July 14, 2011

My Favorite Pretty Things

I first discovered Paul & Joe Beaute about 2 or 3 years ago. It was all the rage on in the BB (beauty blog) World!

I remember they did a beautiful collection with Disney. In my mind, the most famous two blushes by Paul & Joe are the Bambi & Flower Face Colors. I wish these weren't limited edition because they would make the most beautiful gifts for your girlfriends. : )

I'm making up for my lack of photos in yesterday's post today. ^_^

If you like Jill Stuart makeup, I know for sure you will like Paul & Joe makeup.
I eventually want to collection Jill Stuart & Paul & Joe limited edition items.
Eventually = after I've settle down! lol

These remind me of the Guerlain Meteorites Powder which I would like to get, but I'm not because I can resist! lol They're what inspired me to put together this post. : )
Paul & Joe is a brand known for their beautiful prints and packaging. The creator is actually a woman named Sophie Albou. The brand doesn't just include make up, it's a very noteworthy brand of clothing.
More photos of the beautiful box.

Even the inside of the box has beautiful prints!
These were available at Bergdorf Goodman at the time for $36.
I was lucky enough to find them at different times through beauty blog sales!
You do not know how happy I was! If you know of anyone selling either, please let me know. I'd love to have them to collect.

The adorable prints of Bambi & Flower.
The packaging is made out of cardboard/paper. I'm always paranoid and scared to get it dirty!
Flower! Did you know Flower is a boy! lol

Tell me these powder puff's aren't cute!

Flower's blush is a beautiful true rose pink with a hint of frosted shimmer.

The Bambi blush is a stunning coral.

Don't you love how the bows on the powder puff coordinate with the blush?
Beautiful! I don't have the heart to use them very often in fear that they'd disappear!

I do have a few other Paul & Joe Beaute items in my stash, not many since it's very hard for me to come across P&J products. I really wish Nordstrom would carry them!
This is the classic Paul & Joe Beaute packaging. :)
Thank you Anne! I hope you love this blush!

This Face Color (blush) is in #12
It's a very pretty blush & highlighter (you can blend them together as well).
You can find swatches of #12 and the rest of P&J Face Colors from my friend Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book. (click to be directly to the post). She's fabulous! These P&J Face Colors (blushes) retail for $24. They're very luxurious, and the powder is very fine. You do not need a lot of product at all. It very pigmented and applies beautifully. :D
Paul & Joe Face Color #12

#002 Gold Rush from the Paul & Joe Summer 2009 Collection
I also have a soft gold Paul & Joe eyeshadow in #002 Gold Rush. Paul & Joe single eyeshadows retail for $22. I'm letting this go for $5 if anyone is interested. I don't find myself reaching for this very much anymore.

Here's a stock photo of the eyeshadow because I didn't do a good job photographing it myself.
It's a very pretty light gold, very wearable for everyday.

I also have another beautiful blush with a beautiful lil powder puff to share. : )
This one I'm keeping for sure!

It's made by a brand called Beautymaker, and the color is very orange-y coral blush.

The packaging is super adorable!
The blush itself is very small, but it's also another very pigmented blush.
(I'm wearing Essie Nice is Nice nail polish if anyone was interested) ^^
I'm not very familiar with the Beautymaker brand, but I really like their products.
I was gifted their makeup remover from Fuzkittie a few years ago and I really enjoyed it! :)

All in all, I really do enjoy collecting makeup. Sometimes I end up buying too much, but that's okay! I'm glad I have beauty blog as a platform to share my likes and dislikes with all of you.

Thanks for the blog love & support! I'll talk to you all very soon. :D


  1. So pretty! I adore cute packaging :) I agree,Nordstrom should really carry these, would absolutely bring more fans in. The Beautymaker blush is so cute! Wish they sold such cute products in store so everyone can access them!

    Great post, super fun eye candy!

  2. awww the P&J packaging is so adorable!!! whenever I travel to asia, i always linger at P&J & Jill Stuart counters hehe. but the sales associates are quite pushy there which kinda turns me off from buying =.=

  3. i have those blushes too!!! i rarely use them, they're just too cute!

  4. sooo cute omigosh XD

    visit me if you have time !


  5. The Bambi and flower blushes are too cute! I want!

  6. the packaging is so cute! bambi and flower adorable!!

  7. The "Bambi" and the Beautymaker orangey one..so so gorgeous! But how do you apply with these feathery puffs? Are they harder to clean? I'd feel odd dusting my face with these, but I guess they must be an acquired taste : )

  8. I am a huge P&J collector. The Disney Bambi and Flower blushes are easily my favorite P&J products ever. I wish I had bought backups because just like you I don't want to use them too often which sucks because the colors are actually really pretty and wearable. Thanks for posting this, I'm going to use mine tomorrow. =)

  9. I'm a huge fan of Paul & Joe! But you started collecting their items way before than I did. :) And I really don't collect them haha! I use them whenever I can. I just like their gorgeous packaging! ;)

  10. omgoshhhhhhhhhhhhhh i want!! And i've never tired P&J before

  11. Such adorable packaging!!! Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  12. OMG these are just sooo cute. The P&J balls came out before I discovered the brand. The packaging is so cute (to die for) and these are so you!

  13. Wow I've never actually considered this nail colour before, but after ur post, I might actually get one! :)

    realy nice blog with nice recommendations and posts! Following! pls do check out mine and follow too if u like it :)

    much love and thx

  14. Paul & Joe always have super cute packaging =]
    *swoon* love the bambi blush, coralsssss <3


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