March 29, 2011

Vince Camuto "Momas" Corset Back Leather Pumps

These were my first pair of Vince Camuto pumps and sadly I returned them lol.
I had been eying them for a while and decided to buy them when Nordstrom had their Triple Reward event. : ) They have several styles out right now that are all beautiful.

I ordered them online about 2 weeks ago (already trying them on in stores a few weeks back).
I returned them today, and I wanted to share the reason why through photos.
You can find these shoes at Nordstrom here.

Their stock photos are a bit deceiving, they're not as Nude as they want you to believe. lol

I went a lil photo crazy, I hope you don't mind!
Vince Camuto "Momas" Corset Back Leather Pumps in Blush Nappa

Why do you look so old brand new shoe?
They say these run big so buy 1/2 size smaller. I went with 7 1/2 (my normal size and they're fine).
Flaw alert! Flaw alert!
I don't fancy imperfect brand new shoes!

Take a look at the back "corset" style stitching..the thread is imperfect on the left shoe.

The blush nude color is super pretty. It's a nude with a more pink hue.
I really liked that about these shoes, but I felt that it was a bit too old/used looking brand new.
They're also Made in China..just sayin'

The leather was super soft, and felt really nice. : )

The style is gorgeous, they're VERY comfortable for a 4 1/2" heel, and I don't wear heels on a daily. Not hard to walk in at all. I've been wearing heels more now when I go out and about. I feel the need to look taller! lol

The platform area just didn't look perfect to me either. I have the Christian Louboutin New Simple pumps, and they're perfect!
Can you see on the left shoe..the flaw? You can tell they weren't made with much TLC.
Look at the sole near the heel..imperfect. :/

There's that left stitch flaw again that drove me nuts.
lol, am I too picky?

I don't think I'm picky..I think anyone would be annoyed by that stitch flaw.
Beautiful design, quality not as beautiful.
I should haven taken a picture of the bottom, they're really pretty with the VC logo just like inside the shoe.

Doesn't this dusty rose look a bit dirty?
I feel like they look worn without being worn!

The box was really pretty. I love the VC logo, very fancy & royal looking!

If only I had a bf who was willing to help me with blog photos..sighh
Even if he wanted to help..he's not very good at photography. You can't win them all!
Just so you can see how they look with my skintone. (MAC NC37-40 face)

Overall, the pair I received weren't a well made pair of shoes. For a brand new pair, I expected better quality. I'm glad I returned them.

Farewell pretty old looking pink shoes!

My current shoe collection consists of Coach, Christian Louboutin, Tory Burch, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Sam Edelman, Puma, and Asics. My intention was to include Vince Camuto because they're both stylish and comfortable. These were definitely a trendy shoe, but not for me.
I will save for a pair the Nude Simple Louboutin's that I've been wanting (they're so comfy!).
I thought I could fill that void with these Momas, but I was wrong.

Why is saving so hard?! I just want to buy things.
It makes me happy!

The real reason I want to buy a house is to fill it up with brand new luxurious beautiful furniture!
I find myself dreaming of furnishing my future house. *dreams*


  1. aww how disappointing! I love the color though. It's like such a pretty pale pink color. I totally understand why you returned them. I guess us girls need to be perfectionists when purchasing luxurious things since we're paying for the quality, right? haha. I'm sure you will come across another color like this someday.
    Your shoe collection sounds amazing. :)

  2. They are beautiful! but you're right about the stitching. It would have driven me crazy. And they definitely look a little worn when you compare them to the photos on Nordstrom's site.

    At least you'll have the excitement of repurchasing them in the future :D

  3. @Mindy Perfectionists for the win! :)

    @Christina I like the way you think! :D

  4. i love the design but the color reminds me of leathery skin. like the corset part looked like an elbow to me.. ! lol and you're 100% right, they look really old. its a shame that they're so careless with their detailing cuz the overall design is so cute!

    JUST AN EXCUSE TO BUY MORE LOUBOUTINS lol just kidding. sort of ;)

  5. aww i'm so sad that you had to return them.. they're such a pretty color and it really is such a comfortable shoe.. but they really do look kinda old.. it's weird.. it's like someone wore them for awhile and then returned them perhaps??? well on to finding the perfect pair of nude pumps!! i'm still searching for mine too!!!

  6. aww such a pretty color but yes the stitching does look off really. especially when you give it a second should get different ones! more shoes!

  7. The color of those shoes look soooo good on your skin! I agree with the worn-out look, though. I would've returned them too.
    I have a pair of Vince Camuto's so I can vouch for their buttery-soft leather! I have these, in case you're curious ;)

    But I really love the color on you, maybe find another pair with the same hue...?

  8. @my favorite pink I love peep toe shoes! They're super cute!!! :D Thank you for sharing! :) The leather is super soft to the touch. ^^

  9. they look good on you! it's a shame that is was made so terribly. that stitching really stands out like a sore thumb. hopefully you'll have better luck next time!

  10. Hi Steph! What a bummer about your shoes, but I agree I would have returned them too. I love your red mani!

  11. They're so pretty!!
    They look perfect from afar, but I can't believe much of the detailing is ruined! Do you think you'll repurchase them again another day..hopefully for a better quality one?

  12. The pumps are beautiful, but the leather does make them look old. You are one picky person. Can't believe how many flaws you found on the shoes. LOL!

    Why didn't you exchange them at the store for a better looking pair?? The pleated on the back & its leather remind me of the Miu Miu Matelasse leather bag.

  13. they're pretty--especially the color, but those flaws would bug me as well.

    oh well, it's the shoes' loss!

  14. What a lovely eye look, its so pretty :) and I really like your glasses as well, should get myself some new ones too.
    Secret garden FTW!! One of my all time favorite kdramas, and agreed prefered it to BOF as well

  15. I think you are definitely not too picky! If you are going to spend money to get quality shoes, you expect them to be GOOD QUALITY. Now if these were $40 generic shoes, it wouldn't be such a big deal. But for brand name shoes you do tend to expect more!

  16. These look gorgeous on you! But yes, that stitching in the back drove me crazy just looking at a picture of it. It's too bad you had to return them.


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