May 19, 2011

Fresh: Sugar Honey Lipbalm

I saw that Fresh came out with a new Sugar lipbalm called Honey!
It's a tinted lipbalm; they also have a Plum, and a Rose.
For descriptions of Sugar Honey, check out Sephora.
I bought this set from Sephora on Monday. ^_^

I really like the lip color the Sugar Honey. It's a warm nude-brown tint on my lips and it smells SO good! The texture of this lipbalm is the most amazing. You can sample the lipbalm at Sephora (if you're brave enough to use the tester). lol
I would compare the texture it to the La Mer lipbalm (except the La Mer lipbalm doesn't last as long on my lips).

I own the original Sugar lipbalm and I really like it (and so do two of my friends who use it). Sugar lipbalms are a bit on the expensive side for lipbalm. One Sugar lipbalm retails for $22.50. I picked up this whole Fresh set (with the new full size Sugar Honey lipbalm) for $28! :D
The set also comes with a Soy Face Cleanser (Makeup Remover), Fresh Twilight Freshface Glow, and Fresh Supernova Mascara.

Stock photo of the Fresh, Sugar Honey

(I have no idea why blogger is underlining my text!)
The 100 beauty insider reward item I picked up was a hairspray by Bumble and Bumble.
I'm looking forward to trying out this hairspray! I've heard great things about this brand.

I wish Bumble and Bumble's shampoo and conditioners weren't over $20 a piece!
I've been using my $6.99 giants bottle Dove shampoo and conditioner from Costco. lol
It works just fine! I don't think I'll be changing shampoo any time soon!

I've been trying so hard to simplify my life. I want to be one of those people who live by the motto "less is more," "quality over quantity." lol

But what if you just like to have a large quantity of quality things?!!

It's so hard to not buy new things..because buying things is so fun! lol


  1. I've tried B&B Shampoo and Conditioners and they're okay. I didn't feel like they worked miracles, but their styling products are great! I totally LOL'd at the last bit of this entry! Buying new things is way too much fun!

  2. Buying new things = fun = boosts the US economy! Double win!

  3. i've heard great things about the fresh lip balms, but never took the plunge to buy one for myself! i think i will now! steph, always the enabler!

  4. hahah we have the same goal. I'm trying to lighten up my closet and purchase things for "quality" instead but it's so hard!!

  5. @Eri They're worth it! The Rose tint is really cute, but I couldn't bring myself to buy it. LOL

    @Jessy It really is hard! lol I fee ya!

  6. Girl I'm on that Dove train as well! Trying to finish up my Costco sized bottles haha. The only "pricier" shampoo I swore by was Pureology. I loved that stuff when I was coloring my hair. It kept my color and my hair was healthy!

    I tried the green Fekkais and was meh about it too, and I tried the WEN sample that I got form the beautylish event. While it's a cool concept, I think it actually weighed down my hair. Plus you have to use SOOOOOO much. The 6oz sample got me 2.5 washes! -__-

  7. Omgosh I use that bumble & bumble thinking hairspray. Heheh

    Ohh I'm gonna have tontry that honey version because I love the original version.

  8. Just added to my "want" list! I'll probably try another color though, maybe the red? =D

  9. Thank you so much for posting this! I might never have discovered it without your post. I've been thinking about all the products in this set and I'm so glad I don't have to purchase all full sizes now. Hope youre enjoying the lovely weather that the Puget Sound area is getting!

  10. I love bumble & bumble! If anything, you should try their thickening spray. It gives your hair really nice volume if you spray at roots when hair is wet, then flip your hair upside down to blow dry it. Or youcan round brush it too. Love that stuff! But b&b is quite expensive >.<


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