March 8, 2011

Deborah Lippmann "Across the Universe"

Nail polish: "Across the Universe" by Deborah Lippmann
Description: "Blazing blue and metallic green glam in sheerest navy (glitter)"

Deborah Lippmann was in Downtown Seattle at Nordstrom Flagship on Saturday.
I didn't get a chance to stop on over to see her, but I did catch Deborah's short interview with MollieinSeattle. I actually found Mollie's website via DL's Twitter, and I'm so glad I did!
She seems like such an amazing Seattleite!

We also got a tweet from @deborahlippmann today!
Woohoo! ^_^

Watch the interview and you will see why I was inspired to paint my nails with "Across the Universe" today. ^_^

From my experience, to get the best results with the DL glitter polishes you should paint one coat ...let it dry... and then continue with your second coat. The dimensions of the glitters is so hypnotizing!

I'm still learning how to tape photos for NOTD (nail of the day) blog posts.
I give huge Eprops to nail bloggers! Here's a post by Scrangie on this same polish,
her photos are SO amazing, but see for yourself!

Ridge Filler Base Coat, Across the Universe, Seche Vite Top Coat! ^^

It's so pretty!
I was having some fun trying to be artsy with my photography.
^_^ I'm trying to figure out this macro lens.

I love Across the Universe! (It also reminds me of the movie).
My sister used to watch it on repeat 24/7!

"Across the Universe" (stock photo)

I have many many more Deborah Lippmann polishes to share this year. ^_^
I just want to collect them all because every element of her polishes are so pretty!
I love the bottle shapes a lot!


  1. that is a gorgeous color!!!

  2. Pretty!! I've been obsessed with keeping my nails up lately :)


  3. @Eri She has soo many pretty glitter polishes!

    @Kendall I want to visit Tiny's Nail Bar in ATL!

  4. WOW That's really pretty it lookss like a mermaid lol!! I've never heard of this brand before..

  5. That's like the prettiest shade of blue I've ever seen! The glitter seems surprisingly wearable!! ^o^

  6. I love it on you! Makes me want to wear it again :)

  7. @Mindy, I love how the glitters blend in with the polish. ^^ Definitely more wearable for a sea blue.

    @Kae I think you should bust out some DL polishes for us!

  8. This has nothing to do with your post -- but i LOVE your blackberry pic! Your skin tone is nicely even and tanned and whatever color you have on your lips looks gorgeous on!! Just wanted you to know =)

  9. Thanks for sharing, Steph! I just watched one of her videos, and you are so right - totally get hooked, haha... subbed her channel! :)

    I enjoy her videos, and most of all I like the lovable personality that shows through. And her fashion sense is just great!

  10. Oops, I'm such a dork! I think I just posted the previous comment here, which should belong to the next post actually... :|

  11. the colour is just amazing.. reminds me of the ocean.. =)

  12. @Stefanie I love this sea green!

  13. omg, this is such a pretty tone of blue + glitter! never tried this brand before- oh how i hate mixed match bottles but this is worth a try!


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