April 27, 2011

Dior Vernis: "Purple Mix," Dior Top Coat, New Hair Cut

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Bf and I just got back from dinner with our good friend and his new girlfriend.
We all had a great evening together. It's always fun to double date!
Now we're snuggled up on the couch with the dogs, and watching something on NBC about the Royal Wedding. lol

I decided to change my nail polish today, and I used "Purple Mix" by Dior.
I've been into nails lately! I can't help it!
These two nail polishes were gifts from my cousins for my birthday earlier this month. ^_^
How lucky am I?

These are my first two bottles of Dior nail polishes. Thank you Nathania & Trung!
Dior "Purple Mix" - a beautiful muddy purple! (As some of you may know, purple is my favorite color.) My cousins know me well! ^_^
The consistency of this polish was surprisingly thicker than most nail polishes (not a bad dried out thick, but more of a higher quality formula thick). It applied easily, no need to double dip the brush per nail.

Dior Top Coat - the most amazing top coat I've used as of yet (bye bye Seche Vite)! Dior's Top Coat dries is a matter of seconds and the finish is a fine glossy shine. I'm so impressed! Now I can see why it's worth the extra money. You would have to try it to believe it. I will get back to you on the staying power in about a week. : )

The top coat is super thin, it's almost like a water consistency (probably why it dries super fast & fine). The Dior nail polish brushes are also very different from any other nail polish I've used. The brush is a curved (almost in a triangle shape) to contour your the nail cuticles of your nail bed. It takes a bit of getting used to, but you will find it helps you apply beautiful coats of polish on your nails. : )

Timmy & Wally pics of the day!
Napping Timmy

Wally just woke up from his nap haha
And I have some Macbook pics of my new hair cut! ^_^
I got my hair cut in Michigan for only $18! ($25 after tip).
My Mom goes to a very nice Viet hair stylist who has a cute little salon in a part of her massive garage. She has this very nice 3 car garage Michigan style house. By Michigan house I mean..A LOT of house & A LOT of a land (for not that much moolah). That's the luxury of living in the simple Midwest. : )
Anyhow! I've had this hair style before, and I like it still.
It's so nice to wash & dry my hair now!

Before: Straight
Before: straight, long for me and no layers.
Before: curled, I curled my hair more often when I had the longer hair. I liked it.

After: My natural wavy hair. I kept a lot of the hair length. I like that I can just wear it "normal" with the layered hair cut. My Momma says I look younger. Now I just gotta lose some lbs to be the perfect daughter to her!!! lol All my Mom said while I was in Michigan, "Do you know how much prettier you would be if you were skinny?" "Do you know how much bigger and prettier your eyes will be?" Asian Moms..lol gotta love them!!
My Caucasian friends are always like WTF? Aren't parents suppose to tell you that you are perfect the way you are? NO, not most Asian ones. lol They're brutally honest, and motivate their kids to excel by insulting them or telling them someone else's kid is better than them. It works sometimes..I think..

I like that I don't have to fuss with detangling the longer locks. I always had the worst tangles in the morning before my hair cut...but then again I only get 2-3 hair cuts a year! haha. My hair just doesn't grow as fast as others. Your hair grows 6 inches a year. My hair grows about 3 inches a year. : / My nails however grow twice as fast as the norm!

I would say the hair has more bounce now when I don't do anything to it. : ) My head definitely feels lighter after the hair cut.

After: Straightened, it takes me a few minutes to straighten my hair now! I love that I had it layered and thinned out. Minh says, "That's the hair when I first met you!" I think he approves. But I never really care what bf thinks because he told me he liked my long hair back in the day and I went on vacation and came home with a super short bob hair cut. Girl power! You just do what makes you feel good. : ) The bf will love you regardless, plus it's fun to try a new hair style.
I used to be all about coloring and styling my hair up until I graduated college.
I'm more hair carefree now. I save money that way. ; )

I likes it!

I want to set up my tripod & camera to take pictures, but I've been so gosh darn lazy.
I want to do more face makeup posts as well. I have so many new makeup products that I want to share here on blog.

Unrelated...I'm loving the new singing show, The Voice on NBC!
It's soooo good!


  1. The nail polish looks awesome. I love that shade of purple ;)


  2. I had no idea Dior had nail polishes. lol. I'm just not really up-to-date with the nail polish scene. The purple looks like such a pretty color! Matches well with your blog colors too! lol. Timmy and Wally keep growing. They're too sweet! ^o^ Love your new hair cut. I'm so jealous you have naturally wavy hair.

  3. The color is very nice!! It matches your blog!!! :D haha
    My friend told me about this Viet hair stylist who cuts hair EXACTLY the way you want it for a good price. I never knew people like that existed! Korean hair stylist (old ladies) ask what you want but ALWAYS end up doing their own thing -____- I'm pretty excited go! haha

  4. LOL you girls are right! It completely matches the blog layout! haha

  5. That Dior is a great shade of purple. I don't think I have anything like it! I'm loving the layers on you :) I'm going to get my hair cut this weekend too, can't wait! LOL @ Asian parents, my mother always told me my butt was too big (this started when I was around 9 or 10??).

  6. that purple looks lovely on your fingers! Also, I have to definitely try the Dior topcoat now that you say it's better than Seche Vite!!


  7. @Elleovely it's so perfect! it's super thin, and glides on the nail amazingly! I was SO impressed by the dry time. Try it out and let me know what you think!

  8. Steph, you have such beautiful hair!

  9. Your natural wavy hair is so pretty!

    I'm tempted to try the Dior topcoat now....I was originally planning to get the Seche Vite.

  10. Dior Purple Mix is a very pretty purple nail color indeed! I gotta digg my out soon after seeing your swatches, hehe... I totally agree on the new brushes! So super convenient to use!

    It looks really beautiful on you, Steph, and I so love the pictures you took! Also, you got me wanna go to the Dior counter to pick up the Top Coat immediately! ;)

  11. @Jess you should definitely try the Dior top coat! I just know you will love it! I love your earrings in your latest blog post btw :P

  12. Where can you find this color (Dior Nail Polish in Purple Mix), as I have been looking everywhere and nobody has it?! I tried Neimans, Saks, Nordstroms, Dillards, Macy's & Sephora with no luck...:(

    Would love to buy if can find out who carries it, so please let me know!


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