May 2, 2011

MAC Lime Green Eyeshadows

Lime green eyeshadows from MAC!

MAC Sharp Eyeshadow

I never realized how similar Sweet & Punchy was to Sharp from the Tempting Quad.

MAC Lucky Green eyeshadow

Lucky Green, Sweet & Punchy, Sharp eyeshadows

The last two are so close! Sweet & Punchy has more of a gold sheen to it.
I would say it's a more exaggerated Sharp.

I love these bright Spring/Summer greens, but they're so hard for me to pull off.

Who saw Nicki Minaj's makeup in her new "Super Bass" MV? I loveeee her eyemakeup with th lime green! I'm definitely going to do a fun re-creation of the look with these shadows! lol

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  1. I think they're colors that are so pretty to look at in the pan, but I don't know if I would be able to pull them off either. lol. They are so pretty though! ahh! ^o^

  2. I have such an affinity for lime green shadows! I hardly use the ones I have anymore but I can't get enough of them. I need that Lucky Green!!! I really have a hoarder disorder haha.

  3. i don't ever see myself wearing lime green; i'm not brave enough to wearing something so bright lol. i can see them looking really vibrant on darker skin tones though!

  4. these are so pretty! however, i don't think i can wear these eyeshadows haha! :)
    they seem a bit similar. ^_^

  5. the colors are soo prettyy ! ~ but i dont think i can pull those colors off :( maybe if i was a bumblebee for Halloween or something ^__^

  6. Bright yellow eye shadow is so pretty but I don' t think I could. Pull it off so that's why I don't have any Hana

  7. thanks for your sweet comment. i'm a fan of your blog and jewelry designs as well! i always get tempted to buy bright eyeshadows but they just dont look good on my skintone. xx


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