July 19, 2011

Current Skin/Hair Care Products

The significant other and I have recently made a few adjustments in our daily lives.
We replaced white rice with brown rice, and we have also started cooking our own Vietnamese dishes at home. Minh is a better cook than I am (I just don't enjoy it), but my Mom and his Mom always seem to be the ones to feed me their recipes to cook..for Minh. lol I would say Minh naturally was born to cook, and clean up right after he cooks. If I ever cook..I leave the mess for him to clean up! haha (but I'm ashamed of myself for not liking to clean either...).

My Mom is an amazing cook so growing up was awesomeeeee for me and my sister. I actually grew too much, if you know what I'm sayin' lol. If your Mom ever calls you fat (as most Asian madres like to do), just tell them it's because they make such delicious food! It works like a charm. ; )

But back to Steph & Minh, we both have also been bleaching our teeth with 5 Minute White (such an amazing product!). I've always bleached my teeth, but this year was Minh's first time. I don't know why I never encouraged him to bleach his teeth in the past. I guess I was just too selfish with my teeth bleaching. jk

Minh and I have been going on more walks together with and without our dogs in the evening. The weather in Seattle hasn't been that fantastic this Summer/YEAR lol. One news article said that we've had 78 minutes of Summer so far. lol I don't mind the cooler weather at all. 65 degrees is pretty cool (literally)! haha
I just wish the sun came out more. It usually makes it appearance at 5pm-6pm on cloudy days.

Anyhow, I like to try new products often (as most of us do). I think that's just the nature of being in the beauty blogger world.

I've been trying out a skin care / beauty supplement line by Borba. I heard about the Borba lychee water first on Youtube.
I'm a huge fan of the lychee fruit (as are many of my Asian family members). It's a really tasty fruit that you can find at most Asian grocery stores during certain times of the year. Lychee is harder to find fresh. You can buy it canned as well, but it taste completely different! lol

I did some research on Borba (because I wanted to find this Lychee water!) and found their website and realized they offer a full skin care line.
I talked to one of their representatives about their products and she offered to pick out some of their popular products for me. I've had them for well over a month now, and I wanted to share my thoughts on these new to me skin beautifying products. :)

Let's begin!

Scott-Vincent Borba is the founder of Borba Beautyceuticals. He's a celebrity skin guru to the stars. He believes that healthy beauty is from the inside and out. I believe that's why you can find supplements, and topical skin care products throughout his line. It's a really clever idea!

The tips on the package state: "Maximize your results with the complete line of Borba beverages, supplements, and skin care."
Borba Lychee Replenishing Antioxidant Powder Drink Mix is what drew me into Borba products. There are 4 flavors total (you can actually sign up for a free sample set at their website. I think you just have to pay for shipping, but you do get all 4 flavors.)
You just add it to your water bottle (I mix mine with cold water), shake and enjoy! Remember to take a sip from your water bottle before you add the mix ~ that way it gives you more room to shake and mix the drink. The water mix reminds me a lot of a drink like Gatorade, but it smells just like lychee! :D It tastes pretty good, it's more on the sour side. It turns your water a really pretty apple martini green. I posted a picture on Twitter about a month ago. I'll have to find it, and share it here.
How innovative right! I think it's so cool how popular lychee is now.
You can find Borba Lychee mix at certain Walgreens locations.
Not all Walgreens carry this yet, so I would call to check before making the trip to the store.
You can also find out more about Borba beauty products at their main website:
Skin Balance Aqua-less Crystalline
Another Borba Beautyceuticals product I tried were the Mighty Energy Gummi Mice.
I haven't really had an energy drink since college, and I forgot what kind of boost you can get from an energy booster.
Borba Might Engery Gummi Mice

They come in pretty silver individual packets. They look a lot like fruit snacks!
They taste like a Red Bull in candy form. lol
They're more on the gummy-jelly side.
Isn't he cute?!
They definitely work because I've tried one at night and was able to stay up and watch Jay Leno. lol The taste is more of an acquired tasted. They're pretty strong. They have that tingly taste that you get from an energy drink like Monster or Red Bull.

Borba Smart & Sexy Omega 3 Bursts are a great way to get your daily Omega 3 without taking a giant tablet. I like these!!
They come individually packaged. My boyfriend likes these too. : )

These are a great way to get your daily dose of Omega 3.
They taste a lot like Starburst candies!

Now time to share my favorite Borba product!
The Skin Balance Gummi Bears are awesome! They taste so good ~these taste like the chewy fruit snack.
"Bear Naked Beauty Treat" -- that's a cute way to word it!
I'm all out of these now, and I can tell you it's one supplement that I don't forget to take lol.
I give these Skin Balance Gummi Bears two thumbs up!
These taste so good! Minh and I really like them. You can take 4 a day (twice a day if you'd like).
I always feel a sense of accomplishment after I take my daily vitamins. It's these little rewards that matter to my happiness the most. : )

I'm also taking Biotin! I bought a giant bottle from Costco. It says to take 3 tablets daily each with meals, but I just take 2 a day. It's supposed to strengthen my nails, and hair..and boy has it helped my nails! They grow SO fast, and they've never been stronger. I also notice that my eyebrows hairs are growing like wildfire. I like it because it gives my eyebrow lady a lot more to work with when she shapes and threads my eyebrows. I think my hair is growing faster too (or maybe it's just at the length where I consider it long.) :D

There's so much product in this tube! It's going to last me for a while.
I give this face cleanser two thumbs up!
This is their Acai Berry Age Defying 4-in-1 Cleansing Treatment.
I use this with my Clarisonic and it has done my skin well. : ) It smells great, just like acai berry (if you've ever tried the juice you'd know the smell). It's very pleasant.
It's a very gentle exfoliator. I feel that it has help prevent clogged pores. (I've used it for over a month now). I'm still using it. I just use it once in the morning. I never use an exfoliating cleanser twice in one day. I don't like to dry out my skin.
This is what it looks like.
I also got some sample packets two face products, but I haven't tried these yet.
I'll let you know when I do. I'm currently using a moisturizer called Might Moisture.

I use this twice a day. It's the only face cream I've been using for the past month. I'm still using this high protein face cream day and night. I always try to finish skincare products unless my skin doesn't get along with the product.

The brand is by Mama Mio Skincare, and this moisturizer retails for $48.
I would considerate it a mid to higher end face cream. Note, I've used La Mer face cream and serums in the past. I can't keep up with La Mer..I didn't notice that dramatic (it did help decrease the appearance of my pores though) results considering I'm only 24.....BUT my Mom does use all La Mer products and they work for her. I notice a difference in her skin when I see. I only see my Mom about 2-3 times a year. Anyhow, it got a bit unpractical for me to spend hundreds every 6 months on La Mer products for myself. I have to admit, La Mer does make amazing skincare products.

I feel like I get the same results with Might Moisture that I got with the La Mer. But then again..I just turned 24 a few months ago. My favorite thing about this moisturizer is the fact that it's very hydrating to my skin. I wake up with normal skin (not dry).
The packaging is really nice, it comes in a medium size box, and the product itself has a pump (the best!).

I give this face cream two thumbs up!
This face cream does a great job repairing my skin. It's common sense that we should not pick at our skin, but I can't help it. I'm touch my face more than I should (germs.. I know!) It's a bad habit. Don't do it! Anyhow, I have had only a positive experience with this face cream.
You can get more information on Might Moisture here. You can also buy it through Amazon.

The best discovery of my life is Bio-Oil! : )
If you have dry skin (even eczema), this is the miracle product for you.
I use it every night. I used to use it religiously, but since it's "Summer" now ~ I don't want to look mad greasy during the day. I've said this before, but I find it most effective if you just keep it on all day (no face cream, no makeup).
You can find this at Target ($16-18), and even Costco ($20-22 for a large, and small bottle).
I do remove my makeup with Bio Oil at night.
Bio Oil is amazing, it really helps even out your skin tone. It helps eliminated old acne scars, or any scars you may have.

Now for the hair care segment! I've been using Paul Mitchell's Strength Shampoo and Conditioner line because I ran out of my my Costco size Dove shampoo & conditioner. lol
I'm not totally picky when it comes to shampoo, but I am when it comes to conditioner.
Minh's cousin always sends me the nicest beauty gifts over Christmas and this is the first time I'm using the Paul Mitchell set she gave me.

I'm am in absolute love with the strength conditioner and liquid spray treatment!
It's the recipe for no more tangles in my hair. : ) It's really all I ask for when it comes to my hair. "No tangles, please!"

I don't know if you remember, but I tried out a leave in conditioner by a Japanese brand called Yuko. I loved that product so much but I ran out. I wanted to try the products I do have already in my bathroom before I buy new stuff.
I highly recommend the Strength line by Paul Mitchell. It works great for me, and I have wavy fine (thin) hair. I also learned this random fact from Dr. Oz ~ creamy shampoos are much better for you because liquid (clear) shampoos tend to dry out your hair.

In other random news, bf's friend from law school (now also a lawyer) bought a Bentley (and I'm not talking about the jerk from The Bachelorette lol) convertible. *jaw drop* That's a $300k+ car. Note..he's only in his late 20's. I envy, I envy!
Kids, stay in school. lol


  1. Ahhhh...where is our sun? I refuse to take out my fall clothing, but it's slowly getting there :P Oh well, I'd rather have this weather than the sweltering 100+ that everyone else in the country seems to be having!

    I loved lychee as a kid, but now I find that I don't really like it anymore! Haha. So weird, how our tastes change.

  2. @Larie My family lives in MI and they say they've stayed indoors this past week because of the 100 degree temperature!

    The sun is starting to come out now. :D

  3. yummm i love practically anything lychee flavored! i might get it just for the flavor LOL

  4. omgosh... i love how everything that's some kind of healthy pill that you don't want to take is now in some kind of awesome gummy form.. i take adult gummy's from costco these days.. they're SOO GOOD hahahaha i eat them like candy. i'm pretty sure i'm not suppose to.. i want to try those omega starbust candies!!

  5. i love borba products!

  6. You and I both have an obsession with vitamins and supplements...especially the gummy kind. Want.

  7. my walgreens didn't have Borba! :(

    so curious about the lychee water. i also got the "5 minute white" when you first raved about it haha!


    and dude! pick one! cerf or trevi!? i can see you rocking the cerf more than the trevi for some reason. maybe its cuz you help out at minh's law office?? super work appropriate ;)

    you should make more videos! do a purse collection and those other fun videos. like.. "whats in my purse" stuff.

    i never see you mentioning Essie polishes? not an essie fan?

  8. @Gjee I have a few Essie posts! I have one with "French Affair" "Sand Tropez" and "Nice is Nice" to name a few. :)

  9. i think i wanna go out now and buy everything that you mentioned! lol. so the borba products actually work?! i remember first hearing about them on the tyra show a while back but wasn't sure if i should invest in them or not ...

    have you used any crest whitestrips? definitely thinking about whitening my teeth but there's so many things out there now, i don't know where to start! haha.

    and bio-oil ... is it a moisturizer? or more of a toner/make-up remover? looks like an awesome product though :]

  10. @Harley I didn't know they were mentioned on Tyra! I will have to look for that episode.

    Try 5 Minute White (it's in a tube, it's a whitening gel). Price is only $6! Works just as great as Crest White strips!

    The Bio-oil is an all purpose type of face/body product. :D


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