July 28, 2011

Louis Vuitton Eye Candy Earrings

I picked up the Louis Vuitton Eye Candy Earrings from the LV store in Portland, Oregon a few months ago. I actually called the morning of my trip to reserve them (they put them aside for you when you get there). LV is known for their mix n' match fashion earrings. I know not everyone is into this trend, but I don't mind it. I made a lot of friends (International Asian students) in college, and I never ever saw their earrings match! lol It was also a big trend in Asia when I was there in '07/'08 (Japan and Taiwan).

I really wanted to buy two sets at the time so I can have 3 pairs of matching earrings since I felt it was a good deal for LV jewelry, but they only had one pair for me. Soon after I bought these..the price increased! They're now $460 for the pair of three (I think I paid around $400, no tax because I was in Oregon). They available online at LV right now if anyone wants to take a look.
Find them under the Women - Fashion Jewelry - Earrings.

I don't think I will be picking up another set at this time because of the price increase. I took some photos to share with you.
The gold hardware is described as a "gold metal," and the crystals are "strass" (Swarovski).
I love anything sparkly!

I saw the matching necklace in person too.
It was super gorgeous, but also costs $1670 now..for the same shiny gold metal and strass.

They're not as pretty in real life as in their stock photo. To be honest, they look like completely different earrings (let me rephrase that..they ARE completely different looking earrings). The center stone is a more square/round shape in the stock photo and the number of crystals don't add up. The "greens" in the center of the heart pair don't match.. The stock photos look a lot more elegant, and have a thinner gold setting. I was a bit disappointed when the SA brought them out to me, but that's pretty common with LV for me lately. lol That's what you get for "Fashion Jewelry." I am glad I saw them and bought them in store. I think I would have been more sad if I ordered them from LV and saw them for the first time at home. I'd probably be really suspicious. lol
At least they're colorful and fun for Summer. : )
I'm glad I bought them before the price increase, but I'm going to stick to Chanel fashion jewelry from now on. Chanel still makes beautiful, quality affordable fashion jewelry in my opinion.


  1. The differences from the stock photo are pretty obvious. Maybe you can take them off the earring posts and make a necklace instead? That could be prettier and we all know you've got the tools/skills to make it work :)

  2. ohhh been looking forward to your post on these!!! so sorry they don't look as pictured. thats kinda lame for LV to do that. -_- but they still look very cute!!

  3. lol wow i didn't even notice the difference until you pointed it out o_O

    did you hear that LV is going to have another price increase this year? it'll be their third one and its only august!!

  4. @Gjee Really?! A third increase this year?! lol

  5. yeah thats what the rumor is! lots of ppl asked on tPF and sales associates confirmed one for august! and also because every time LV had a price increase rumor, it came true. but people don't know if its for august 1st or mid-august but PROBABLY August 1st!

    I remember this time last year, chanel Jumbos were $2600 (with the CC deal) and LV Trevi PM was $1600. crazy year!!!

  6. This is such a cool concept! I think they are darling and they are a good price for LV - even with these horrible price increases! You are right though that the website looks very diff!

  7. I love shopping in Portland too, gotta love no tax haha..easier on my wallet. These earrings are so colorful and fun. but like you said, the quality is not as good as the costume jewelries from before. But i guess the same thing is happening to most high-end designer brands...sigh... price increase but poorer quality

  8. so pretty!! they're so sparkly and colorful! i want to see them on your ears!!

  9. Cute! But I feel like I'm disappointed too! I would think that for the price they would at least be some low quality gold or something not "gold metal" and I hate the LV price increases!!! But the mix and match idea is kinda cute

  10. These are really cute! I was thiiiiiiiiiis close to buying one of their bag charms, but it was so expensive! Like you could buy a wallet for that price :/ I hate price increases too!

  11. That color looks soo beautfiul!

  12. Wow, you're right...they look nothing like the stock photo. I'd be so pissed! They are still cute though!

  13. Gorgeous earrings but it really is a shame they don't look like what they do in the photo, I agree that smaller crystals would look better! These earrings DO look perfect for summer and I love mixing and matching earrings! =D

  14. We want this collection so bad and we have been calling around Richmone VA and no one has it or is getting it anytime soon. BOO!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings


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