May 19, 2011

OPI, White Shatter!

"White Shatter" by OPI is gorgeous!
Did you know that you can apply your Shatter polish side ways, and diagonally to create different shatter effects? :D

I want to give a big shout out to my friend Kae here on blogger for spoiling me all the time with gorgeous gifts. ^_^ Thank you TheHungryAsian! lol
Kae's definitely turned me into a nail polish-aholic, and I don't hate it!
I have another post coming soon to share with you one of the new Glam Slam by Serena William & OPI. I got so excited I just had to try out the White Shatter immediately!

Here's a stock photo of the Glam Slam Set. :)
I'll talk to you all soon!


  1. woahh when did they came out with the white shatter??? I just brought the silver one! i must get this now.. THANKS! hahah

  2. @Jennifer I've been looking for the Silver Shatter! lol I haven't seen it yet in person. I think the White Shatter is relatively new. ^^

  3. Really like the look of shatter polishes over glitter polishes. Interesting contrast.

  4. @Fannie Me too! I can't wait to try that combination. ^^

  5. Wow, super unique looking! Very cool! OPI has become very innovative!

  6. I need to get my hands on some of this shatter nail polish!!! I love it! Looks great with pink too :)

  7. I love this pink!! It's like pink with purple undertones so pretty!!


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