April 26, 2011

Milani 3D Holographic "Digital" and the Dogs!

Happy Tuesday to you!
My day is going wonderful, and it can only get better with some frozen yogurt later! :D

The bf's Mom and I spent the morning browsing houses in Issaquah, WA.
Then we stopped in Bellevue for some Pork in Hot Sauce Hong Kong Style Dry Noodles at Wonton City! I lovee that place! It's a tiny hole in the wall..(cash only) kind of restaurant. Which only makes it that much more incredible. lol

Then we went home and took the dogs to the dog park for some fun in the sun. ^_^

I finally picked up Milani 3D Holographic "Digital" nail polish ($4.99) when I was in Michigan.

They have CVS there unlike in WA! But we have Bartell's Drugstore, and they do not!
Click here for CVS stock photo & description of this polish. The bottle isn't anything fancy either.

I am very impressed by the staying power of this nail polish, and how beautifully it applies.
The only down fall is the holographic-ness is not as beautiful as OPI's formula.
I just took these photos now, and I painted my nails about 5-6 days ago!
Have you tried any Milani nail polishes?

I still prefer OPI for their holographic nail polishes. "DS Coronation" is my all time favorite!
I would say the holographic effect is more subtle with "Digital" (pink).
I need to try their other shades to give a proper review!

Time for pictures of the boys! : )

Look at Timmy's beautiful locks! As he gets older his coat gets more and more beautiful!

Wally looks so tired! lol He spent over an hour at the dog park playing with his dog friends.
It was Minh's Mom first time at the dog park and she really had a great time.
There were a lot of dogs out today for the boys to meet and greet!

I'll talk to you all soon!
Thank you for your great comments, it's always great to know I have a great group of girl friends on the beauty blogs! : )


  1. I <3 that Milani holo! I hope it's new because I need it. And you musta been reading my mind because I was just looking up OPI DS Coronation earlier today. It comes with in a set with my fave My Private Jet!

  2. Hello and welcome back to blogging Steph! <3 I missed you on your blog here. lol. I've actually heard lots of good stuff about Milani polishes! Definitely going to try some now. and look at Timmy and Wally! They look beautiful... or should I say, handsome in the pictures! ^o^

  3. Aw sounds like a fun tuesday for you! Look at chu girly, spending time with the in law ;) Anyway the nail polish color looks great and i am jealous of your nail bed, your nails look soooooooo long!

  4. Aw I love small Chinese restaurants! The smaller ones are always more "homey" and welcoming, if you know what I mean. The food probably tastes authentic too. :P

    I love the effect of your nail polish! It's not too shimmery, but has just the right amount.

    Glad to see Timmy & Wally are doing well! Timmy's coat is GORGEOUS.

  5. Happy Tuesday :) I love that polish color on you...I've never bought Milani before so I have to try it out. Your "boys" are so adorable! I want to get a dog when I move back to California :)

  6. Just wondering, have you try any of the Sally Hansen Salon Effect?

    Your dogs are so adorable!

  7. Ohhh so pretty! I have this exact nail polish in blue sparkles but seeing your pink sparkles I really wish I had gotten yours instead!!!

    Hehe the boys are so cute :)


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