February 23, 2011

Timon (Timmy) and Wallace (Wally) !

The puppies will be 11 months on March 8th, 2011!
I should throw them a birthday party when their Aunt Danielle & Uncle Yuan visit! lol
It would give us all a reason to celebrate with some drinks! : )

I leave you with some pictures taken with my Blackberry Bold : )

Happy napping!


  1. they're so adorable! Growing up, I see. My little one is going to be 10 months this Saturday.

  2. omg steph your fur babies are SOOO adorable!!

  3. omg steph your fur babies are SOOO adorable!!

  4. Your puppies are adorable!!! My pup also loves that no-stuff toy pictured :)


  5. Amazing blog!!;) what about following each other?:D kisses from Poland <3

  6. Cuties! They seem to love being in front of the camera ; )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  7. super cute ! almost a year ! dont they grow up so fast ?

  8. Ahh! I want to snatch all your little puppies and play with them :) They are SO adorable!

  9. First of all - LOVE THE PUPPIES!!! I have wanted one for the longest time, but with 3 other sisters my Mom said she barely had time to care for us let alone any pets. I'm going to make sure I have one when I'm finally on my own. The napping picture is absolutely PRECIOUS!

    Secondly, I don't know why it has taken so long to find your personal blog. I have been in and out of the blog world mostly d/t being busy at work, but I'm so sad I've been missing out!

    I was just reading your post a few down about starting a business...your story about starting everything from the ground up is incredibly inspirational. I have been wanting to start my own dream business for the longest time EVER but am just saving up so I have something to contribute to my dream before I launch. Would love to chat sometime if you are available! ;)

    I am definitely going to do some property investment in the near future as soon as I have funds for it - with the market the way it is now, it couldn't be a better time to jump in. Stocks go up and down but people always need a place to live!

  10. cute x 10000000000000000
    They've grown so much!!! So precious. <3

  11. Awesome awesome haul, Steph! I love the way you took the pictures of the items!! Nice angle!

    Btw, did you take with your DSLR?

  12. @Jess the puppies photos were taken both with DSLR & my Blackberry :)


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