June 16, 2011

OPI "White Shatter" over "Your Royal Shine-ness"

OPI "White Shatter" over "Your Royal Shine-ness"
I still prefer the White Shatter over the rest so far.
Your Royal Shine-ness is also the most kick ass silver nail polish ever!!!

Speaking of shatter polishes,
Nicole by OPI is also coming out with a full range of shatter polishes soon.
They have the same shatter formula (which is awesome!)
They're called Nicole by OPI Texture Coat. It's the age of nail polish graffiti!

I leave you with Timmy & my gym sock..
Please ignore all the wires and cables in the background, it's a temporary situation going on back there!
Our dogs pwned our couch. They lick their paws, eat their treats, nap and drool all over my beautiful suede Costco couch. : (

In other news, we got the keys to our new office today! It's super cute!
I'll share photos when it's all furnished. : )

Catch up with you all later! We're headed to Home Depot to buy some more plants (and by plants I mean lucky bamboo plants) for the office. I like to keep it green and fresh. ^_^
The bamboo plants thrive in the office! They're so low maintenance too. I recently moved all the orchids at the office home because my Angie told me that her Mom says having orchids in a business is no good. (aka bad luck!). The word orchid in Chinese sounds like something bad...

We don't like bad!

Minh says he believes it since business is on the ups since I've taken all the orchids home.

I now have a fabulous collection of 20 orchids in the apartment. lol

p.s. I forgot how much I love my Tom Ford lipstick in "Blush Nude."
I love it!


  1. does timmy steal socks?!?! ollie always steals everyone's USED socks. everywhere he goes, he'll find a sock and steal it. ;p

  2. @eri YES! Both Timmy & Wally are sock thieves! Nickel could care less about anyone's socks. lol

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  4. Aww Timmy is so adorable! I have a cocker spaniel that does the same thing to my dad's socks lol. Also the White Shatter over Your Royal Shine-ness is very glamorous :0

  5. This may be a silly question but how do you keep your orchids alive. I've only owned one that I bought from Home Depot last year. I used orchid fertilizer during the winter months and it won't re-bloom. :( Do you repot them?

  6. @Julie I don't repot them. I water them every two weeks with warm/cool water but I drain the water. Take the orchid out of it's larger pot and water it, let the water drain before putting it back in the larger decorative pot. I mix orchid fertilizer with the warm water every other two weeks. The trick is to not over water your orchid. They bloom about every 3 months. :)

  7. seems like everyone is joining the shatter craze! which I like, because there are more colors and more variety :) and I love the white shatter over Your Royal Shine-ness!

  8. Seattle is just gorgeous :) I love looking at the needle! It's so cool you can see it from work!! and your home!!

  9. I think the Shatter polishes give your nails such a cool & edgy effect, but my mom (and her friends) think it looks stupid. LOL They're like what's the point of wearing nail polish if you're just gonna "mess it up"? sigh they don't understand trends. LOL

  10. ohhh love the shatter! it looks amazing!

    haha yes it's from ann taylor.. i love that cardi too.. it's really a strong big bold leopard print.. a lot of leopard cardi's do a small leopard print. i love the ann taylor version!!


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