May 22, 2011

DSK Weekend: Chanel glasses, Pho, Cherry De Pon

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!
The weather has been not so beautiful in Seattle. boo!
It's cloudy this Sunday morning, but I'm hopefully it will clear up.
Minh and I were planning on walking over to Pacific Place AMC Theater to watch Thor last night, but we decided it was too wet and rainy to block lol.
I hope we'll be able to see it today. :)

The Lenscrafters in Westlake Center recently closed (they're making room for Nordstrom Rack)! Remember I had picked up a pair of Tory Burch glasses from them the week before they shut down? It turns out the TB glasses were defective, and they would snag my hair. That was unpleastant, lol. We had to drive down to Southcenter Mall in Tukwila, WA (about 40 minutes from Downtown Seattle) to exchange them.
I headed right toward the Ray Bans frames, and Minh goes to sure you don't want Chanel? I was like, "WHAT?! THEY HAVE CHANEL HERE?" lol

(The pair I picked on the top far left of this photo, displayed sideways)

Minh pointed me to the front of the store where they had many many beautiful Chanel glasses to pick from! They even had Chanels sunglasses! I highly recommend Lenscrafters in Southcenter for your optical needs! They have such a huge selection of designer frames in their massive Lenscrafters store.

I had picked out these two pairs initially, but then I saw the pair with the bows!
I have the black framed Chanel sunglasses with the white bows, so I knew it was destiny that I must own these black bow Chanel glasses! Skulls & Glossbones nail polish doesn't look that bad, I'm starting to like it more. :D

I like that the frames are a dark grey with glitter in them! You know I like glitter. :)
They had to match up my eyes, hence the little dots on the glasses. :D
I only had to pay an additional $64, which was sweet!
My TB glasses cost around $450 with the lenses (note I don't have vision insurance so I pay the full price). lol
I was so impressed by Lenscrafters' 90 day return/exchange policy. : )
They would have even given me back money if I went with a cheaper pair of frames than the Tory Burch pair.
Winner, winner!

On Friday, Minh and I went on a walk to Jimmy John's! We rarely walk toward Lake Union and decided to go on a mini walk that-a-way!
Jimmy John's #12 Beach Club (the only thing we get!) :) It's so tasty!
Walking home, downtown Seattle isn't that congested unlike other big cities. :D
Our building, remember when Minh used to work next door in the black building? That was super nice. :D Now he works 2 blocks (uphill) away and gets lazy to walk home for lunch!
We decided to try a new Pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup) restaurant yesterday (Saturday) and found great reviews for Pho Bac in the Viet area (near Chinatown). There's a Pho Bac a block from us, but Minh says it's not tasty there. The Pho Bac we went to in the Viet area is the first Viet Pho restaurant in all of Seattle back in the early 1980's.
It's such a hole in the wall! lol But inside it's really well lit, and the food was not bad. We both still like Pho Cyclo in Capitol Hill best. They opened a "to go" Pho Cyclo on 3rd in DT Seattle, but we didn't like that one very much. There's also another one on 1st across the street from the Starbucks HQ, but they're only open on weekdays.

Nickel likes to go places with us so we take him along. : )

Yesterday, we stopped by Cherry de Pon in Renton for some frozen yogurt.
Minh's sister's friend owns it so we wanted to show our support. :D

It's so cool how there are so many self-serving froyo places in the Seattle area now!
There's Menchie's in Queen Anne, Yogurtland in Capitol Hill, and now Cherry de Pon in Renton.
The interior was super cute, the owner is super nice too.
Cute yogurt cups!
Minh's sister bf picked out the stuffed animals for their lil orange couch, how cute right?
Speaking of cherries, I found some at the grocery store and they're super delicious! :D
We also have been playing scratch off lottery tickets for fun lol.
My friend Marisa's brother's friend won $5k recently! haha We're hopeful!
Wish us luck!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Minh and I are off to Whole Foods for lunch, and then we have some shoe exchanging to do at Nordstrom. Can you believe my AGL flats? lol they don't even match! I didn't realize it until I got home. FAIL.
They are mighty comfortable though! I recommend them!
Special thanks to Kat of Feather Factor for blogging about these shoes!
I saw that Wendy of Wendyslookbook picked up a pair too because of I knew it was destiny when I saw a pair of leopard print AGL on sale at Nordstrom. :D
AGL = Attilio Giusti Leombruni (try saying that 3 times fast)
That's what I get for buying a sale item, right? lol
I look forward to getting match shoes later today!

Oh snap, the Sun is coming out! lol


  1. WOWWWW I'm LOVING those glasses! I don't need glasses, but if I did, I would totally want those! I love bows and Chanel? best combination! :)
    That sandwich also looks very tasty!

  2. Me too! I'm so excited to get them. They're going to take 2 weeks since my lenses prescription is so strong they have to have it sent out to be made. lol!

    You should check out the Chanel bow sunglasses! They come in a few different shades. I think you would like them! Thanks for visiting me today on the blog Becky! Have a great day! :)

  3. ack!!!! i love those!!! the lens crafters in my mall has chanel but i haven't seen those!!! i want to go look now!!!

  4. omgoodness your chanel glasses are amazingly beautiful!!!!!

  5. Hi Steph! Wah I cant believe you remembered that I'm at UW for a year! SOOO sad that it's almost finished. We only have 2 more weeks of school left, and then finals. And my parents say theyre coming up to Seattle!! But they will probably be sight seeing around my finals time. Do you have any reccomendations for their trip? I told them to go to International district, and I know I want to show them the campus. But my dad is lazy and never does much on trips, and I dont know how much walking they really want to do.. Usually my mother goes shopping and my father just sits around and reads a magazine T__T any ideas?

  6. The glasses are SOOO adorable! I didn't see them at my place, but I fell in the love with my current Prada ones when I tried them on. : )

  7. omg im loving those chanel glasses!! ahhh i want them! lol

  8. oh my gosh, i can't believe they sent you shoes that doesn't match. how insane. i saw those also on nordstrom but wasn't sure if i wanted them :\

  9. I was hoping there would be a good froyo place in Renton! Cant wait to find time to go by, all the best yogurt places seem to be in downtown :(
    The bow glasses by Chanel are divine, I would have never guessed Lenscrafters to carry glasses and sunglasses from Chanel!

  10. Yay, so glad you got the shoes...and finally a matching pair, lol :)

    I love those glasses! I had Chanel glasses before as well, also from Lens Crafters - those are such a beautiful pair. I can't wait to see them on you...the saddest thing for me about getting Lasik was the fact that I couldn't wear those frames anymore, lol!

  11. omfg! i totally forgot to tell you.. is the pho bac place at a weird block? its a triangle on a corner?! friends dad found a cockroach in his pho last time he went there... :/ he still ate his pho but ugh thats gross steph :/

  12. !!! Those glasses with the bows at the side are sooo super cute! I hope to see some pictures of you modelling your glasses soon :)

  13. i'm so jelly!!! i want your glasses so bad you've convinced me.. i SOO NEED SOME CHANEL EYEGLASSES IN MY LIFE! STAT!!! hahaha

  14. Request for pics of Steph's Bal bags! ;)

  15. i loooove your chanel specs! makes me want to get my chanel frames with the correct prescription so i can wear them. & yummm pho! i could eat pho for the rest of my life. xx

  16. ok definitely trying those yogurt bars! and the dr.Oz drink is really good! They have it on the juice bar menu at Whole Foods! xo

  17. The glasses are way too cute!! I seriously need Chanel in my life NOW! haha


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