm room looks like the size of my double. maybe even bigger!!! hahaa.

    your hair IS super healthy and shiny and niceee >< maybe i'll just let it groww and chop off the unhealthy parts later.

    and yes i feel you about the asian parents -_- but its all tough love lol

  3. @Christian Thank you for the recommendation! I will have to try it after I finish my Costco size Dove products lol. They sell them at a salon across the street from where I live. I hope they have a discount on salon products by the time I go to buy! :D

    I gave up on Sally's recently lol. I don't know why they don't improve their store!

    @love-aholic haha at MSU, Shaw Hall (my dorm) was one of the most sought after, I had to wait in line at 3am until 8am when they would let you sign up for a dorm room in that hall. It's so competitive! But I won! puwhahaha

    I wonder if I will ever be like my parents and raise my kids with tough love? Probably not haha cause my dogs are already naughty because I spoil them too much (can't help it b/c it tugs at my heart to ever be mean to them!)

  4. I'm so jealous of your hair!! I regret starving myself and going on diets when I was in MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! >_< As a result I have thin hair and I have no idea when I will get all of my hair back..maybe never! T___T

    Asian parents..so typical, but you gotta love them hahaha

  5. Stop it with all the digs at me :P
    My hair does not grow like weeds! It grows like hair! And college life is hard! Also, we don't use disposable water bottles-- it's bad for the environment, you planet killer! (ok, so that last one is a jk except not really)

  6. Steph! I love your long posts. They are so enjoyable to read from top to bottom! I am envious of your healthy and gorgeous hair. I've dyed my hair and permed it too much so it's a frizzy mess. I try to put products in it, which kind of helps, but most of the time, it's so damaged. T.T I'm so curious about Bio Oil! :) Gonna check it out.

  7. Your hair does look really healthy and so pretty curled! I've stopped using heat on my hair daily too, I badly need a haircut to chop off my dry ends lol.

    Thank you for the mention, you are too sweet! ♥

  8. WOW!! Your eyes are amazing! The eye makeup looks killer..
    mmmmm... I read about Katy Perry's OPI nail polish somewhere.. Can't wait for your review! =)
    I think you look gorgeous with short hair.. hahah.. It's sweet..
    And the earrings? They are to die for..
    You sure have nice things.. Gonna work hard like you! =)

  9. hey hey hey!!! don't hate on me >.<"! lol i like getting my hair done every so often! i have thick hair that i don't like having! :(

  10. i love it when you just talk

    these kind of posts are my favourite =)

  11. @x0marisa you know you love your hair :P

    @joey :D haha I take after my mom except I don't talk much in person just online! lol My dad and I are people of few words. My mom..definitely more than few words!

    Thanks for visiting me Joey!

  12. Your hair looks so healthy! I am so jealous!!!!!! J/K!!

    I've colored, and permed my hair so much since college that i think i've damaged it. My hair is naturally very thin, so it never looks as healthy and silky as people who have lots of hair. My hair is super straight too. I can curl it in the morning, and it'll be completely straight 2, 3 hrs later. My hair just doesn't hold curls whatsoever! Perhaps i'm not using the right products?!?! Who knows! Anyway, i haven't done anything with my hair for awhile now. I just let it air dry after each wash. I do blow dry my bangs everyday though.

  13. Hi Steph! What am amazingly informative post. I never quite cared about my hair either until I was a senior in highschool switching from tomboy to getting in touch w my girly side. After i dyed it this horrendously ugly copper color my hair just died. Still I never took care of it until as of last yea when I noticed all the hair dyes and straight perm torture I've put my hair through. Still conditioning gets forgotten more than a few occasions. Lol. Laziness.

    I'm glad the bio oil works for you! These products never work for me :( talk about picky bad skin.

  14. have you ever tried prenatal vitamins? they are suppose to help your hair and nails grow. i have the thickest hair ever! my hair stylist is amazed at how much hair i have lol. i was looking into getting the black shatter nail polish. how's the texture of it?
    my mom was never strict with me. compared to how she was to my older sister, i think i had it pretty good. even though she wasn't strict, she still had this authoritative power so i never wanted to do anything bad or get bad grades. a secret i must learn when i have kids!

  15. I lived in a dorm all 4 years of college too. I wish I can rewind the clock :( Everything was so stress free back then!

    I always think one needs a striking face to pull off short haircuts (or at least not have a funky shaped head, which I have lol). So I actually really like the shorter, bob haircut on you. Makes you look more mature. But I totally get missing the long hair.

  16. i love your hair!! They look so shiny!! :D and the view on your window is so nice!! I would love to wake up and just look at the window! :P ahhh, i need to get me the OPI katy perry on monday!! They're too nice :D

  17. You have really nice hair!! I have terrible hair -- very non-Asian. It's frizzy!!

  18. yeah i didnt know the OPI katy perry polish was out yet! Cant wait to try the black shatter polish! xo

  19. 'NAM MAMA<333

    translation: Vietnam Mother...<3333


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