July 17, 2011

Essie "Nice is Nice"

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend. : )
I tried Essie's "Nice is Nice" nail polish from their Spring 2011 French Affair Collection this weekend and I really like it! It's a light, soft lavender purple creme finish polish.

(natural light)
(dim light)

I want to try Essie "Lilacism" next just to compare. :D
Purple, after all is my favorite color.

Luther Bank Park (Mercer Island, WA) about 10-15 minutes from Seattle.
It's the island city between Seattle and Bellevue. Sounds fancy, right?! lol

Minh and I spent our evening yesterday walking around the gorgeous park.
It reminded me so much of home. In Michigan...almost every house has a flat green front and back yard. In Western Washington, good luck finding a property with a lot of grass!

An outdoor picture of "Nice is Nice."
The sunset yesterday was super gorgeous. The sky lit up with hints of pink and orange.
It looks like the sky is on fire doesn't it?

We stayed up well past midnight watching Million Dollar Listing, and Khloe & Lamar. lol
We spent...all morning catching up on Million Dollar Listing (we can't get enough!)

We're headed over to West Seattle now to meet up with an older lawyer who is giving Minh some of his old law books for free! : ) They make nice decorations on any book shelf. :D

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone! Enjoy!


  1. I painted my nail the same color this weekend! lol i love it!

  2. loving all of essie's creamy pastel colors!! this purple is no exception.. they do creamy buttery colors like no other!!!

  3. i have this color and i love it!

  4. such a pretty color! So glad you and Minh had a good weekend - gorgeous photographs...and I love million dollar listings too! Can't stop watching Bravo/E LOL

  5. Oh my! I love and want this shade right now!!! :) Thanks for sharing.


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