August 30, 2011

Steph's "Extreme Couponing" Moment

Minh and I finished the first season of TLC's Extreme Couponing in two days. It's such an awesome show! It brought back a lot of good memories for me. :)

I used to be very coupon savvy before I went away to college. I learned from my Mom! My Mom and I always looked forward to the Sunday paper for the ads! We'd match up sales and even score a few freebies every now and then. My high school friend would joke of how I'm so "embarrassing" like a "mom" for using coupons. Even one of Minh's friend from law school made fun of me for using coupons! She thought the idea of me keeping them in my purse was hilarious. Minh also laughed with her at the time. As if saving money is something to be embarrassed about. lol

Some of my non-Asian friends also thought it was weird that my family re-used our plastic grocery bags as trash bags. All my relatives do it, and I'm sure a lot of people all around the globe does the same! You just have to take out your trash more often. :)

Anyhow, I want to share with you my proud couponing moment it is!

- Purina Pro Plan Dog Food is regularly $12.99 for a small 6lb bag.

-It's on sale this week for $10.99 at Petsmart with the use of your (free) PetPerks reward card.

-The $5 off coupon comes on selected bags of Purina Pro.

-There is a $3.00 off coupon inside of selected bags of Purina Pro (or you can go online and print the $3.00 off coupon).

After the in-store sale price and 2 manufactured coupons, my total came out to be $2.99.

$12.99 to $2.99!

Tax in Seattle, Washington is 9.50% making my grand total $4.03.
(Nail polish is Nicole by OPI "It's Not You, It's Blue")

I've collected 4 bags of food for my furbabies already!
We used to buy the larger bags, but after studying couponing ~ it makes much more sense to buy the smaller bag especially if the savings are greater with coupons. The smaller bags are easier to carry, don't take up much space, and keeps the food fresh for the dogs. Win-Win-Win.

I spent about an hour at matching weekly deals with coupons today. You should check out this site if you're interested in learning how save.

I already have a full Target shopping trip planned with coupons for tomorrow. Let me know in the comments if you're interested in hearing about that! I understand clipping coupons isn't for everyone. It is very time consuming, but it fits into my lifestyle.
I like to be able to exercise my mind by memorizing prices of goods at each grocery store I frequent. I also enjoy it very much! :D

My sister is messaging with me on AIM, she goes:

"it's not that impressive
you've done better"

lol, I'm going to try to be even better!!


  1. OMG my family re-uses plastic grocery bags as trash bags too. You save money by doing this lol. That is a major save 2.99 from somthing that was 12.99. I would love to see more stuff like this on your blog.

  2. omg that's such a great deal. I think we all get it from our moms too. ; ) Although whenever I see a "great" coupon, I always have the urge to USE it.. which in turn, kinda forces me to spend money. Darn.

  3. @gabbiieb You got it! I'll definitely share more of my couponing if someone is interested in hearing about it. :)

    @The Little Dust Princess If it's something you need, it doesn't hurt to buy it. :) I'm really looking forward to collecting laundry detergent, and dish soap!

  4. I've always wanted to start couponing after watching the show, but I am so busy during the school year! Maybe I should try it out since I am on break now :)

    My family also uses our grocery bags as trash bags! For some reason, I always thought everyone does it XD so I never questioned it.

    Please let me know about your Target trip! I've been meaning to go to Target to pick up a few things and I would love to see if I can score some deals :)

  5. That show is so fun to watch! I remember being pretty tired when I was watching it but by the end I was up and was so into it. I was blown away by their crazy savings and free stuff. Great savings on your purchase by the way. Can't wait to see your future coupon victories =]

  6. omg yes i def wanna hear abt the target trip. lol target is my favorite store ever!!!

    and i TOTALLY reuse the plastic bags as garbage bags!! why spend extra $ to buy bags?! i didn't know that was a weird/asian thing to do. i just assumed everyone did that hahahaa

  7. OMG I just did a post on my little "extreme couponing" moment too lol. I wanna be like those crazy coupon ladies lol.

    Check out my post :)

  8. Couponing should never be embarrassing!! Who doesn't want to save money?!! Please post your Target coupon escapade for us to see!!

  9. OMGOSH I FREAKIN' LOVE THE EXTREME COUPONING SHOW!! i'm always like crazy freaked when i watch it.. i'm like OMMMMMMGGGG they freakin' just got $200 bucks worth of food for free!!! do you know what i would be able to buy if i saved $200 bucks a week on food?? how many louboutins i could buy BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    i use grocery store bags as trash bags until i have a big enough reserve and then i use reusable grocery bags until i run out and then get the store grocery bags and repeat hahahaha.

  10. I am addicted to Extreme Couponing and have always wanted to start on it. I just didn't know where to start. And now thanks to you, I have somewhere to begin. How exciting :)

  11. I freaking love that Extreme Couponing show! Some people are really unbelievable (getting their children to search dumpsters for coupons with them.. quite questionable), but it's amazing to see just how the amount saved adds up! I wish stuff like that could be done up here in Canada, but it's impossible.. All our coupons are "limit one per purchase/per customer" and can't be stacked with one another haha.. I have to live vicariously through you now!

  12. LOL you're so cute steph!!! and dude good buy on the dog food!!

    did you know you could get tons of free stuff from CVS and Walgreens every week? i used to be all hardcore about it (even had a website LOL) and would get anything from $20 - $100 stuff for free! everything from toothpastes to shampoos, razors, etc! i stopped for over a year and i still have a ridiculous stock pile! lots of people even have garage sales to sell the stuff they got for free ;) double profits right there.

    i've only watched Extreme Couponing a few times but they've done mostly grocery deals, right? did you know the ladies in the first few episodes committed coupon fraud!? LOL thats so crazy to me! like the used coupons that were meant for certain items, on OTHER items by cheating with the bar codes, etc.

    its serious business!!

    and share with us your coupon steals! its fun reading about this sort of stuff =)

    and how is your chanel search going!! are you still going to get the jumbo or have you changed your mind again!? :( can't wait for the day you get it!! <3

  13. Amazing! They just don't do couponing in Europe the way they do in the States!

  14. i reuse bags as thrash bags too! its economical !:) i actually quite like the idea of using coupons,but here in malaysia if we use coupons on services,most of the times we don't get what the coupons offer sigh asian countries XD but its slowly picking up. and coupons on stuff tends to run out pretty fast,its like super limited.

  15. That's awesome!! I'm into couponing should look at a few of my blog posts and see what all I've gotten for's crazy and I'm like you, I love the rush and saving money =)

  16. good job with that great deal! we reuse plastic bags for trash too :) you are not alone! i learned to be smart with buying when i entered college, just because i wasn't the daughter that loved being spoiled. if i could do it and buy it myself, i would :) snagging some coupons and deals are my top priority back then up until now.

  17. haha I love your sister's message to you - such a sister thing to say. I think you did amazing! Of course we do the plastic trash bags too :)

  18. Oh.. I didnt know they charge tax on the original price??

  19. I love couponing. And I love the krazy coupon lady sites! Keep it up, I'm up to about 80%-95% savings on my weekly trips.

  20. AH! I want to hear about ur Target couponing experience! I have only seen the show once and loved it! I don't even know how to start! Ur deal was awesome!

    p.s. did u ever get anything for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!? U never posted and I was looking forward to it ;) hahah

  21. My parents reuse plastic bags as trash bags also. Lots of people do, at least in Canada :D

    I started using coupons too after watching that damn show. I have a binder and everything. Boyfriend makes fun of me but THERE'S NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT SAVING MONEY hahahha :)

  22. you are my idol! i've wanted to get into couponing ever since i've watched the show its like rocket science to me. like how do you know when theres a coupon or somethings on sale or if theres multiple coupons to stack? lol teach me your ways.

  23. Great job!! I love coupons! I always score at cvs and riteaid!
    yes please do more and share! xx

  24. This is a great post!
    You write a lot about what you have bought and sometimes you buy big ticket items like Chanel stuff, LV etc so I think it's great that you posted this! It shows that everyone can benefit from saving money here and there, even people who have a lot of it. You are showing people that saving money is nothing to be ashamed of! Good for you!

  25. We totally resuse our plastic bags too as my mom refused to buy them!!

  26. good job! every dollar counts! I love to watch extreme couponing also, and I am always always so amazed at how much people can save!

  27. Thats awesome! I always cary my coupon with my in my purse and love sales! def interested in couponing..Great buy...Its always more fun to shop when you know you saved money :)


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