April 14, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine and Other Stuff

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy, Chance, and Evasion

You should definitely visit Temptalia to see swatches and her amazing reviews.
Temptalia is THE ultimate beauty blog. She's freaking awesome. Her photos are incredible!
I'm more of the hobby beauty blogger. ^_^V

Boy is very much of a natural lip color with a hint of rose & subtle glimmer.
(I would describe it as "the" natural rosy lips lipstick)
I definitely would say this one was overly hyped lol. I guess the story behind the name is more romantic than anything. Boy was the nickname of Coco Chanel's love.

Chance is by far my favorite out of the three.
The texture is like a lip balm & lip gloss in one.

I can't say much for Evasion just yet because I've only tried it at the makeup counter.

I really would like to get Aventure and Liberte next. ^_^

I'm wearing Chance lipstick over MAC In Synch lipliner from the Quite Cute Collection.
I love the In Synch lipliner from MAC! If I had to pick one thing to get from Quite Cute, it's this lipliner!! Go get it!

I wish I was able to pick up MAC Playing Koi lipstick and Bubble Tea Plushglass!
They were sold out of Playing Koi while I was there. :/
And I just forgot about Bubble Tea lol.

I would recommend these for those who are just getting into lipsticks. Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks are very sheer and wearable, not overly pigmented or bright.
You can find Chanel Rouge Coco Shine at Nordstrom for $32.
Dior Extase Pinks 5-Colour Eyeshadow
It's available at Sephora for $58.

I used the highlight pink color, and the two gunmetal shades. : )
Lashes are by Darkness (Korean brand)

MAC Quite Cute Collection Mineralized Blushes in Sakura & Giggly.
How can anyone pass on the adorable hearts?!
I've been wearing Giggly everyday since I've have it! It's a beautiful pink that just pops!

I spent all of yesterday and today with the boyfriend's Mom. She's been in town visiting from Vancouver, WA. I went house hunting with her and we both had lots of fun. I definitely found my house stalking buddy! lol

Afterwards, we stopped by Wonton City, a little hole in the wall in Bellevue. They serve Hong Kong style noodle soup. We both had the Beef Brisket & Wonton Noodle Soup. It was delicious!
I highly recommend it to anyone!
It was nice getting to spend a whole day with the bf's Mom. She's asked us when we're going to get married. We speak in Vietnamese to one another by the way. I said to her after we buy a house! lol In this economy it's better/smarter roughly translated to spend money to secure a home than a ring before the year ends. She just laughed. She says whenever you're ready just tell us cause we're ready (for your engagement party). ^_^

I'm glad we're all on the same page for the time being. lol

My FOTD from yesterday. Macbook Photobooth photos are always flattering -- can't say the same for RL "real life"! haha
I curled my hair and it got all ruined in the rain. #fail.
That's a typical Seattle Spring for you. You can never wear your hair or anything too nice out and about on a rainy day.

My boys this morning. This is what I wake up to..morning TV, puppies, and tea.
Timmy's a cuddler lol
Wally actually carries this massive bone all over. It's so cute!
I'll try to snap a picture of him one of these days with his bone.

I'll catch you all later!


  1. Steph you look so pretty!

    Those dior palettes are so pretty hehe

  2. Why thank you Lisa! ^_^
    I love the look of Dior eyeshadow palettes..they almost look to pretty to use!

  3. GORGEOUS! as always.. haha..

    the blushes are cute! going to the mall to check it out tomorrow.. =)

  4. Awww the puppies are soooooo adorable! I'm so jealous of your lifestyle! In the morning, I wake up to my incredibly annoying iPhone alarm to get up for work -_-

    I don't know what you're talking about with your hair -- it looks perfect! Just right curls at the end, love it!

    I picked up Giggly and Sakura too! They're too pretty to resist. I would normally like Giggly because of the baby blue pink shade but I think Sakura looks better on my skin tone. Must look into the In Sync lip liner now ;)

  5. Yes, Temptalia is such a professional blogger and her photos and swatches are amazing!

    Yay for your Rouge Coco Shines! Seems like we have a bit of same taste! I have Chance and √Čvasion too! Yes, do pick up Libert√©, Steph! It's super beautiful!

  6. LOL, I was spiteful I wasn't able to find Playing Koi that day so I went a little crazy and I did get Bubble Tea in my haul...reminds me of Wildly Lush from the Plushglass line but slightly darker, so if you like that, give it a shot.
    If you like milky pinks, Girl <3 Boy is soo pretty! And more unique in shade, there isn't one similar in Plushglass (I don't think?) I also got Fashion Fanatic. It goes on pretty sheer so it's just ehhh. I also picked up lipsticks Quite Cute and Play Time (I bought extras so let me know if you want 'em but can't find them, I've experienced that pain..) And of course my Playing Koi with an expected ship date of 4/22. I wonder if Nordie's got MAC to make a new batch...? What else are you eyeing on?? Haha <3

  7. i may pick up one of the lipsticks from the quite cute collection (if it's not already sold out!), but the little blushers are the best part this time! the hearts are perfect!

  8. Ditto about Lavender Whip, I still have 2 back ups that I didn't use, lol!

    Wanting to get: I <3 YOU Plushglass (thoughts?), Little Girl Type nailpolish (reminds me of a prettier version of Lilacism by Essie), Peachykeen and Springsheen blush, and Snob lipstick.

  9. You are so gorgeous Steph!
    and I always love your makeup, especially your eyes! :D
    I really want the blushes from the Quite Cute collection, but I know for sure that everything is sold out argh haha

  10. Thanks for letting me know about the blushes...do you think I <3 YOU is worth trying? It seemed a little...dark, or not bright enough. I already have Ever So Rich (super sheer and unpigmented!) so I'm not sure if I want to take my chances with I <3 YOU.
    By the way, what happened to your eyelash extensions? You didn't go back for a refill? Did they rip out your natural lashes along during fall-out? I'm sooo tempted to get them!

  11. Steph! Your hair.. your makeup... always so perfect! <3

  12. do u know that for quite some time i'm thinking to take this fabulous Chanel lipstick?i'm might gonna try this beautiful shades u presented here!!thanks for sharing!;) u look really pretty!!!!

  13. love the lippies!!! The dior palette also looks great on you and those darkness lashes are to die for!! As always, your pups are adorable. :)

  14. I have never tried Chanel lipglosses they look very nice. That is so sweet about Minh's mom, sounds like you guys had a great time!

    Waking up to your babies all happy to see you is the best! ♥

  15. i'm still on the hunt for playing koi! I have bubble tea, and I swear the gloss SMELLS like bubble tea too. Maybe I'm just crazy. Lol. Ooh I really like the chanel lipsticks. The pink one is super pretty.

  16. Ahh! You are so gorgeous...I've actually never tried Chanel lipstick so i have to go try some this weekend :) You look beautiful in it.


  18. i think i would buy Boy just b/c I fell in love with Chanel's life story

    i went house shopping recently (when i was supposed to be apartment shopping) and the lady gave me the price and in all honesty it is a good price, but goodness, it was 2.3 million dollars...i nearly choked *strangling husband for showing me that house*

    my doggy will walk around the whole house with his big bone and sometimes he'll cuddle with me, i get a max of 10 minutes cuddling all day, not a huge cuddler, maybe when he gets older...

    your babies are much too cute!

  19. YAY glad that you got the Coco shine, can't wait to see it on you on your latter posts! You look great in those pictures, skin is looking GOOD i must say ma. <3

  20. Such gorgeous lipsticks!!!!!!! :) I was wondering, do you recommend any of Chanel's fragrances? :p Random question I know, but I was thinking of getting one of their perfumes :p
    You looking gorgeous, btw! :)

  21. @Rainy Days & Lattes Chanel Mademoiselle!

  22. Basil is the same too! The bigger the raw hides, the better


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