March 11, 2011

My New Favorite Youtuber!

I don't even remember how I came across Wendy's Youtube channel (wendyslookbook), but I'm so glad I did! Her videos are AMAZING, and her bubbly personality is super fun! She's Viet-American too! I haven't seen anyone on Youtube with this much energy since JLovesMac1!

*Revise! My friend Marisa introduced me to Wendy's video where she uses peanut butter to clean her Christian Louboutin shoes! lol I believe Marisa also introduced me to JLoveMac1's video last year too. Marisa is definitely my Youtube informant! lol Thank you! I love you!

Check Wendy out! She will definitely make you laugh & smile. ^_^
I think I got so addicted I watched all her videos in one sitting -- so glad she posted a new video today! (Can you tell I'm a bit too excited? Girl crush!) lol

From my "research/stalking," I have discovered for us that Wendy is from San Francisco, and was named after the Wendy from Peter Pan. How cute!

*Rewatches her videos over and over*
<-- Do you ever do that? Enjoy! Wendy definitely deserves more views! Plus, Wendy has killer style! I love her fine & expensive taste! She's definitely my fashion role model as of right now. : )

Yay for finding new awesome Youtubers!
Please let me know who your favorite Youtubers are! I'd love to watch them. ^_^

p.s. Update on Trilash (lash serum), I notice my natural lashes are getting longer!


  1. I loveee Wendy as well! She's so adorable and I wish I have her wardrobe. haha.

  2. Just subbed her channel! :)

  3. She's so fun! I love her videos :)

  4. Oooh thanks for sharing! I just watched her newest vid & you're right, she totally has killer style! She's so pretty and very cheerful :D. I can't wait to watch her other vids once I get on my comp.

    P.S thanks for the comment on my blog post! <3

  5. haha why your welcome :) if i havent told you before! i know you love me, i look up to you as an older sister. even tho your completely think i'm gna be a tiger mom! :D

  6. @Angelique I agree! She is pretty & cheerful. Cheerful is definitely the word that defines her! :)

    @x0marisa <333

  7. OMG she is soo cute and funny! i love ittt!! thanks for sharing, steph!

  8. @Giang ^_^V awesome bloggers need to be shared with everyone!

  9. Great tip! She's very fun and informative!

  10. Ohhh Thanks for sharing! She's so fun to watch. Love her style too :D


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