March 30, 2011

Tory Burch Glasses

The case is really unique!

4 Eyes! I've been debating if I should return them and get a plastic black frame to hide the thickness of my lenses. I had them made at Lenscrafters and they have a great return/exchange policy. ^_^
My lenses are (-7.0, -7.0) so they're pretty thick..
I even selected the thinnest (most expensive) options!

Tory Burch "Blue" Framed Glasses (they're more of dark metallic blue).

And there are my old Versus Versace framed glasses that I've had since the 8th or 9th grade!
The plastic frames do a better job of hiding the thickness of the lenses.
The prescription in these glasses were (-6.0, -6.0).

Should I return the Tory Burch glasses and go with a plastic frame again instead?

MAC Patina Eyeshadow
Jill Stuart Platinum Gold Eye Jelly
Rock & Republic Fatalistic Eyeshadow
MAC Silver Liquid Liner
MAC Blitz & Glitz Gel Liner
MAC Zoom Lash Mascara
Darkness Lashes

Jill Stuart #22 "Platinum Gold" Eye Jelly
Rock & Republic (R&R) Eyeshadow "Fatalistic" (Black) Swatches:

Black & white for fun!

I finished Secret Garden! : )
It was such a good Korean Drama. I really did like it more than Boys Overs Flowers. ^_^

I leave you with an update video on the puppies!

Talk to you all soon!


  1. had no idea TB made glasses haha. cool though! i dont notice the lenses being too thick in the pics.

    i love your eotd. i really need to learn how to use lashes. lol.

  2. i don't like plastic frames just because they're light and i feel like they're not so sturdy? i like metal-like (are they really metal?) frames better. i've had mine since college and its still pretty much the same. they're more heavy duty in my opinion. but it's your call. if you're not comfortable how thick the lenses look on those frames..settle for something else perhaps?

  3. I love your eyes, so pretty >_<.I need to start watching Secret Garden, all of my friends told me it is like the best Korean drama ever hahaha.

  4. I really like the Tory Burch glasses. I love the detailing on them. I own plastic frame Calvin Klein glasses and I like how lightweight it is and it doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything. The downside is that I'm afraid it's going to break because it's plastic. Sometimes, I find myself waking up to find that I forgot to take off my glasses. Weird! haha. I guess those are on days that I'm super tired? Anyways, those are days when I'm afraid I may accidentally break my glasses.
    Your eye makeup is gorgeous! I love the shimmer! <3
    Secret Garden ftw! I actually didn't really enjoy Boys Over Flowers much. I liked the Japanese version much more than the Korean one.
    Good to see Timmy and Wally again!
    Yayyy for birthday coming up too! <3 <3

  5. Awww, your little ones are cuties. My Teddy isn't turning one till the end of April so a couple weeks younger than yours. hehe. Love the eye makeup! I don't like the plastic ones, well, I don't like to wear them but I do agree, they make your glasses not as thick. I had no idea yours was -6.0!!!

  6. I love your eye makeup today! The TB glasses are sexy on you ; ) hehe

  7. LOVE the eye make-up girl!! where do you get your fake lashes from? there's NOWHERE here in oregon that has a good selection of fake lashes :[

    i actually think either frame looks good on you, but if you feel uncomfortable about the thickness of the lens then maybe go back to your old ones? or just keep both and rotate them? haha.

    YAY! you finished SG! i think i was so addicted to that drama i watched it in like, 2-3 days >.< (such a korean drama addict, haha)

  8. I think the TB glasses look nice on you. Love the TB case. I have a pair of TB sunglasses, and they come in the same exact case, but in gold. I would prefer this case though. I would keep the glasses just for the case :)

    Love love love the eye makeup you have on here. What is the main e/s you had on the lids? Was it Patina?? or was it mixed with another e/s??

  9. @Quynh Patina & R&R Fatalistic blended together :D

  10. pumba really enjoys watching videos of wally and timmy! lol he just sits there patiently and watches. i like the tory burch glass, keep them! :)

  11. I think the glasses look cute on you and the case is pretty. However, I think if you are used to wearing plastic frames and think it hides thick lenses better I think you should get plastic frames. I recently just switched to a Fendi plastic frame and it definitely hides the thick lenses better than my old metal frames.

  12. wow -7.0! i'm only -4.0 and i'm already complainin! thought another stephanie nguyen had -7.0 grade cause u posted on fb that they sent you a wrong order or smthin or i might have read it wrong. :p anyways, ever thought of having lasik surgery? both frames look nice but yea if you really want to hide the lenses, switch back to plastic frames. but i really really love those tory burch frames on you!


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