June 25, 2011

EOTD: Bat Those Lashes Ardell Falsies

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great start to the new weekend!
Minh and I had a nice evening together. : ) We went to Costco, Trader Joe's and then to dinner.
We went out to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Cyclo on Broadway in Capitol Hill.
It's Pride Weekend here in Seattle, and Capitol Hill is the place to be! It's so fun and lively up there. You can't help but be happy. ^_^

Now on to tonight's beauty blog post!

kkcenterhk reached out to me a few weeks back to review a pair of false lashes.
The model they sent me were the Friday Night #120 Demi Black lashes (I believe they're by Ardell).

They remind me a lot of the Ardell Wispie lashes which I just picked up at Target last week.
I'll share those soon in a future post. : )

Friday Night #120 Demi Black falsies
I think the lashes look great, they remind me so much of my lash extensions!
I wish my naturally lashes looked like this everyday. lol
These lashes are very comfortable, the band is very soft.

These lashes are sterilized real human hair lashes which gives them a more natural look.
Sometimes with synthetic hairs you can see a sheen in photos when the light hits the lashes.
I find that human hair lashes blend much better after you curl them with your natural lashes.
I used Makeup Forever Smoky Lash Mascara for my top and bottom lashes.
It's a really great mascara, more on the dry side (perfect for Asian lashes which tend to be more short and fine/thin).

I'm not sure what circle lenses I'm wearing..but I did get them from my friend Kiwi at Kiwiberry1-Collection. Shout out to Kiwi! She's owns a few pieces of my jewelry line. :)
I love her!
They look so much like lash extensions! (I wonder if Latisse could get me these results!) lol
It's 12:27AM right now and I still have them on after a whole day of wearing them.
I highly recommend this particular pair. It doesn't hurt to try different falsies to find your favorite. : ) Trial & error is the best way to find the right answer. lol
I really like how subtle crisscross effect is on this pair. I would recommend this style of falsies to those who are new to wearing lashes. I think a more natural pair will help you get used to the look of fake lashes. Plus, they blend easily with your natural lashes so there's room for error especially if you have a harder time applying the lashes the first time around.
A simple look for a simple day in Seattle.
I will post what makeup I used on my face in tomorrow's post. :)
I've been wearing circle lenses because..I ran out of my regular contacts lol.
I like my normal eyes and eye color and I miss seeing it!
I haven't had the chance to go to the eye doctor to get a new contact prescription. I did get new glasses, but I'm not used to wearing them during the day time when I work on jewelry.
This pack of falsies did come with lash glue, but I preferred to use my own Duo Dark Tone lash glue.

The band is very comfortable because it's not stiff like many Asian brand of lashes (example: Darkness lashes). The lashes are spaced out on the flexible band. I let the glue get tacky before I apply them on my lashline.
(Nails: Revlon Tangerine, with Nicole by OPI Gold Texture (shatter) polish). : )

I didn't use the traditional eye shadow for this EOTD.
I wanted to go with a more simple look. I used two bronzers and a highlight powder as my eyeshadows. : ) Do you ever use your bronzer and highlighter as eyeshadow?
Left: MAC Bronzer - I use this for a glow
Right: Cargo Matte Bronzer - I use this to contour
MAC Bronzer (I like it, but I wouldn't repurchase).
MAC Medium Mineralized Skinfinish Powder w/ Highlighter
Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Smoky Lash Mascara
Anastasia Brow Wiz Medium Ash - I ran out of this today!
Anastasia makes the best brow pencils! I find that the colors are never to over powering for my brows. I love love love Anastasia brow pencils and powders!

Do any of you girls watch the Bachelorette? I really excited for Monday to see what goes down when Ashley sees Bentley again! lol

I also have been wanting to rave about a few items that I feel have changed my life for the better.

The Clarisonic -- why didn't I have this growing up?!

Bio Oil -- the best makeup remover ever and it has improved my complexion. (available at selected Costco). I feel that it's helped my eczema as well. I told my Mom to pick up some for my Dad since he also suffers from eczema.

5 Minute White --$6!! My teeth don't hurt at all and I have a whiter smile. Minh asked me if I've been bleaching my teeth because they look really white..and guess what? He's starting to use it now too. lol

I also start using a new face cream called Mighty Moisture, and Paul Mitchell Shampoo & Conditioner. : ) I'll keep you all updated!

I'll see you all tomorrow! Good night from Seattle! -Steph ^_^

Doesn't it look like Timmy has a cigar? lol It's his giant busy bone.
Wally has one too but it's being covered by the couch cushion. :)

Puppy cam!!


  1. ooohhh love the lashes & lenses.

    howwww come your EOTD pictures are always so pretty & never looks creepy but mine always give me the heebie jeebies when I look at it HAHAHAHAHA i need to practice hehhe

  2. Those lashes are AMAZING! Totally agree with you about the Clarisonic- #1 pore un-clogger.

    Your doggies are as adorable as ever!

  3. Your lashes honestly looks natural ! Doesn't look like you got faslsies on. ANDDDD. OMG Is that a gold shatter ? :O
    Sorry i'm Australian hence not up to date ><"

  4. Those doggies are SO cute!! *squeals*

    Haha. =P

    Also I love the lashes, they're very pretty and definitely not over the top. They complement your eyes so well. Also, I love the color of the circle lens.

  5. Your eyes are beautiful! These lashes look great!



  6. Steph, the lashes look so great on you! I'm gonna try to see if my stores carry them up here :)

  7. These lashes look amazing on you! I prefer these cause they look more natural. & the blue lenses are pretty too. (:

    I watch Bachelorette! ;D Bentley is such a dingdong, I hate him. I really hope Ashley will see what's really happening because she needs to move on. It's really unfair to all the other guys. :(

  8. Those lashes ARE sooo natural!!! :) Your makeup is always so fabulous! <3 btw... which circle lenses are you wearing here? Love you, Steph!!

  9. the lashes look so natural and pretty on your eyes! :)

    your nails look amazing!

    i used to use bronzers as eyeshadows because i figured the ones i previously got as gifts were too dark for me. LOL! x) i only have one bronzer and it's the terracota one from guerlain. :)

  10. dammmmnnnn. they look amazing on you!! looove. xx

  11. So pretty!! I can never seem to put falsies on no matter how hard I try. You have gorgeous eyes!!!

  12. I love both of those colours and your nails are perfect!!!!

    You have a wonderful blog by the way, I will definitly be checking back to read more of what you post. I wish you all of the luck in the world with the blog (although I am sure you don't need it).

    All the best;

  13. Ohh so pretty!! I do love pinky stuff so much♥♥

  14. Really cute blog! Follow me ;)

  15. Thanks for the tips on applying :) Those lashes are really pretty, I'm definitely going to look for them!

  16. These do look a lot like eyelash extensions. I used to have them but the maintenance was too much, so now I just use Latisse. It's not as dramatic as the extensions but i can live with that

  17. i knew i would find the color on your blog! and now i know that i REALLy need to go and pick this shade up!


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