June 21, 2011

Summer Online Shopping!

To celebrate the first day of Summer, I did some online shopping two seconds ago..
My blog post about Bobbi Brown's new eyeshadow palettes somehow encouraged me to get click happy at Nordstrom. But more on that later on in the post. :)

I can finally add to my Bobbi Brown makeup collection!
I have her favorite concealer and black ink gel liner, but I have yet to really splurge on her shadows.

These new palettes from the Tortoise Shell Collection are calling my name.
The more sophisticated take on the Urban Decay NAKED Palette in my opinion! :)
I'm a big fan of Bobbi Brown eyeshadows, but never really collected them.
I'm not a big fan of their packaging..until right now! lol
The Tortoise Shell Collection is beyond gorgeous!
The design of the packaging is pretty darn cool too.
It's available now at Nordstrom, and I'm debating between the Sand and Bronze palette...
These palettes aren't available in store at my local Nordstrom yet so I just ordered Bronze online! :)

Which would you pick?
Bronze Palette,
A flattering collection of warm neutral makeup for medium to darker skin tones.

- Banana Eyeshadow.
- Gold Nugget Sparkle Eyeshadow.
- Amber Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow.
- Copper Cocoa Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow.
- Tiger's Eye Metallic Eyeshadow.
- Bronze Metallic Eyeshadow.
- Olive Sparkle Eyeshadow.
- Espresso Eyeshadow.

Sand Palette,
A palette for lighter skin tones.

- Ivory Eyeshadow.
- Gold Bar Sparkle Eyeshadow.
- Desert Sand Metallic Eyeshadow.
- Terracotta Eyeshadow.
- Antique Rose Eyeshadow.
- Hot Stone Eyeshadow.
- Sandy Rose Metallic Eyeshadow.
- Black Chocolate Eyeshadow.

You can find these palettes at Nordstrom.com
They're $60/palette (which is a deal for Bobbi Brown shadows!)
Her individual shadows retail for $20-$24 each.
They're LE too..which makes it easier for us to buy?

The Bobbi Brown model for this collection is super pretty! My friend Danielle really likes her eye glasses. I suggested looking at Ray Bans. What do you girls think? Where do you think she can find a similar pair?

I'm so excited!
I just did some online shopping at Nordstrom and here is what I ordered.

Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals (Rose Gold)
I took a Twitter poll and everyone voted for the Rose Gold!
Silver would have been my next pick. We'll see how comfy these are before I pick up another pair. I ordered 7.5 based on the reviews I read.
I like Sam Edelman shoes, I have several pairs and the quality is really good.
I believe they're all Made in China, but what isn't these days? lol
Find them here.

Nike Air Max + 2011 (Lime)
$160.00 <--sounds pricy but from what I've read and heard, they're worth it!

Plus, I purchased my parents each a pair of the new Nike Air Max + 2011 and they really liked them!
My parents go walking almost every evening on a 2.5 mile trail in our community. I figured they would enjoy a new pair of shoes. I ordered theirs from the Nike website because they had more color selection.
Find these Nike's here.

I've been wanting these for a lil bit, and after watching RAEview's review on these shoes -- I knew I must have them! The stock photo isn't true to color. They're more vibrant in RL. I ordered these in an 8 based on review suggestions. "Order half size up." I guess Nike shoes run small in this style.

The bf said no more shoes after my latest pair of Louboutin's, but I'm sure he meant no more shoes until Summer starts. lol

I paid full price for everything today *sad face*, but I did get 3% cashback shopping through Ebates.
If you don't already use Ebates, you really should check it out!
All you have to do is sign up, and search your favorite online retailers through their site to save money. I have Minh using Ebates now too when he makes purchases for our businesses. Ebates rule!

We're off to the doggie beach! The sun is said to set in Seattle at 9:10pm tonight. Gotta love Summer nights!


  1. Sweet buys!


  2. The BB bronze palette looks like it has such gorgeous shades. (: Love the rose gold sandals too!

  3. The palettes look amazing! Hope to test them out soon... Cute sandals... =)

  4. I'm drooling over the palettes, esp. because I wear brown tones ALL THE TIME. They totally reminded me of the naked palette colours. Let us know how they compare!

    Oh and i looooove Sam Edelman sandals. I have 2 pairs and I wear them all the time!

  5. This is definitely on my list!!

    Love the sandals and Nikes.

  6. Nothing like summer to give you a reason to shop! :) Love your picks! New follower!

  7. I actually like the Sands palette best and the packaging is super cute. I've never tried BB shadows though, but this set looks promising. I like how small it is, perfect for travel.

    Also for the glasses I recommend checking out Dita (my pair is from them and I LOVE them), Super and Warby Parker. They all have similar frames.

  8. those palletes are sure pretty! the bronze palette has some really interesting colors. <3

  9. Yesterday was gorgeous, a true summer day! And today is...fall again :P Oh, Seattle. When will you catch up to the rest of the northern hemisphere? :P

    I really want the BB palette, too! I'm trying to resist, though :P

  10. omgosh love this palette the colors are amazing! they look so rich and i love the slight hint of sparkle.. but seriously i DIE over the case! hahaha i'm totally obsessed with pretty packaging.. i love the brown tortoise packaging so gorgeous!

  11. I love those Gigi sandals! I really wanted them but the sizing didn't work for me :( I hope they work out better for you!

    I like those BB palettes - I agree that they are a sophisticated version of the Naked one!

  12. Oh can't wait to see everything on you! The palette is so pretty- so all my colors :D

    And the sandals- so cute!

  13. LOVE that palette!! Now I want this one too even though I already have the Naked palette >.<

    can't wait to see u do an EOTD w this!

  14. Ooo I love the Sam Edelman sandals!

  15. yayy you picked rose gold! i loooove rose gold. the bobbi brown palettes are sooo pretty and i love that the colors are wearable for an everyday look. xx


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