July 18, 2011

Fancy Falsies!

The kkcenterhk asked me if I would like to review another pair of lashes, and I picked out this "glam" pair of Red Cherry lashes because they're so different. I'll be posting an EOTD wearing them soon. :D

Click here for the direct link to read more about these lashes at their online store. They have such a huge inventory of falsies. I like browsing their website and reading about the different types of lashes.

These "glam" falsies also come in a sapphire rhinestone too. : ) I don't think these are too crazy to wear..yet. lol
I will find out after I try them. ^_^

What were the craziest lashes you've tried?
Mine probably were glittery oranges one on Halloween. They were the first pair of falsies I ever owned too. :D Halloween is the best time to try out fun new looks because can never look too crazy on October 31st.


  1. These are so fun! I like that they're rhinestones instead of just glitter. I wonder if they make them w/ black similar to the ones that Anne Hathaway wore for an award show. I loved those ones!

  2. i'd love to see you wearing them!

  3. ohhhh please wear them soon. i'm trying to picture how they would look on but can't! so hurry haha...

  4. Like I said "ooh la la!"
    Yes I agree I love love to see this on you soon!


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