July 22, 2011

EOTD: MUFE Aqua Eyes 3L Blue, NOTW: Golds!

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a great Friday. I have a FOTD (face of the day) and NOTW (nails of the week) to share with you today. :D
I've been really into blue eyeliner since I recently found a few of my blue eyeliner pencils.

For this eye makeup I used:
Bobbi Brown Banana eyeshadow on my lids
MUFE 3L (Blue) eyeliner and MUFE 14L (White Pearl) on the inner bottom corners.
I went with a very simple approach to wearing blue eyeliner as you can see. :)
*To attain more dimension to your eyes, line your eyes with a black eyeliner first.*
*Adding a 2nd or 3rd eyeshadow would also create a more interesting eye look.*
The Bobbi Brown Banana matte eyeshadow is pretty much the color of my skin. Maybe it's a tad bit more yellow, but I really like it.
Smoky lash mascara, you could finish up the makeup with false lashes for fuller lashes, but I chose not to use any today. (I don't like to waste my falsies! lol).

I used a different camera (Canon T1i) to take my photos today for this post, and my watermark script wasn't quite compatible with the photo files that's why you see a cut off "dsk" logo.
I got so used to holding the heavy Canon 60D so the light weight Canon T1i was a dream to use!
Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes -- one of my favorite brands for eyeliner pencils!
Make Up For Ever 3L (Blue)
This color is a beautiful dark blue with hints of blue shimmers.
It described by Make Up For Ever as an "Iridescent Navy Blue 3L (navy blue sheen).
You can find it at Sephora here. They come in an array of colors, and retail for $18.

I think the blue eyeliner gives the eyes a subtle colorful summery look.
Foundation is YSL Tient Resist #5 Peach (It smells like cantaloupes and flowers..so strange!)
Powder is MAC Medium Plus Studio Fix (something..the newest one).
Lips: MAC In Synch Lipliner, MAC Lovelorn lipstick with MAC Pastel Emotion lipglass to top.
Blush is Chanel Pink Explosion mixed with a little Cargo Medium Bronze Matte Bronzer.

I didn't do a great job with my eyebrows (since I'm used to using pencil), but I'm all out so I've been using my Anastasia Bruenette eye brow powder (gift from my friend :)). I use the lighter shade. I have very faint eyebrows (born that way). My Mom even shaved my eyebrows as a baby (lots of Vietnamese people do this) so they'd grow out thicker, and darker...but that didn't happen. lol Some Viet people even shave their baby's hair off so it grows out thicker. There's a random cultural fact for you today...lol

I also attempted to try a gradient nail look, but I got carried away and ended up over glittering my nails per usual. I like how it turned out regardless. : )
I used Deborah Lippmann "Ridge Filler" basecoat, OPI "Glitzerland", Orly "Gold Rush", Deborah Lippmann "Boom Boom Pow" (Favorite!), Sephora by OPI "Only Gold for Me," and Seche Vite Top Coat
Here's another photo of the polishes I used. I simply love wearing gold nail polish. I think it compliments my skintone.
You can find the mini size bottles of Orly at selected Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
I always hit up BBB because it's next door to our office building. : ) I love their 20% off coupons too!
Seche Vite is my go to top coat. I find that it gives you the best glossy and smooth finish even over chunky glitter polish.
I can't wait to try a silver variation of this nail "look."
I highly recommend all these gold tone polishes. They won't disappoint you!
DL "Boom Boom Pow"
OPI "Glitzerland"
Orly "Gold Rush"
Sephora by OPI "Only Gold for Me" <-- you must get this! It's one of the best glitters on the market in my opinion. I want to get the silver one soon. It's just always sold out in Sephora stores everytime I go!
Next time I will start at half the nail and work down. I made the mistake of cutting my nails before deciding to try gradient polish too. I really like all the gold polishes, they're not too yellow. I painted my toes the same too and I love it!
(cheesy..I know!) ^_^
Have a great weekend!


  1. i LOVE MUFE pencil liners! that blue is gorgeous.

  2. wow! what a beautiful navy blue color! Love it!!

  3. I actually like the blue eyeliner! It's mermaid colored.

  4. i love the blue eyeliner!!! gotta whip out mine and play w/ it =D

  5. i love the blue eyeliner!!! gotta whip out mine and play w/ it =D

  6. Beautiful EOTD! Really nice way to pop a color, and it goes great with your skintone!
    It's strange, everyone's YSL Teint Resist seems to have the label on the bottle except mine!

  7. the blue eyeliner and the banana eyeshadow is stunning on you! you pull it off so naturally too. i think on some ppl, it might look out of place but you make it very casual!

  8. WOW! Stunning look. I've got 3L too and I just love it.

  9. WOW! Stunning look. I've got 3L too and I just love it.


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