March 14, 2011

Nintendo 3DS, ladies?

I'm up late..well really..early because I got sick off some food or drink I enjoyed last night.
The puppies heard me wake up and wanted to play at 3am -- I couldn't resist! They're both so cute and full of energy. Oh, what it is to be young & lively. : )

Speaking of being "young," I haven't been a real gamer since I was in middle school. Something in me just felt the need to reconnect with video games! lol I think everyone needs an outlet from their daily norm, and I think gaming will help me not think about any stress that's going on in life. Mostly shared stress from the law firm & DSK, its just been busy busy 24/7. We did hire a paralegal and he starts today, Monday! I will be training him later this morning until Minh gets back from his hearing because one of the other partners is a total fail at everything. Work has consumed so much of both of our lives as of October. It's not a terrible consumption of time, but our after work hour conversations are about work (both DSK, and the law firm).

Corporate taxes are due tomorrow, and we've been playing phone, and e-mail tag with our accountant & CPA for the past few weeks for both businesses. I've been dealing with a lot of additional/surprise tax headache lately. DSK Jewelry's jewelry is all Made in USA by the hands of yours truly. The state wants to tax me additionally to the categories of tax I already pay because I make my own jewelry. It's considered a "manufacturing" even though it is my labor and skill that hand crafts my own jewelry (you would think there was an exception as I don't run some sort of factory that harms the environment!). After about a week or two of research, and discussion with the Department of Revenue (via my accountant I didn't speak directly), I must pay this additional tax for now. I'm hoping we can appeal in the near future.

Both my accountant and Dept of Revenue person said it was unfair, and tried to help me, but end up just saying, "that's just how it is."

Blahh, it really discourages me. I can understand why "Made in USA" goods cost so much more now. I can also understand why business and jobs are leaving, or have left the USA. I am a bit bitter.

But back to my solution for no more stress! : )
I was researching the 2011 version of the Nintendo "Game Boy" and this is what I found.
Nintendo will be releasing the Nintendo 3DS on March 27, 2011! (Apparently Europeans have already had their hands on it 4 days ago!)

I watched the trailer, and got super excited! haha
I must own one of the following before I make my 7-8 hour voyage to Grand Rapids, Michigan next month. What a better way than passing the time wrapped up in a game?!

I was champion at Pokemon Blue & Red, Silver & Gold, Zelda: Link's Awakening, and Quest for Camelot! lol

(These were all played with Game Boy Color! (Who remembers those?)
My last hand held game system was really cute pink Game Boy Advance which I still have today with a game of Mario still intact. ^_^

Now, I need your help ladies. Which one should I pre-order?
Aqua Blue, or Cosmo Black?

We do know someone who works at Nintendo, but I don't want to bother him with such a request. (How sweet would it be to work there?!)
Many of our new neighbors work for Microsoft, and Amazon. They both get 10% off everything. I always run into them picking up packages and the Microsoft neighbors and Amazon neighbors always chit chat about their latest video games in the elevator. lol

I'm thinking about either pre-ordering online through E-bates from either Walmart, Target, or Best Buy. I have to figure out which will be the best deal yet. : )

Cosmo Black

You should watch the short trailer they have for the new 3DS. It kind of makes me feel old. lol
I feel like I've been out of the loop for so long! I need to get back in!
Minh and I have been wanting to get an XBOX 360, and the Kinect. I always see packaged deals online and at Costco. I still need to do my research before I buy. You never know with game systems these days..they're always upgrading! I just want the best deal at the moment.

I'm also starting to miss reading the Sunday paper & browsing through the Sunday ads!
Back in the day when I was in high school, my family would be so excited to wake up and fetch our Sunday paper from the front yard. My mom and I would split the ads/coupons. My sister always would grab for the Sunday comics, and my dad the front page. : )
I told Minh yesterday that I want to subscribe to the Sunday paper! As old school as it sounds, it makes me feel more connected to my surroundings. He thinks I'm silly because we get all our news online. Regardless, I must win this battle and get the paper!

Do any of you enjoy the Sunday ads as much as I do? ^_^
My favorites have always been Best Buy, Target, and the P&G coupons!!!


  1. I'm sooo scared of getting motion sickness with the 3ds. LOL. I can't even play the new versions of pokemon for more than 10 mins without feeling nauseous.

    I know what you mean abut research before what console to buy, be it laptop or games station. however, I'm SOOO drawn to the ps3 only because I want to play fat princess! :)

    Also old school is the way to go.

    I'm such a geek.

  2. aii i can't keep up with all these games and electronics.. lol

    i have the dsi ? lol.. i only bust it out on airplane rides.. so yes! it will be so helpful for your trip to michigan !

  3. The blue is sexayyy.. I just got the iPod Touch .. you should totally get that if you want an "all in one" sort of thing, but touchscreen gadgets are really based on preference. I love playing video games. haha I'm such a kid.

  4. @Jessy I have an iPod Touch, but I never really use it..I should download some games or something. Any recommendations?

  5. hehe just come to the dorms at UW, they always get the seattle newspaper free by the entrances! also the uw daily newspaper :P

  6. ooo the blue one is prettyy.. just watched the promo trailer. looks really cool...I want one now!!
    haha, I never read the paper, even when we did have a subscription. well, I read the comics, but I don't think that counts.

  7. @Caren LOL I don't think reading the ads counts either. ;) Let's get the 3DS together!

  8. @Katie do they give out Sunday papers free as well?

  9. aww steph i'm so sorry to hear about what's going on with your work.. that's so BS that they're doing that.. ugh :(

    omg DS is in 3D now?! that's crazy haha.. i don't think i could play that.. i get motion sickness SO easily hahaha.

  10. Hi I definitely love the blue 3DS it is so pretty and more unique...I'm so sorry to hear about the taxes with DSK jewelry :( that really is not good...I'm only 14 but my parents have been having issues with them asking for late taxes that were not known etc. I know this year you have to
    Pay taxes but just an idea is to keep your blog for the jewelry running but sell through eBay or Etsy accounts under buy it nows and then maybe it could not have taxes...Im not to sure about it but I feel bad :/ also thanks for talking about Wendy'slookbook I'm obsessed and now I know how to use what I have I'n my closet cuz we have similar taste she is amazing your blog is amazing and so inspiring to me about you and other blogs/YouTube channels

  11. @Sabrina I loveeee Wendy's Lookbook. She's so awesome!


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