July 18, 2011

Make Up For Ever Copper Star Powder

I tried out the Make Up For Ever Star Powder over the weekend. I have two of these babies, this one in Copper, and I also have the White/Orange. They both came with my MUFE kit so I really didn't get to pick out the colors myself.

They are eye shadow pigments very much like the ones by MAC. I believe they're around the same price point as MAC's pigments.
MUFE Star Powder #922 in Copper

The packaging is really nice! I like this style of container for pigment shadows over the MAC.
You can apply this dry or wet. It applies effortless dry. You barely have to touch the product to get some intense eyeshadow!
The packaging makes it more user friendly. You don't have to worry as much about accidentally dropping and spilling your entire jar of pigment ..cough cough..like the MAC pigments jars :/. These also look a lot more professional than the oddly shaped MAC pigment jars.
MUFE Star Powder #922 in Copper
I used it once yesterday for this EOTD, it's pretty much brand new.
The color is beautiful itself, but it's a bit too coppery orange, and metallic for me so I'm letting it go for $9 (sold, thank you K!). If you like bold makeup, I really recommend this Copper MUFE Star Powder pigment.

You can find it at Sephora in an array of colors. They retail for $19 (about the same as MAC pigments).
Overall ~ great product, even better packaging. : )
I'll try out my Star Powder in #940 sometime this week and let you know how I like it and post a picture.

Warning: massive eye close up pic!
(I applied this dry, imagine how vibrant it would look if I were to have applied it wet.) ^_^

I was really lazy with my makeup this weekend, but I still wanted to try out this product.
My original intent was to just use it on my lower lash line, but I had extra product on my brush and I went a little crazy on the lids (it was just overly metallic!). I did use MAC's Cork eyeshadow on the outer corners to tone down the copper. I went pretty light on the eyeliner (NARS Black Moon)..and also decided not to wing out my eyeliner. I also do not have a respectable eyelash curler currently because my Tarte lash curler broke! I was using it and it just fell apart. lol DANGER much?! I wish Shu Uemura was still around, I'd love to get a new lash curler by them.

I think this eye look would look much better if I went heavier on the black eyeliner, and applied false lashes. False lashes would have made the look, but I failed.

I also failed in the cell phone owner department. I was walking through Walgreens with Minh and I dropped my relatively new, and beautiful white Blackberry Bold right on it's back. It stays frozen now on one screen when it's on. : (
That's what I get for not carrying a purse. I've been anti-carrying a purse lately (for some odd reason). I blame myself. RIP my beautiful white Blackberry Bold.

Minh keeps telling me to get an iPhone, but I really don't use my phone that much. My T-mobile 2 year contract ends on 9/28, but if I cancel now it only would cost me $50. I will just go back to using my old plain black Blackberry. My life must go on!


  1. That's a gorgeous color! I really wish MAC's pigment jars didn't go skinny, I refuse to buy pigments anymore! Guess I'll look into MUFE :)
    Thank God your lashes weren't harmed! I find that Taking Shiseiso's lash curler cushion easily replaces the Shu's. Doesn't work as well as the original Shu but much better than any other brand lash curler I've come across. I believe Shiseido counters also sell the cushion on its own.

  2. I love that color~ It's absolutely gorgeous on you, i can't believe you're selling it!

    && omg.. i know how you feel, the dropping a relatively new phone... except mine gone run over by a car XD lol

  3. OMGGGG I'm so getting this!! such a nice pair to have for a night out :D

  4. lol why is minh telling you to get an iphone when they are notorious for shattering!? if your blackberry bold broke from that, imagine what would have happened to an iphone!!!

    why don't you get a wallet that can serve as a clutch?? idk why but I always thought the insolite wallet from LV was your type since it has so many credit card slots and slots for papers, etc. it even has an area where you can store your phone! add a chain to it and you can carry it as a clutch =D =D

    i don't like carrying purses right now either but i think the insolite would be perfect =D

  5. @Gjee Because he's always wanted an iPhone himself! lol I'm not a big fan of the tags on that LV wallet. But I do have a zippy wallet already, but I don't use it! haha


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