February 24, 2011

DSK Steph's Makeup Haul!

It's definitely been a few since I've "hauled" makeup.
I hope you like the items I've acquired! Special thanks to my friend Ashlee who sold me all of these goodies! I also picked up a black MAC eyeliner pencil but I forgot to photograph it.
I live for black eyeliner. ^^

Dior Bronzer #004
This will be my first time trying out a bronzer by Dior. : )

NARS Bronzer Irresistiblement (this is so incredibly pigmented!)

NARS Blush in Lovejoy
I've been wanting blush for so long! I'm so glad it's mine!
NARS Blush in Dolce Vita
This is such a gorgeous color, I can't wait to use it!

MAC Eyeshadow pans in Bisque, Brown Down, and Espresso
I've always wanted to try more of MAC's brown shadows : )
I still want to get Ricepaper!

Thank you for visiting ladies!
Have you bought any new makeup lately?
Anything good I need to know about? : )
Please share!


  1. WOw!! Love the purchase you made.. Great products! Thanks for sharing..

  2. lovely haul !! i have dolce vita and i love it !!

  3. @Julia STOP TYPING IN ALL CAPS!!! I'm telling Mom you're bullying me again! :P

  4. lol Steph! What a fabulous haul. :) I am dying to see your makeup collection now!! xD

  5. simply fantastic that Nars bronzer is to die for!!! well done exquisite taste!

  6. I love the bronzer from Dior it looks so pretty lol....I found this really good lipstick from chanel on valentines day weekend called Boy that only had a 4 day preview before April...it is really good and moisturizing for your lips and can be settle or more popped with a nude lip liner...the line is going to be really good

  7. @Laura This Youtube Guru from the UK used Boy in this tutorial! I was just watching it! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6zd3OJ8QMc&feature=feedu

    Thanks for visiting Laura!

  8. Hey Steph, thought you didn't want any NARS makeup since you don't like their packaging??

    You should try NARS Madly blush, and MAC Mystery eyeshadow. I think that's my favorite brown from MAC.

  9. @Quynh I really just dislike the dust that collects on the NARS packaging from their eyeshadows (since it's used more). For blush & bronzer it's not too bad. I like it when it's brand new. But when it gets dusty I get rid of them (via blog sale). I love most NARS blushes.

  10. Wowzers! You definitely are a makeup-a-holic. How about a tutorial then? ;)

  11. Ohhh La la!

    I think I have to get one of those Dolce Vita! Thanks Steph!

  12. I tagged you. I remembered to actually publish the tag post this time.

  13. Ahh, I LOVE reading haul posts! I have a question, though - will you do a swatch post of them in the future? I'm in the search of a new bronzer and I'm curious as to how NARS and Dior ones look on the skin.
    Also, definitely get Ricepaper - it's such a gorgeous color, one of my favorites!


  14. You should try mac's soft brown eyeshadow. I looove it.


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