February 26, 2011

Blog Under Construction : )

Hey everyone! My blog will be under construction for a few days.
My web/graphic designer friend Sanny is going to be taking over and beautifying this blog for me. It matches the future www.dskjewelry.com that is done! It will be launched March 2011.

She is also the designer of www.dskjewelry.blogspot.com and many, many more blogs in our blogosphere. : ) For example, she designed my friends Lena's blog www.ladylonline.blogspot.com and Jennifer's blog www.beeyoutiful7.blogspot.com

Sanny definitely been one of those friends who has been there with me from the beginning of beauty blog & the jewelry blog! I love her mucho!

Thanks for visiting everyone! I hope you all have a great weekend! -Steph ^_^

p.s. I know the comment boxes are currently brown in color. lol
Who doesn't like chocolate?!


  1. Thanks Jessy! A good friend of mine is designing it for me. :)

  2. Aww I'm excited to see the makeover of DSK Blogs! :) I love the choice of color of the theme. <3

  3. Thanks Mindy! Sanny is amazing, she totally gets me :)

  4. i'm loving the new changes already!

  5. Thank you Susan! Sanny is really talented :D

  6. Wow beautiful color!
    The pink looks naturally on your nails ^^ the green (I think it's green?) reminds me of seaweed haha... sorry..

    Anyway thanks for the post! xx

  7. you have GORGEOUS nails! and love that satin doll color

  8. you have GORGEOUS nails! and love that satin doll color

  9. Thank you x yes it's a very gorgeous bag i've been wanting it forever!! :)
    anyways thanks for the swatches babe,
    you have awesome nail shape! You can be a hand model hehe :))))

  10. love the colors..reminds me that spring is coming!

  11. ohhh i love your NOTD!! i've always wanted to try this brand.. it looks so pretty on your nails!


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