August 23, 2011

EOTD: F21 Falsies, Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow Palette

Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow, F21 Falsies, and Hana Iceye Brown Circle Lenses

F21 Falsies
Forever 21 Love & Beauty Fashion Lashes ($2.80/pair)


1. Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow Palette PK722: I used all the shadows but the pink.
This MM palette was also a gift from my beautiful friend Lara from Malta!
Thank you again Lara!!

2. Make Up For Ever Black Gel Liner: It's drying up so fast so I'm trying to use it everyday I wear makeup (or else I'd have to start wetting my eyeliner brush).

3. Majolica Majorca Black Mascara: This mascara has lasted me forever; it doesn't dry out! I give this mascara two thumbs up!

4. Forever 21 Falsies: This is my first time wearing a pair of F21 falsies. The band is really thick, they remind me a lot of Asian falsies (such as the Korean brand Darkness). This style is a bit dramatic for my taste, but I don't regret buying them.

5. Make Up For Ever White Eyeliner: I used this on the inner corners as a base for the lilac purple eyeshadow to brighten my eyes.

6. Giorgio Armani #3 Brown Eyeliner Pencil ($29 at Nordstrom): This is my second time using this eyebrow pencil, and I applied it with a heavier hand today. I am a little sad that the color is a reddish brown. If I had auburn or brown hair, it would be perfect! I really like the product itself, I just need a different shade (probably their #2).

In office supply news..Office Depot has some great sales going on this week!
Colored Sharpie pens! $5 (reg. $9.99)
The deal was too good on the Sharpie pens! I just had to pick up an extra set. :)
(I also picked up two other colors Sharpies from Best Buy but those weren't on sale ~ they were $1.99 each, but they had really pretty colors such as Lilac and Berry.) Did I really need them? No..but I sure did want them!
8 GB USB $9.99 (reg. $29.99)

In shoe news, I ordered my first pair of TOMS from Nordstrom, naturally. :)
I hope it stays summery out for a little while longer!

I started a new project earlier this evening. ^_^
To see what I made with these, visit my jewelry blog tomorrow or follow my twitter! :)


  1. is it weird that i got super excited to see the sharpies? HAHAHA I LOVE office supplies ^o^

    great EOTD!!!!

  2. yay for f21 lashes! great to see you wearing the lenses..i saw yumeko's review and now i'm torn!! i want to buy them asap..but i need to get my eyes current lenses are a bit blurry on me...but then i have 4 more lenses to use its expensive to get ur vision checked here in the states..i get mine checked in the philippines for free!

    anyway, about the brow issue..i did some entries before about my routine..i even did a video hahaha and it sucked so u better not watch it! i use clinique's brow shader and its in a powder comes with its own angled brush applicator..i can't use pencils, i suck at takes practice though, i didn't get mine to look this way instantly. you'll get the hang of it!

  3. aah I've been wanting to try out some majolica majorca beauty stuff! >.<~~ they're all look so cute!

  4. Love the lashes it looks natural..

  5. OHHH!! those forever lashes are REALLY PRETTY!! i would never think they are from forever they actually look like they're super high quality and are really pretty on you!! i will have to check out their lashes!!

  6. Those lashes are awesome! And yay for Tom's shoes - those are cute!

    I hope it stays warm here for at least another month!

  7. I have heard such great things about that MAFE whie eyeliner...this may push me over the edge to get it, it looks great on you...!

  8. So pretty! Lashes look fab on you.

    I'm currently trying the MUFE Aqua Eyes liner in black...not too impressed by it so far though. :(

    Hope all is great!

  9. The lashes are soo gorgeous!!!

    I love Sharpies. I used to buy them all the time .... pretend to sign autographs and all when I was a kid. LOL

  10. What? Those falsies are from F21? They look really natural and pretty! Must get them!!!!


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