June 20, 2011

OPI "Grape...Set...Match"

OPI "Grape...Set...Match" from the Glam Slam! England Set
I would describe it as a deep purple with slight red and blue glitters. : )


  1. ohhh that purple is stunning steph!! what a gorgeous color!

  2. that's such a lovely purple color! looks gorgeous on your hand. =)

  3. Steph! I miss your shopping/random posts! LOL it was fun getting to see your personality through your blog!! <3 and little stories with minh, the dogs, your parents, etc! do i sound like a stalker or what!? haha

    Have you been to Chanel recently? its sale time for them right now. I want to say its just shoes for right now but in early July, my SA told me that they're going to have ACCESSORIES on sale!! <3 help with your goal to collect 50 pairs of CC earrings!! :)

    did you see their newest earrings yet? They're BEAUTIFUL! they have 2 pairs of crystal CCs right now that are amazing. i ended up picking up the larger of the two because i couldn't resist! they're a skinnier take on the classic CC's but they're also larger. i even think they sparkle better! they're my favorite so far!! they definitely belong in your collection! =)

    i had no idea they raised the prices on earrings too though =( did you hear? they went from $225 to $265!! i always thought they were a bit cheap for Chanel anyways lol ^^"

  4. Gorgeous! And yes there is a killer Chanel sale right now (though a lot of stuff was presold :(


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