June 16, 2011

Seattle Tonight

9:45pm June 16, 2011
Seattle Space Needle

Come visit Washington State!
More tourist = good for the US economy! lol

Have a great night everyone!


  1. You should make a bracelet inspired by the sunset!


  2. Beautiful pictures! Makes me really think about Seattle's beauty even though I live here. Much appreciated :)

  3. soo beautiful!
    i agree with Dana, you should make a sunset inspired bracelet!:D

  4. You have the best views, ever! i think you should take Dana's suggestion - and a matching necklace too!

  5. LOVE! i want to move to seattle.. you guys have everything.. beautiful weather.. so much green and pretty flowers everwhere.. awesome food.. and the housing is affordable.. unlike sf hahaha

  6. wow, gorgeousness! you have an amazing view! (i face lake union, which is great for 4th of July fireworks).

    oh and about the restaurant - it is a tourist trap but it's a lot better now than it used to be. I was expecting the food to be terrible but i was actually not bad.


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