September 4, 2011

OPI "Are We There Yet?" and Couponing at Target

Hey ladies! Happy Labor Day Weekend to you all. : )

OPI "Are We There Yet?"
Touring American Fall 2011 Collection

I would describe this as a mature orange-y melon cream polish.
It's very wearable for everyday!

In couponing news,

I scored a few good deals at Target the other evening, but I made the newbie mistake of waiting too long to use my coupons! It's not that the coupons more like the store was out of stock of everything I wanted to snag for pennies or for free! The savvy 'extreme couponer' would jet to the grocery store Sunday morning right after matching up the weekly deals.

Let me tell you about what I was able to snag at Target.
My total savings with coupons was $8.84. I didn't do too bad. : )
I paid $13.83 total for a good amount of items.

I picked up 2 Tide single load laundry detergent, and got 6 cents credit! :) I "made" money off that purchase. Tide often has coupons for $1 off (which didn't restrict travel size). Target has the travel single load detergent for 97 cents! I "made" 3 cents off each packet of Tide. :D

I also paid 22 cents for a roll of Oral B Floss! :)
The original price on the floss is 97 cents, and I had a 75 cent off coupon on any Oral B Floss.

The key was to pick the most affordable floss to get the most out of your coupon!

I was disappointed when several "freebie" items were out of stock (check for a list of what coupons match up to weekly sale items at Target). I was too late!! The shelves had been wiped out by others with my same couponing intentions.

I did buy other household items such as Downy fabric softener which was on sale for $4 for a big bottle, and I had a $1.00 off coupon. But that's not a very impressive savings. I hope to get more "pro" at stockpiling laundry detergent and fabric softeners (always going to need it!).
It's all about the stockpile for me!! My eyes light up when they show everyone's stockpile on TLC's Extreme Couponing. I get the same joy when I watch makeup collection videos on Youtube!

Barilla Spaghetti Sauce was originally $2.09 ~I had a $1.00 coupon.
On the KrazyCouponLady website, it said that the sauce was $1.84 at Target, but I guess it was a bit more at my Target. Minh grabbed the last one too! $1.09 for a regular size jar of spaghetti sauce ~ not bad! Minh loves Spaghetti so it's a "necessity" in our household.

Morningstar vegetarian frozen foods were also on sale for $2.99 (originally $3.50-$6) and you can print $1.00 off coupons from their website. Minh introduced me to Morningstar veggie patties 4 years ago. Safeway (grocery store chain) original prices for Morningstar products is pretty expensive! I learned the hard way since that's where we had been buying them! Who knew Target would have the better deal ~ even when it isn't on sale. I picked up 2 boxes since I had 2 $1.00 off coupons on hand.

Minh and I really like their veggie chicken nuggets and veggie lasagna. I'm trying to keep the freezer in the office stocked with easy meals so he can have a quick lunch if he has a busy work day.

In other news! My friend Danielle suggest I get these Oxo storage containers for my kitchen!
I've been looking for something to store kitchen essentials.
I hope my pantry can look this pretty one day!

Aren't they beautiful? You can find them at Crate & Barrel.
After reading the 36 reviews, everyone suggests purchasing the 5 set over the 10 set of containers. Just a summary for those who are interested. :D
I hope to pick them up tomorrow. I'll let you know how they work out. :)

Special thanks to you all for the couponing comments! I'm glad to meet some awesome couponers through blog. ^_^


  1. I have been great!
    I realize that I really don't go to the grocery store/ regular store -- normally it is either my Mom when I come home (hey I am 21, I can still get away with that, right!?) haha or it is the mall for me.
    But I know what u mean about saving also. When I do get money I try to save :) And u will be buying a house! So good job saving :)

    AH & I just read your post about the savings haul and I am so excited, though sad I missed out on the Morning Star sale! I am a vegetarian and am constantly buying those products, though they are so expensive! I will definitely keep my eye out. How do you find out about sales at target, etc.? Any tips? haha

  2. I'm with you - I always check out the weekly specials and discounts when grocery shopping (online).

    Your hands looks as beautiful as ever! Happy Labor Day!

  3. that polish is gorgeous!!

    and yay your target couponing is still prettying impressive compared to i need to start planning my trips to target. i always just drop by if i feel like it and am never prepared! mb i should start keeping coupons w me in my bag too like my grandma haha!

  4. oh steph! i need to learn how to do coupons and actually use them! i have that file folder we got at target and i've been putting coupons in em but i never look back at em when i go to the store! but i sure do put my recipets in it :) just so my wallet does not get too packed! and it's well organized! IMY BTW! :(

  5. Happy Labor Day to you!

    I just made my first DSK purchase, super excited, I've been a follower forever. =]

  6. Hi Stephanie!

    I love Target! It's where I buy all of my household items. For more Target coupon match ups, visit this site as well,

  7. Love the OPI nail polish! Wow coupons are great! We don't have that many good deals over here tho

  8. i love reading your couponing adventures! xx

  9. I just got the that bright pink bottle of guess perfume! Love it! I almost bought a bottle of the mark jacobs daisy, but it's in blue packaging and there wasn't a sample to smell. (hate that!) So is that the one you are talking about? I would love to know if it's any good!

  10. @Nik Yes! It should be the original Marc Jacobs Daisy, it just has a limited edition flower cap! You should smell it!! It's a dream. :) Totally my favorite!


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