February 11, 2011

God Bless America

I just thought this stock/catalog photos is so beautiful.
The wedges are cute, but just not for me.
The price tag is not bad for TB.
I can picture a gorgeous woman with amazing legs wearing them out to a 4th of July party.
And I can't help but think a poolside party at Gatsby's estate. lol



  1. Wow... That is really pretty... =)

  2. i love everything about the post and your whimsical words! :)


  3. it's a nice wedge indeed! I never owned a wedge :P

  4. hmm those are so lovely! i love your taste. its really fun and daring while i'm boring and stick to basics lol

    HEY! don't you love all things leopard? Nordstrom has Tory Burch Leopard Sophie wedges for $199 down from $325


    weren't you admiring these before?

    and dang i'm still so jealous of your TB collection!! i told you i went to like six nordstrom racks haha and they didn't have a single TB item. >:(

    I owe you for introducing me to Sam Edelman though. I occasionally heard the brand from Lorraine's videos but i was wtvr about them. now i'm like "omgah i want everything" lol

    esp these: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/sam-edelman-quintessa-caged-sandal/3067014

    50% off!!

  5. my plans are to just do errands for my mom. i recently picked up the Marc Jacobs Single crossbody though. lol for $290 I couldn't resist!

    I'm not 100% sure but I want to say 3 bloomies carry Chanel: LA, NY, and Massachusetts! Back before the increase when my aunt offered to get one, I literally called every Bloomingdales to ask if they carried Chanel...^^" haha. Actually, I'm pretty sure Saks offers the 10% discount too when you sign up for their credit card and I remember a couple stores (in Arizona) offered to sell me the Jumbo tax-free. I would try to do it with Bloomingdales first though.

    If you decide to FINALLY pull the trigger ;) order it from the Massachusetts branch. they really had the nicest customer service I've ever dealt with. I recommend Jane. She was so sweet! I remember I only got approved for like a $400 credit limit when I first opened the card from Bloomingdales so my aunt had to go down to Bloomingdales and deposit all $3k before purchasing it lol! keep in mind though that i barely have any credit to begin with so i'm sure that won't be a problem for you. there was also the option to call Bloomingdales and ask them to raise the credit limit because they usually do that for you but my aunt didn't want me to have a $3k credit limit... lol she knows me too well.

    I have a Lambskin Jumbo but thats only because my mom wanted the caviar one! lol so she basically took the one that was supposed to be mine! she specifically asked for the Lambskin even though it was more expensive at the time. lame, right? she has a lambskin black m/l that she stole from my aunt and a caviar jumbo both with gold hardware. personally, i think the lambskin feels amazing and it isn't as delicate as some people claim it to be. however, sometimes i feel like its too fancy/flashy for every day use. i wasn't a fan of caviar at all but now if i were to get a jumbo (to keep) I would go for caviar.

    and I LOVE all bags beige caviar. jumbo, right? have you read about "color transfer"? i remember reading about some ppl getting marks on their beige bags from their jeans or other random things. so be careful not to get random marks on them!!!

    are you going to go for the double flap or the single? i heard the double flap is heavier and i know my mom said the extra flap on her m/l was annoying. lol she actually gave me the m/l officially the other day because she said its too small for her but i've been too scared to use it!! lol I was like, "where would i wear a Chanel to? Ulta? the grocery store!?" the extra flap is also more expensive though so I don't feel like its worth it.

    I think LV will lower their prices once the US Dollar becomes stronger but not back to the original amounts. i heard thats why LV went through with the increase but then again, they were overdue for an increase so i think thats why some bags went up so drastically. i was really surprised it wasn't the traditional $50 increase though!

    and yeah I'm not a huge Gucci fan. I actually had a tote my friend bought for me (he liked to buy me things lol) and it started showing wear after a few months. plus it just felt flimsy compared to my other bag at the time (LV Batignolles Horizontal, which he also bought for me.. weird now that i'm thinking about it). my mom had a Gucci wallet from 30 years ago and its in fantastic condition compared to the Gucci wallets my friends have. i hate that all brands, especially Chanel & LV have been lowering the quality of their bags.

    you know with the Saks and Bloomingdales discounts, its actually cheaper to buy the bags new than used? crazy!


  6. @Gjee I've been watching a lot of Youtuber's review on their Chanel bags. I think I wouldn't go for the double flap. I'm a pretty lazy person by nature so any extra steps would make me hate the bag lol.

    I have the Galliera GM in Damier Azur and I've had some problem keeping one particular section of it clean. It just rubs against my cloths. It's nothing terrible, but still not PERFECT perfect. I don't plan on selling that bag though, it's going to be my future diaper bag or something it's so huge lol.

    Thanks for the credit limit tip! I wouldn't have known and would feel super sad if my limit was less the the bag itself. It's pretty awesome that both your Mom and Aunt are into Chanel. It must be so fun to visit their bag. lol

    I can see a beige bag getting dirty, but it's still gorgeous. I need it (one day). We all really only live our lives once on Earth why not get the things we want if we can? Even if it means cutting back on others things.

    You need to take some pictures of your new bag!!! That's so amazing and generous of your Mom to pass you her md/large flap :D AHH I can't wait! Did you get a new camera yet?


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