April 28, 2011

Sigma Beauty Make Me Crazy Brush Kit

I came home to find my Sigma Makeup Brushes waiting for me. ^_^
I've heard so many great things on Twitter, beauty blog, and Youtube about Sigma brushes throughout the years.
I'm so excited to be able to finally try them out for myself.
Minh said he was curious of what was inside for the whole 10 days I was gone on my trip. lol
They have their own logo tape! That is big time.
I'm so impressed by how Sigma Beauty/Sigma Makeup has grown over the past year.
I love that the brushes are Made in the USA. I associate well made, high quality to "Made in USA." I know many of my international friends feel the same.
The packaging is so professional, and everything was packed beautifully in the box.
That's me!
How amazing is her hand writing?!

"Make Me Crazy"! lol *Thinks Britney Spears "(You Drive Me) Crazy"*
Click here for Britney's music video! You know I just had to look it up.
I really like how they include a photos and descriptions of the brushes.
Sigma Beauty really has covered all bases when it comes to makeup brushes. I am thoroughly impressed by their company and their product! It's so well run!
The brush kit comes in this fun case which opens to become two separate brush holders.
The packaging is awesome!

I REALLY love how the case separates into two brush holders. Whoever designed this case has an incredible design mind! I like that you can display your Sigma brushes in their own Sigma containers. Multifunctional packaging FTW!
All the brushes come covered. Two thumbs up for amazing packaging.
As of right now, my first impression of Sigma is WOW.
If they apply my makeup as beautifully as they look, I'm going to be investing in more of their line. I currently have Costco, MAC, Dior, Chanel, Smashbox, Sonia Kaskuk brushes. Each brush has their pro's & con's, so I'm excited to be able to try an entire line of brushes by one brush maker.
These are the most beautiful makeup brushes I own! ^_^
The brushes are all well made, very study. I just cannot get over how beautiful the metallic purple is!!

I can't wait to try them out full force and post some looks, and reviews.
I mostly likely will have a FOTD posted tomorrow. :D

You can check out this same brush set here.
It's called the "Make Me Crazy" Brush Kit.
They also have a black version called "Make Me Classy," a pink set called "Make Me Blush,"and one in aqua called "Make Me Cool."

I recommend the purple though just because I think it's beautiful. ^_^


  1. I ordered one of their earlier sets and was only impressed by less than half the brushes. A lot of mine shed and weren't very dense. If you have an older set, can you compare it to their newer ones?

  2. @jilliandanica This is my first set of Sigma brushes. I haven't tried them yet! I'm super curious to see how they will last through use, and washes. I hear their pencil brush is really good. I think I was most excited for that one!

  3. can't wait to see what you think of them! i still have yet to own any sigma brushes :[

  4. omg they look absolutely lovely! I have the original set and now I feel like the black is too plain. lol. <3

  5. These look amazing and I love the pink/purple color! You must have an amazing makeup collection :)

    About the TB flats - mine hurt too! The ones I wear the most are suede though and those are a lot softer :) They'll break in!

  6. oh the chanel flats are so lovely and quite comfortable too! i highly recommend them! :) Also, they apparently sell out quick, so if you are interested, you should definitely grab yourself a pair!

    As for the royal wedding, I am SO excited for it! haah I've been watching news segments on Kate Middleton and the more I see of her, the more I adore her. What I do not look forward to, however, is waking up at 4am :|

  7. @elleovely They seem to be well stocked in Seattle & Portland! lol I don't think as many people shop for Chanel here for some reason. >.<

  8. Oh man, they are sooo adorable. I have the very first sigma brushes and they're all still good except for the large powder brush. The handle became loose.

    Man, you're making me want to get these lol

  9. OMGOSH these sigma brushes are SO PRETTY!! i loveee pink and i love that it's a chrome pink so cute!! you'll have to let us know what you think of these brushes.. i haven't tried sigma out yet either!

  10. oh im excited to see those polishes on you!

  11. Ooh I don't think I could use that eyeshadow either! I might have to check out that duo eos balm set aah. Tangerine looks yummy!

  12. Hi, is there any store in Seattle selling Sigma brushes? Thanks!

    1. Hi Viviane, I don't know if they're sold in any stores in Seattle, but they're available online at their website.


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