May 2, 2011

Chanel "Mimosa"

Chanel "Mimosa"
I had to hunt two different Chanel counters to find this!
I don't think I've ever painted my nails yellow until now. I figured it was time. lol
It's not a very flattering color on my makes my skin look dirty haha
But in RL it's pretty cute..or so I think. ?_?

If you look closely there are shimmers of pinks, orange, and white/silver glitter.
I really love that, I think that's what differentiates this polish from a flat yellow polish.

In my opinion, Chanel usually does a good job with shimmer or opalescent, pearly polishes.
Mimosa, Mimosa
I really like this polish, it's the perfect Spring/Summer "be happy" polish!
I absolutely love it on my toe nails. : )
In comparison to Revlon's "Sunshine Sparkle"
They're both yellow polishes with hints of shimmer, but they're completely different shades of yellow! lol

Chanel "Mimosa" $25
Revlon "Sunshine Sparkle" $3.74

I'm curious about Deborah Lippmann's "Yellow Brick Road" $16
I found this nail blogger's review, check it out here.
I read it's a jelly polish!

Would you wear yellow nail polish? ^_^


  1. OoOO that is a gorgeous yellow! i only own one Chanel polish... I may have to make a future investment.. well, at a later date LOL

  2. @susy which Chanel polish do you own? I'm curious! ;D

  3. Gorgeous! I rarely paint my nails yellow because of my skin tone..but we're both Asian so hey! This could look good on me. LOL I like both yellows you tried, but prefer the pastel one more. It's softer, but they're both really great for spring. : )

  4. Omgosh the chanel yellow is really pretty! I know what you mean tho yellow is hard to. Pull off for Asian people i think because our skin has yellow undertones. I think my entire closet has like one yellow item in it hahahaha

  5. mimosa is such a cute color. I don't think I would be able to pull it off as well as you do, Steph! <3

  6. wow the Chanel polish is so pretty! Though I don't think i could pull it off. Being asian, I've always stayed away from yellow clothes & polish...I'm scared I'll look too yellow LOL

  7. I am wary of yellow because of my skintone as well.. this is gorgeous, but I think it'll make my fingers look greenish.. lol, if you know what I mean! I'm too yellow to wear yellow :p

  8. I think it's very nice on you and I prefer it to the Revlon shade :) I never would have thought to use yellow polish before I saw these photographs!

  9. @Katherine I love it on the toe nails too! It's super cute for warm weather. :)

  10. I've been dieing to get my hands on this shade but can't seem to make the jump because I've had so many bad experiences with yellow nail polishes on asian skin tones!

    So glad to see this review up! :) Looks great on you, I think you might have convinced me! :P

    Great blog, btw. Followed!! Hope you can come check mine out when you have time.



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