January 22, 2011

Gucci Luxury Throw Blanket

Stock photo from www.DSW.com
The photo I took of the Gucci throw blanket at DSW Shoes.

I stopped by DSW today (Northgate Mall, Seattle) to pick up some leather shoe polish.
I had a $10 "reward certificate" and I wanted to just use it before it expires lol
We were in the area anyways :D

Anyhow, as I was in line waiting to check out I noticed a display of Gucci throws for $99.95 ("original retail price" $950).
I've noticed the Gucci throw before at DSW (in Seattle, and even when I was in Boston a few months back). lol

I believe they had them for $199 or $299 at the time. I wanted it, but I felt that my dogs would just destroy it if I left it on the couch. I walked away..and never looked back... lol

I totally got excited when I saw the new price tag, $99 for a $950 Gucci Throw?!
Even though my college degree is in Retail..I still get excited for "deals," when I should known better and to calm down (to not buy impulsively).

I wonder if this product was a "failure" at its prime, or maybe it was a production flaw?

Is that why DSW's nationwide now have them on clearance for a fraction of the original retail price? lol
It's always fun to think about what happened with this particular item.

I think most luxury design brands live up to their name...so why is this "designer flashy" throw only $99?! Have times gotten so hard that luxury designers are mainstreaming?!? (*quivers*)
(The answer is yes for many well known designers (not necessarily "Luxury Designers", BUT designers do make a lot of $ when they collaborate with stores such as Kohl's, Walmart, and Target.. just because the "commoner" market is so so large. Example, Mulberry for Target hahaha).

In my college studies (from what I remember, correct me if I'm wrong), the most famous case study was Liz Lange for a Target maternity line. The designer/design house for Liz Lange was scrutinized for collaborating with Target to do an "affordable" and massed produced clothing line w/ the Liz Lange name on it. (Many say it was designer suicide at the time -- risk of losing credibility, risk of losing your "high end" consumers).

I believe she was one of the first, if not the first designer to take the plunge and enter into this type of deal.
Liz Lange Maternity line for Target still exists to this day and has be completely successful.
She is now praised, and so many other designers have followed suit just to "make a living in a rough economy." But now there is a study that explains why this works so well for many designers. I'll let you do your own research for that one since this is probably boring you. haha

I totally forget the term for designers "collaborating" with discount retailers. It was my Senior year project/presentation at MSU. Vince! If you're reading this, what is it called again? Dr. H would be so disappointed in me for forgetting this term!!!

I did some research online and I learned that DSW lowered their price on this throw for Cyber Monday (back in November) for an additional 25% off!

They no longer offer the 25% off deal, but $99 is still a pretty good price for a Gucci throw blanket in my opinion!

I think it would make such a great gift! I really want to pick it up tomorrow for my parents. I think it would be so funny to just send it to them with the $950 price tag on the box hahaha

Anyhow! This throw is definitely on my mind! :D
They had so many left that I didn't feel sad I didn't get one today haha
If it's there next time I visit, then it's more meant to be!

You can also find it online at www.DSW.com
Click HERE for a direct link to the throw (however, the page won't load completely for me right now).

I just thought it was worth sharing : )


My EOTD (Eyes of the Day).
Will talk more about the new circle lenses, and eye makeup next blog post : )

Have a great rest of your weekend!

-Steph ^_^


  1. dang that's a crazy price cut !!

  2. Pretty, bright eyed Steph!

    I'm not sure why that throw was such a "failure" that they had to discount it 90%. It looks like a perfectly normal throw that any owner of a luxe home may love. Although personally - I am perfectly happy with my $7 "felicia" throw from Ikea.

  3. whoa!! It does make me feel skeptical when price cuts are crazy. It looks so luxurious. I would be too scared to use it! xD

  4. a 850$ price drop is insane to the max. I don't think I have ever seen such a huge precentage taken off of an item. do you know if it's comfy? it would make an amazing gift! I have to check the DSW by me to see if they have any. I think luxury brands teaming up with stores like Kohls, Target, and H&M is one of the smartest think to be done. It gives everyone the opportunity to feel luxurious without breaking the bank. Who doesn't love a good sale?

  5. i don't think they're selling it online anymore, it doesn't load for me either, and when i clicked on the search bar for gucci, only the shoes came up. it might be an outdated link :( sucha good price i wanted one :( :( i don't have a DSW near me

  6. Wow for the price! That's a big cut off... Hope you can get it on next visit ;)

  7. I wish i could make up like you

  8. I really like how you do your eye makeup

  9. Sending the throw blanket with the original price tag would be funny.

  10. OMG!! i would totally pick that Gucci throw blanket up. Did you go back to get it yet????? $99 isn't cheap, but for a Gucci throw??? What a steal!!!!!

  11. I was actually going to buy this blanket for my bf's mom, but DSW messed up my online order (never told me!) and I ended up w/ nothing for her on X-mas day because the whole time I thought it was shipping / on it's way. There was a big mess at DSW over this blanket b/c so many people kept ordering it that they screwed up thousands of orders. Then I saw it in stores and was kind of glad I didn't get it. I heard it's not as nice as Gucci stuff normally is.


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