April 28, 2011

Simple Morning

I went to the Tacoma Mall this morning since bf had a hearing in Tacoma. I always tag along so he can take the car pool lane back into the city. haha, plus I like to spend time with him. : )
I just drop him off at the court house, and drive to the mall which is only 2 miles away.
I like shopping in the morning at the Tacoma Mall (yes, there was a shooting a years ago at this mall!) because you have the mall to yourself! The sales tax is also a bit less than in Seattle..but not by much. lol
I checked out the MAC Fashion Flower Collection at the counter at Nordstrom.
I tried on all the lipsticks, and surprisingly the green lipstick goes on purple!
I was the first customer to get to play with all the new goodies there. :D You know I touched it all!
I left with MAC Lucky Green eyeshadow, Blankety & Lovelorn Lipsticks. I almost picked up the coral orange Ever Hip lipstick but I decided to put it back. They have Alpha Girl beauty powder again if anyone missed that in the Heatherette Collection from a few years back. I remember that one was super popular among us Mac Addicts. ;D

I also was able to pick up Chanel Mimosa nail polish at their Nordstrom Chanel counter. It was sold out at Nordstrom Flagship near where I live. I'm glad to be able to get my hands on it!
I'm so happy with my purchases today! I also asked for a sample of Chanel Chance perfume since one you girls said it was your favorite. ^_^
My new favorite drink at Starbucks, Venti H20!
On our way back to Seattle, we stopped by Federal Way's Menchies! We were the first customer of the morning! lol Bf and I get frozen yogurt about 2-3 times a week. We love it so much!

Random: I decided to chop up some zucchini in my scrambled eggs. It turned out super delicious. Zucchini is one of my favorite veggies, and so are tomatoes. : )

Remember that Swarovski chandelier lamp I posted about a few months back? They have a "fake" non crystal version of the lights at Hello Cupcake in Tacoma, WA.

If you follow my twitter, you know Wally accidently chewed up my Macbook power cord. :/
He chewed one up in the past when he was a baby..but this one was a true accident. His toy was right next to my cord. He didn't get hurt, thank goodness.
I picked up a new one yesterday at the Apple store at the University Village near the University of Washington. It's a super cute shopping center. It's an outdoor mall pretty much. They have a free standing MAC store that too. ; )

The two monsters of the day!

Did you know I have a birth mark on my right arm? Now you do! lol
Timmy says, talk to you later!

Who's watching the Royal Wedding tonight? I am!!


  1. Are you going to do swatches of the MAC stuff you got? I don't know if you smell Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. It is amazing too!

    Frozen yogurt is the best! When I was in New York City, I saw frozen yogurt trucks in Soho, but they didn't have many flavors.

    Good to know that your dog is okay!!

  2. you and minh are so cute! my mom use to have a green lipstick that went on another color. it fascinated me so lol. froyo is the best! you should try all the different places they have in nyc if you ever visit. I can't wait to get my hands on some when i'm back home

  3. I'd love to see swatches of your MAC stuff too :) My son actually chewed a power cord once... =_=;;

  4. i'm definitely watching the royal wedding!! lol we in Toronto have to get up at 4am in order to watch it from the start, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make! :)

    Your haul looks lovely btw!

  5. hehehe they look so innocent! ^o^ I especially love Timmy's ears. and you got Chanel's Mimosa? Looks like a beautiful color. <3

  6. @Sophie & Ishah I swatched them and will post them tomorrow ^_^ Stay tuned!

    @elleovely My mistake, it airs at 1am my time. I got confused when I was commenting on your blog! lol

    @Mindy I think I'm going to have to cut my nails short for Mimosa. lol Now if I only had a Mimosa Balenciaga Velo to match! I haven't picked out a new bag yet. :/

  7. So lucky to be the very first to try out Fashion Flower! I had that experience with Venomous Villains last year, was so GREAT :D

    Your little monsters are still so cute. Glad Wally's okay!

  8. Hey! thanks for your quick reply.. the wide 5 drawer was exactly the one i was looking at..$340..omg its a lot but i think its worth it. Thanks agian for the info.
    Breann : )


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