August 25, 2011

EOTD: Coffret D'or Eyeshadow Palette, Sonia Kashuk Full Glam Falsies, Geo Mimi Cafe Series Circle Lenses

This beautiful Coffret D'or eyeshadow palette was a birthday gift from a good friend of mine. :)
I have the most amazing friends. #Blessed
Coffret D'or #3
The first time I learned of this brand was on a trip to Asia in 2008. If I remember correctly, they're pretty high end for Asian makeup.

I've been using the MUFE White eyeliner pencil often this week. I have several white eyeliner pencils, and I like the MUFE one best. It's so smooth! Other brands tend to be a bit chalky or flake-y.
The scar on my inner corner is the work of my sister when she was 2 or 3 years old. She hit me full force with a wire hanger.. I got lucky. lol

These shadows are really high quality shadows, but the colors do not really flatter my skintone or maybe it's because I'm wearing too "dramatic" of circle lenses. I feel like the shadows are a little bit neon on me. -__- I think black or grey lenses would make this look a bit cooler.
I'm pretty sure I'm just too tan for the soft shimmery green to look good. It would probably be great if I used it as the inner corner color with MAC Humid (dark green) shadow all over the lids. I will try that soon!

My favorite is the darker blue shadow I used for the lower lash line.
I used all the shadows except for the light blue.
For Asian eyeshadow palettes, I just use the sponge applicators. Shimmery smooth eyeshadows apply better with the sponge applicators anyways. No need for brushes. ^_^
You could use a brush, but I find that you waste more product that way.
Make Up For Ever Aqua Black Liner with Sonia Kashuk Eyeliner Brush.
I'd skip on this MUFE eyeliner because it dries out incredibly fast. It does come with a insert to protect the product, but's no bueno. I suggest MAC Blacktrack Fluidline or Bobbi Brown Black Ink for cream/gel liners.

Sonia Kashuk Full Glam Lashes ($5 at Target)
Sometimes there is 10% off the Sonia Kashuk line at Target. Whenever there is a sale, I pick up a pair of two. :) They're amazing quality and easy to clean and re-use. These are a favorite among many Bloggers and Youtubers.
I skip on the lash glue that comes with the lashes and use my trust Duo lash glue.
Again, Fred Meyer (grocery store) has the best deal on Duo lash glue if you happen to live near one. :)
The Full Glam style is the best value for your dollar out of the styles they offer.
I picked out two pairs of circle lenses from Lens Village about two weeks ago.
I've been wanting to try the GEO Mimi Collection, and lucky enough they had the Cafe Series. Seattle's pretty well known for coffee so I picked out this pair called "Macchiato" and another pair in "Cappuccino" (You'll see those soon, but I've linked them too so you can check them out now if you'd like). :)

The Cafe Series is too perfect for Seattle!
GEO Mimi Cafe Series "Macchiatto"
These lenses are pretty big, they're 15mm! I'm used to the 15mm because my favorite pair the Dueba Diamond Series Grey was in 15mm. They do take getting used. I can't wear these all day; I can only wear them for a few hours.

I want to try the 16mm sometime soon. I'm really curious to see what they look like on the eyes. Imagine..not seeing the whites of your eyes! You'd probably look like Wes Borland from his Limp Bizkit days. His eyesballs were completely black, who remembers him? I used to be so into American rock and punk rock music during my teenage/high school years. But then again..what American kid wasn't? At least I wasn't an angry teen.
I loved the band Finch ~ they're borderline Screamo. :D

Falsies -- No Falsies
HUGE difference.
I feel that falsies are a must for me when A. wearing circle lenses (to avoid looking too much like an alien), B. wearing dramatic eye makeup.

Why do I like circle lenses? Because I think they're freaking cool in photos.
Again, like yesterday's post ~ these falsies are too dramatic for my preference. I like them for going out in the evenings, or for special occasions where photos will be taken. I do love pulling off my falsies. I'm addicted to the second of pain when you peel them off.
With flash, isn't the pattern kind of cool? I like the swirl effect.
I think these lenses would look really good with a dark earthy tone eyeshadows such as the Bobbi Brown Bronze Eyeshadow Palette. You know I'm going to try that out and post it for you! :)

I'm on an Asian makeup kick. I really want to try more Castledew eyeshadows. I have several of their blushes and highlighters but I got rid of my first e/s palette by them. I want it back now. lol
If anyone knows where I can order Castledew, please let me know. Thanks!
I'll check H-Mart the next time I'm in Lynnwood or Federal Way, but I always feel awkward going to Korean beauty counters with my Korean bestie. I'm scared of Korean ajuma's (middle-aged Korean women/moms)! Once we went to an H-Mart in Chicago and the owner was talking smack about us under her breathe because we kept asking to see this and that. She changed her attitude once the three of us bought over a hundred dollars worth of falsies and makeup. Then she threw in some makeup samples. lol

Anyhow! Thanks for visiting everyone! I hope you stay away from the MUFE Aqua Black Eyeliner, and opt for the MUFE White Eyeliner pencil instead if you felt the urge to buy any Make Up For Ever goodies. : )


  1. I LOVE those colours!! Great birthday gift.

  2. Hmmm.. I still have yet to try out those Coffret D'or shadows. I might pick it up one day at one of those random Korean beauty shops in San Francisco. Thanks for the gorgeous macro pics, that always helps!

    P.S. I love those Sonia Kashuk full glam lashes! I swear by them now ever since I heard about them from Holly..

  3. what are you talking about not flattering your skintone! it does!!! it looks really pretty against brown eyes..!

  4. i neeed to pick up those sonia kashuk lashes!!

  5. Love the colors and I LOVE those lashes on you! I need to try those ones.

  6. those lashes are the BOMB! :) love your EOTD!! so pretty!

  7. very big difference with and without those eyelashes,gotta love em! :) 16mm for lenses are crazy lol

  8. wow I really love the swirl of the lenses, so nice ^^

  9. How do you get your eyeliner so perfect? I cannot do it! I have issues...LOL

  10. I really like the eyeshadow color and that lashes. Pretty!

  11. Oh yummy! What a cute color from OPI, it is may fav brand! I will try it, thanks for the recommendation!!!
    Happy birthday to Heidi!!!

  12. I'd love if you did my makeup sometime, for fun. ;-)


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