May 21, 2011

OPI, Skull and Glossbones, Planks A Lot

Pirates & Treasure..get it?! lol

OPI's "Planks A Lot" beautiful pastel purple.
OPI's "Skull & Glossbones" cool beige-y grey.

Sorry the camera was so shaky! The macro lens I have weighs a lot and was a bit hard for me to hold with one arm. lol
I'm loving Planks A Lot! I would pass on a full size bottle of Skull and Glossbones.
I do love the formula of these cream polishes!
I had a lil fun with my nail polish today. I did the opposite on the other hand. : )

I made a video on my DSKJewelry Channel as well. Check it out if you like. ^^
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Love the purple! These are such nice photos for swatches btw :)

  2. Hello Steph. Pretty colors. Arg I totally hate it when polishes don't go well with my skin tone too. I have a few of those and the color grows on me and I end up wearing them anyways.

  3. Wow, these both shades looks amazing!!

  4. I agree with you. (: Love Planks A Lot! Hehe

  5. I've been trying to find a nice purple shade and you just made me fall in love with Planks A Lot! =)

  6. OMG I paint my nails w/ different colors in that pattern too. except every time I do, ppl comment that I'm just weird hahahahaha glad to know I'm not the only 1 to do this ^_^ sometimes...i just can't pick 1 color

  7. I've been looking for a nice neutral color for a long time now. I can never quite find the right tone. :( But Planks a Lot looks great! :D I just recently decided that one of my favorite polish colors does not look good on my nails. It makes me really sad that I should stop wearing it. :(

  8. I'm loving those Chanel frames!! I have to find a place here that has it in stock!


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