March 15, 2011

Clear Cube vs. MUJI

Hey ladies!

I ordered 2 MUJI 5 drawer cubes at the beginning of March and they arrived yesterday! The shipping took about 2 weeks. =^_^=
I was lucky enough to find out MUJI's restocking information. They were restocked at 2pm on March 2nd if I remember correctly. They had a limit of 2 per order.
They were sold out right after I checked out. It must have been my lucky day! I've been wanting to get them ever since one of my readers told me about them after I posted my Clear Cube.
I paid around $57 for both storage units with shipping.
The MUJI storage units are made in China if anyone was wondering.

The Clear Cube was around $350 with shipping and dividers.
As you can see the MUJI is super small compared to the Cube!
Mother & her daughters lol.

One on one.

My favorite is still the Clear Cube, it's a higher quality acrylic.
The MUJI units aren't big enough, but it's nice that they're easily stacked. :)
It's also nice that the MUJI cases don't weight 10lbs!
The Clear Cube is massive. I cannot (safely) pick it up myself unless it's empty.

I got super lazy so I didn't put everything back into my Clear Cube. My bed is still full of eye pencils, foundations, and makeup brushes. @_@ I wish I could finish my tasks, I always start cleaning..and then get discouraged and quit. Just like how I always leave a mess in the kitchen after I cook! I hope to finish "organizing" everything tomorrow.

I love NARS makeup, I just can't stand how dusty the packaging get after a few uses! (See Quynh!)
Look at my's almost white! I can't even wipe it off with a cloth.'re beautiful brand new..but you're just too high maintenance!

All-in-all, I really wanted the MUJI to compare with the Clear Cube. : )
I will post a video soon, hopefully tomorrow. I have a lot more time for DSK, and beauty blog now. Stay tuned for more frequent posts!

Talk to you all soon!


  1. OH wow Steph your makeup case looks sooo awesome!! Haha soooo much make up! I want!!! :P I haven't been spending much on makeup as of late cus I'm trying to save up :(

  2. @Tessa I've cut back a lot on buying makeup too. I really have just been buying nail polishes. :)

  3. Steph, I lovee your collection and how everything looks in the clear cases. Really wanted to see how you would utilize the Muji ones since you tweeted it, looks like its perfect for lippies! Btw I think I spot cute Hello Kitty polishes.. :D

  4. @Karen I'll try and get that video out so you can see the MUJI case up close. :) I really like the MUJI unit for mascaras, and lipglosses!

    Those are HK polishes! I have yet to try them. :D

  5. I am so jealous of your setup. Even though mine is organized it's just so "blah". I use one of those 12 drawer office thingy (thingy being the only word I can think of right now), that you find at Staples. But yours looks so clean, and chic!

    I need to look into The Clear Cube. $350 sounds expensive but if you like it and it really works it's worth it. I have spent so much money on containers and drawer systems I don't like and ended up getting rid of them. Once again, I LOVE your makeup setup!

  6. @Diane I'd trade you all of my acrylic storage units for your amazing makeup collection! ;P

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Have you tried wiping down your NARS packaging with makeup remover wipes :)?

  8. omg girllll you are SO organized hahahha.. my makeup crap is everywhere.. i love these clear cases.. i'm so going to order some from muji right now!!

  9. aaah! steph! i've been lusting after the clear cube for awhile, i can't see myself spending so much for it but the more i see it the more i want it!

  10. I have been looking all over for clear cases likes these and found some at The Container Store, but these are much nicer!


    The Fab Mommy Diary

  11. I work really close to the MUJI store so I alwaysss go by to check out the clear cubes! I wanted to get them sooo badly but I'm afraid getting them would encourage me to "collect" make up again since I'm making space! lol Temptation controlled!
    But after seeing yours on display, the urges have returned. =T

  12. @Lisa That's a great idea! I should wipe the NARS packaging down with makeup wipes. I'll let you know how it works.

    @Lisa My makeup is usually all over the place too! I never put it away after I use it. haha You should see my bed..desk, and bathroom! I still have tons more to organize today. :D

    @Eri Get one! It will make you happy!

    @Jen Did you get the shoe box versions? Or the clear shirt storage boxes? I thought about getting those too before I bit the bullet and splurge on the Clear Cube. How is it working out for you?

    @My Favorite Pink So jelly that you work super close to MUJI! Their pens are awesome! :) I love .4 tipped pens!

    @siwing lol, I've tried to narrow down the collection..but it's just super hard to let things go!


  13. I need the MUJI makeup storage NOW!!! Can't wait for them to be back in stock again. I'll definitely be picking up 2 of the 5-drawer like yours :)

    OMG! Look at your NARS stuff! LOL!! I only have 2 items from NARS and they're not as dusty as yours (hehe). I always make sure my fingers are clean when i hold them, and if powder does get on the packaging, i wipe it off immediately.

  14. Everything looks so neat Steph. You have a lot makeup miss, im so jealous :p hahah

  15. ACK! I am SO in love with your makeup collection, especially in the clear cubes!! You never fail to make me jealous, Steph hahaha ;)

  16. This comment may be slightly late but im seriously considering purchasing a clear cube and because of the extreme cost i want to to absoutly sure that it will fit things, may i ask can you fit a mac powder in the seperated compartments..not flat but on its side? I would really apperciate it if you would let me know Thank you :)

  17. I know this comment is a bit late but Im seriously considering buying a clear makeup cube and i would really apperciate if you could anwser some questions for me. Does the clear cube compartments fit a mac powder that is not laying flat but standing up on its side? Its a big purchase but i think it will be worth it in the end.
    Thank you

  18. So beautiful!! Where did you get the organizers for your lipstick and nail polishes that are sitting on top of your MUJI cases?

  19. @Breann Mine doesn't :( I'm not sure if the new Wide Clear Cube does ~ check the measurements to make sure. I think it's great buy because I treat it as a piece of art in my bedroom. :)

  20. @g3nuineSw33theart You can find them both at The Container Store or Storeables! :) They're awesome, but they can get a bit dusty!

  21. Hi, great post. I'm thinking of investing in muji containers, but I just hate paying shipping:P Just like everyone else, I'm so jealous of your clear cube!!


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