May 20, 2011

Balenciaga Lust!

I was so excited to see new gold hardware Balenciaga bags in my e-mail today.
I wasn't a fan of the rose gold hardware at all, I just felt it looked too much of a dirty gold rose.

I'm loving the all gold hardware though!
Talk about beautiful Spring bags!
I've been wanting to get a new bag for a few months now, but I've done a very good job at not wanting one enough to buy it. lol Remember, I wanted the Praline Velo? I actually attempted to buy it, but Barney's website didn't accept Discover card! LOL I think it was just a sign that it wasn't meant to be. But then..we ended up getting a Barney's card. Apparently, you get 10% off your first purchase. Not that I would know first hand, but that's what the rep told us over the phone. haha
Giant Part Time Gold! It's so gorgeous...
What I love about the Balenciaga leather is that you don't have to baby it. The more you use it, the softer the leather gets, and it feels amazing! I only have one Balenciaga bag, and it's the Arena Covered Giant City. It's a little over a year old now. It still looks great, very durable. It's definitely not a bag you would baby. It's a bag that you can toss around without worrying about it getting dirty.

I don't know how the Praline color would hold up, but I know that the Black leather is "fool" proof!
I've always wanted an Envelope (clutch) just for looks! lol
I can't really apply it to daily life use, but it's fun to want it. (You know..just in case you win the lottery and want to buy something to reward yourself ASAP for winning the lottery!)
The Giant Money Gold wallet is very pretty too!
The Praline is such a beautiful cream color.
It also comes in an Old Rose, and a White.

Looking. Yes.
Buying. Nooooo.

If you could pick from the three, bag, envelope, and wallet..what would you get?

I still want their flats too! I saw them in Portland last month, but I resisted!

Hi, my name is Steph and I save my money!


  1. Both pink and white bags are divine! These are so Spring appropriate :) I am definitely lusting over the Giant Part time Gold...

  2. omg. i looooove them! its my wedding colors! i think its a sing, no? ;p

  3. Ahh too cute too cute! ^o^ Steph.. I totally recommend the velo if you ever decide to go back to getting it. :) It's the perfect size for me. I totally agree about Bal leather. It just gets smooshier and squishy the more you carry it around. Love love love!!! <3

  4. I was at Holt Renfrew looking at Balenciagas today and the leather was INCREDIBLY soft. I'm a fan of the Old Rose wallet you posted there. I think my next bag is gonna be a Balenciaga. lmao but my mind is always changing. I just got a new Wang bag so I should back off for a while.

  5. <3 Balenciaga so so so so much! I was hooked after my first Giant City, they've become #1 on my list. Love them so much more than my Chanel & LVs. I swear my eyes water when I see them...especially in pictures! Is your covered the one Minh got you a while back? Was it a light pink color? (Yes, I've been stalking your page for that long lol)

  6. the giant part time in praline is gorgeousss!


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