February 21, 2011

Nail Polish, Love for Aquafina Lip Balm, and Trilash!

Essie "French Affair" (found this at Ulta!)
Wet n Wild "Party of Five Glitters" (found this at Fred Meyer!)
Chanel "Black Pearl" (found this at Nordstrom Flagship!)

(French Affair, photo taken w/ my Blackberry)
I told you I've been on a nail polish kick!
I can't wait to use them all. ^_^
I still haven't been in the mood to use OPI's "Black Shatter" yet. : /
I need something bright this time of year to reassure me that Spring is on the way. : )
I added Deborah Lippmann's "Today was a Fairy Tale" glitter polish and I had no idea it was tinted! It changed my polish to a more purple hue. I was expecting just silver glitters w/ clear polish. I was wrong!

I first learned of the Wet n Wild glitter polish from Giang's Facebook update!
I really enjoy all of her nail polish updates and alerts : )
Thank you G!
She is definitely beauty blog's nail polish-shop-aholic!

I just had to compare the Wet n Wild "Party for Five Glitter" ($1.99) to Deborah Lippmann's "Happy Birthday" ($18) glitter polish. The glitter flecks look so similar, just different shades. :D
I do have a pretty large Gilt.com Deborah Lippmann nail polish order on the way!
I think I picked up 8-10 bottles! I went a little happy because the deal was pretty much 2 bottles for the price of 1! I also wanted to take advantage of the free shipping on my very first Gilt.com order.

Special thanks to Jean of www.ExtraPetite.com for notifying me via Twitter of the DL nail polish sale on Gilt that fine morning! You make my life better Jean, thank you!

I owe my interest/obsession in DL polishes to my friend Kae, thehungryasian.blogspot.com. She has an amazing nail blog, and often features DL polishes ^_^
Thanks Kae! She told me to remember to sign up for the DL e-mails, and it's true that they often send weekly coupons or notify you of their weekly promotions. I proudly have collected most of the Lippmann glitter polishes. =^_^= I will share my entire DL collection once my Gilt order arrives later this month.
Deborah Lippmann does have a new glittery polish called "Glitter in the Air" and I really want it!
You can find Deborah Lippmann polishes at their official website.

I just had to get Chanel "Black Pearl." I think of The Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean!
I love Johnny Depp & Orlando Bloom!

I cleaned out my Mini Lin Speedy and found 7 of my favorite Aquafina Lip Balm's inside my purse hahahaha. No wonder it was so heavy! Minh thinks I'm ridiculous. I really cannot survive without chapstick or lipbalm! I haven't been able to find the original Aquafina pictured in the Seattle area. I bought them all from Meijer's in my hometown in Michigan. I wipe them out and ask if they have more in stock lol. My parent's neighborhood is right across the street from Meijer's and Target. I can't wait to go home soon.

I've been trying out an Intensive Eye Lash Revitalizer called TriLash since I shed my lash extensions. I haven't shared any EOTD photos since I want you to share with you my future eye lash results! Have anyone of you tried TriLash?
I wish I was blessed with naturally beautiful lashes (think makeupbytiffanyd's lashes), but I wasn't! lol Instead, my bf Minh was blessed with the longest, most full lashes ever. I swear he has mixed blood in him. I just don't get where he gets it from! He always boast about his long lashes to me, and starts pulling them out in front of me. He says he's still beautiful even after he pulls out a few. What a character that Minh.

My cousin Ryan is 1/2 Viet 1/2 Caucasian and he has the MOST gorgeous lashes. I'm always envious of his lashes lol. I think I stare at his eyes and tell him how badly I want his long lashes (or how he'd make a really pretty girl!).
The applicator is a fine thin brush, very much like an eyeliner brush.
I hope it doesn't change my eye color, or stain my eyelids in the long run, but so far so good.
I'll keep you all update, please let me know if you've tried this!

You can find more information and a video at TriLash's official website, http://www.trilash.com/

I also have another "lash growing" product called Lashem and it was gifted by my friend Kae. I have yet to try that one! I'll just have to wait for my lashes to shed and try it in the future. I also have used a product called Talika Eyelash Lipocils ($40) found at Sephora in the past, but I didn't notice too much of a different. Haha maybe I was too lazy and didn't use it enough?

My goals in preparation for Spring include whitening my teeth, growing my lashes, and shop for some fun Spring clothes. I did go shopping today (both online and in stores lol). Minh and I went to Banana Republic where I found a nice white and light green cardigan for $29.99. ^_^
It was on sale, and 25% off in honor of President's Day. Earlier I shopped at Loft.com, and check out with 6 items! (Yes! I did remember to use Ebates! Unlike..cough cough Danielle who forgot after I reminded her 2 times!)

There's a pair of gorgeous Prada sunglasses at Costco for $135.99! I wanted them so badly on Sunday, but Minh said.."you don't need them." And he was right.. I didn't need them, but I want them! I might sneak back there later this week and snag em! I bought my Mom a pair of Prada sunglasses the week before I moved away to Seattle and they were around $249..so the Costco pair are a deal! They're the "cat eye" shape. I hope to get them and share them with you all. I always, always check out the Costco vision center! I love to try on new frames. I need to get a new pair and I found a pair of Ray Ban frames I really liked. I 'needs-ta' go back to Costco!!!

I actually had picked up 4 items at BR w/ Minh's help, but before I could jet to the checkout line Minh made me try everything on first. I loathe trying on clothes, I'm more of the just buy everything and return it later if I don't like it. I'm glad he made me travel to the fitting room because I realize how stupid I looked in one of the sweaters I picked out. I have terrible taste in clothes and my sister tells me all the time!
But she has to admit I have decent taste in makeup, nail polish, jewelry, and hand bags! My sister has an almost hipster-y, jazzy, old school (vintage) style. I know she loves many pieces at Modcloth.com
^_^ I have yet to make a Modcloth purchase, but I hope to make one soon. I love their business model!

Julia (my sister) asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told her to pick out a shirt or a pair of shoes for me. I told her to style me! She's going back home (to Michigan) the first week of March so she's going to leave my present there and I'll be able to wear it when I visit my parents this Spring. lol

It's so weird to think that my little sister is a freshman in COLLEGE! Time flies! Who knew we'd be living in completely opposite coasts in rainy cities lol.
I initially suggest a Hhhharvard coffee mug, but she said "stop being so lame." lol
I take pride in being the lame older and ONLY sister. Don't hate.. appreciate lil Nguyen. :P

One of Minh's friends is graduating from medical school (Congratulations to him!) and we're attending his graduation party so I have to look for something to wear. Oh the pressure of having to be lady like. We're going to be traveling to Corvallis, Oregon (home of Oregon State University) and staying the night. Several of Minh's friend's family own chains of hotels so it's always nice to have that connection. I've never been to Corvallis, but it will be fun to see what it's all about! I know it's South of Portland. I'm super excited to go tax free shopping in Oregon! It's my favorite thing about OR. We'll also stop by Minh's parents to visit! I haven't seen them in a few months, nor have I see Nickel and Penny (Chihuahua siblings who live with Minh's parents)! I've missed Nickel a lot, I hope he's not too skinny!

There's another reason Minh and I really want to get a house w/ yard. We would be able to have more than 2 dogs without stressing out over taking them out. I hope to have my puppies and Nickel and Penny live with us, but Minh's parents seem to love Penny a lot..haha and not Nickel. Nickel's an awkward lil Chihuahua. Only Minh understands and loves Nickel's awkwardness.
I know he misses Nickel because we talk about how much Timmy has grown up to act more like Nickel everyday. : )

I'm currently watching Jay Leno because my two favorite ladies are on tonight! I love Kathie Lee & Hoda from The Today Show! I spend my mornings with these two ladies almost everyday M-F. lol

I need to get to bed though! I have to be up in 6 hours, Minh and I need to catch the ferry over to Bremerton. It's about a 45 minute ferry ride over there. He has a hearing over there at 8:30am, and I tag along (like old times even when he worked for someone else's firm) to keep him company on the commute..although..I do love riding the ferry! The way back to Seattle around 10-11am is GORGEOUS! On a clear day you can see sea lions & tons and tons of jelly fish in Eliot Bay. ^_^

Sometimes I sit in the hearings, but it's pretty boring since it's just the Bankruptcy Trustee questioning different clients & their attorneys the same questions over and over. Sometimes, the Trustee changes it up. Bremerton doesn't have a fancy hearing location, it's just a "classroom" in a random building. I hope to get a manicure and pedicure over there, there's a place across the street and I've gotten to know the Viet nail tech who works there. She was really nice. I hope they'll be open at 9am!

Bankruptcy Trustees (all are attorneys, not necessarily Bankruptcy attorneys) makes a ton of dinero ($). Trustees get elected or appointed and if I remember correctly they take about 10% of the money from the assets of bankruptcy clients. Imagine a client forfeiting $500k worth property? The trustee earns 10% of what that property sells for (and that's just from 1 client!). All judges are also attorneys or former attorneys before becoming a judge. The ultimate "goal" for many attorneys is to become a judge one day. Oh, the power!!! jk, but some people treasure and strive for that power.

We actually ate breakfast at the table next to one of the Seattle BK Trustee's! (BK=Bankruptcy) CJ's Eatery is my favorite place for thin crispy Swedish Pancakes, and I remember this fun lady at the table next to us kept talking to us and complimenting our table's choice of food. Minh knew who she was because he's been in front of her in the past, my cousin and I had no idea. We ran into her again later that week when we were walking home and exchanged warm hello's. lol He was all smiles because it was like running into a "celebrity" for him.

I guess it's always good to know a trustee than not! I know in Tacoma they have a very mean Bankruptcy Trustee that many of the BK lawyers dislike. I've been too scared to even sit in on one of his hearing. Most attorneys are pretty tough, but for them to be scared..image the clients! Minh said many clients end up crying in front of him ..both men and women! Rumor has it he's old and was in the military so he's super tough (and mean) to clients and their lawyers.

Anyhow..yeah totally boring info, but I find it fun and interesting. Our firm hired a paralegal so that was exciting! I love moving forward. Now if only I can get some help and move forward with my business! I find law just so interesting and exciting. It's definitely much more lucrative than my business, but hey, everything has it's pro's and con's. The other day my bf goes to me..I wish I could sleep in like you and play online all day. lol He was telling me how he wish he could be in my shoes. I was like yada yada yada ~ go to work white collar man. I need to put on my blue shirt and manually craft jewelry with my bare hands! jk, I don't wear a blue shirt to work, but I am wearing a blue shirt right now. : )

I'll catch you all later! I'll be back soon!



  1. steph you are so adorable!!! heheh i love this blog post :) it's nice to hear about people's days and what makes them happy :)

    i love your new beauty haul.. can't wait to see you use them!!

  2. My bf has extremely long and curly eyelashes. It's insane, and he would get complemented on them frequently. He finds it very funny.

    Oh and yay for pretty nail polish. I've been a little slack with my polishes/blogging game. I need get on that haha.

    Have a great day Steph!

  3. I LURRVEE Aquafina lip balm too!! But I have NEVER seen the ones you posted.

  4. Oooh glitter! :)
    I'm loving your obsession with new nail colors! LOL. Unfortunately, I can't play around with colors too much... (the woes of playing an instrument). >.<

    Steph! I love your hauls. :)

  5. hi stepha i actually think the vince camuto's are the most comfortable sky high heels i own.. way wayyyy more comfortable.. then any of my loubie's or any other high end designer.. which is nice.. because the vince's aren't terrible expensive.. so i don't mind running around in them :)

  6. i love your NP kickkk!!! and all the goodies you bought! now i wanna try the trilash! we enable each other! so i will continue to do more NOTDs just for you <3

  7. Ooh love the polishes you got, and wnw makes really awesome ones for super cheap! oh yeah so that Lashem stuff def made a difference in my lashes, they used to be stick straight now they have a little curl to them. Nothing spectacular but I can tell the difference lol.

    I didn't know Costco sold Prada sunglasses, that place is always having new stuff. I love getting frozen fish from there lol.

    How exciting about Minh's business, sounds like things are moving along so well :)

  8. Im still on the hunt for that WnW polish! Cant find it anywhere!

  9. i think guys have pretty lashes than girls lol. my one guy friends has THE prettiest eyes. i'm so envious of them. his lashes are so dark and thick! lol
    black pearl<3 loves it! it has a really strong polish smell to it though. my dog runs away whenever i use seche vite top coat and i don't blame him lol. DL's glitter in the air is way cute! reminds me of cotton candy :)

  10. I love the french affair on your nails!! :D and the glitter polishes are so pretty!! ahhh!! aquafina!! i still have the tube you gave me, i don't want to ran out of it so i rarely use it! hahahah!!

  11. my boyfriend may not have long curled lashes like Minh has, but boy does he have some thick ones. even if mine weren't long, i'd love to have thick full lashes :\ gosh, we can never be satisfied with what we have can we? hahaha.

    on the other hand, i just bought two of the new china glaze crackle colors :) i never used to like polishing my nails until i started reading blogs all over the place about nail polish, one of which was yours. and now i'm truly obsessed with them. i love the colors you just posted and i wish to get French Affair by Essie just because i love anything milky in color. haha. but probably the hardest colors to apply, if not done correctly :(

  12. Love the nail polishes. Cute nails! And wow, trilash! Can't wait for your to post about it.

  13. I don't really like the shape of the "audra" minibag. Funny story, a girl near me in class was wearing red quilted tory burch flats...so i googled them, hahahaha.

  14. I am glad you enjoyed the DL sale on Gilt! I KNEW you would ; )

    I'm posting about my tawny's tomorrow. Special thanks to you.

  15. Your designs are always so pretty : ) Party of Five and Happy Birthday are both so pretty!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  16. I love your jewelry and your blog! I'm not sure if they changed the packaging on the Aquafina Lipchaps..but they're my favorite too! I pick them up at my local walgreens in a pack of 3-4 for $2.99? There's only one original minty flavor and a berry and something else, but they're the best chapsticks I've ever tried! Except for aquaphor that is :) I hope its the same formula that you love and that this info helps you!


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