April 29, 2011

End of April Makeup Haul

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share my haul from yesterday. =^_^= I'm not wearing any makeup today so no FOTD pics to share. I've been busy working and catching up on DSK work. I really am behind! That's why there hasn't been a new post at the jewelry blog. As for right now, catching up on my favorite blogs, and beauty blogging is really making me happy. ^_^

I only picked up one item from the MAC Fashion Flower Collection and that item was Lucky Green eyeshadow!

*Update Lucky Green Eyeshadow*
The flower is so pretty I can't bring myself to using it just yet!
I think I need to look at it a few more times before I use it!

The MAC MA talked me into trying out Lovelorn (pink) and I ended up loving it!
Have any of you tried MAC's Lovelorn or Blankety?
MAC lipsticks will always be one of my favorites. I just love the formula and the color pay off.

I'm so bad at taking photos of swatches..that's why you rarely see them on blog.
I think it's easier to see the makeup on my face rather than on the back of my hand.

I got a new pair of EOS Pink contacts in my prescription! (-6.50, -6.50).
It's so hard for me to find my prescription in circle lenses now-a-days.
My prescription increased this past year. 0_0" I know!
I haven't worn circle lenses at all this month. I'm so behind on the new styles of lenses.
I hope to get back into it!
My friend Marisa sent me a picture text of the new LE EOS lip balms!
They're available at Bartell Drugs for $6.49. I also found them online at Target for $5.09!
The "flavors" are Passion Fruit (purple), and Strawberry Sorbet (pink).
I lovee the smell of the Strawberry Sorbet!
I'm so excited to have these to add to my collection! I have all of the egg shaped one now. : )
100% natural!
95 % organic!

How can you beat that?
While I was at Bartell Drugs I noticed 25% off all their Revlon products.
I found their new summer nail polishes and just had to have them.
They were only $3.74 each! Regularly $4.99/bottle.
Sunshine Sparkle, Blue Lagoon, and Tangerine!
I can't wait to try them out!

I'm looking forward to watching Ellen today! Josh Groban is performing! ^_^


  1. What no way! LE EOS lip balms. I must have. lol I really like how Mac added the imprint of flowers on their Lucky Green.

  2. those mac LE eyeshadow looks tempting! i want to have those LE EOS lip balm tooo!!!!

  3. ahh what an amazing haul!! I really enjoy the flower pattern above the eyeshadow. The lipsticks also look lovely! I really need to try them in person. Also, did you end up staying up until 4am to watch the royal wedding? I fell asleep shortly after :S

  4. I need to go check out my Target tomorrow for those LE EOS lip balm.. def going to get more to add into my bridemaid's emergency bag/kit i am making for them!!

    love the new MAC lippies.

  5. I need to try those EOS lip balms. I keep hearing about them. The Revlon Blue Lagoon is pretty and I want those MAC lippies!

  6. Great haul! I'm surprised you didn't get any lippies from the MAC flower collection! The EOS set is adoooorable!


  8. I love the way you captured all the products from the haul! and those lashes are fierce! <3 <3

  9. Just discovered your blog and it is so divine...the yellow nails are so incredible and Wally is my favourite xxx I love dogs

  10. I have to get on this bandwagon of EOS lip balms!


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