September 7, 2011

GUESS Seductive I'm Yours Perfume

I just received the new GUESS Seductive I'm Yours perfume yesterday. It's different from any of the perfumes I currently have because it's more of a bold woody ~ musky, yet sweet ~ floral scent. I prefer this for the Fall/Winter months. Most of my perfume are more light, fresh ~ citrus florals ~ total Spring/Summer.

The notes in the GUESS perfume include:
Top Notes: Tiare Tahiti Flower, Dewy Peony, Passion Fruit
Middle Notes: Magnolia Blossom, White Lily, Vanilla Orchid
Base Notes: Patchouli Flower, Exotic Woods, Creamy Musk, Vetiver

GUESS does a good job at making everything and anything seductive and sexy!
For example, all their ads including this one featuring Alyssa Miller.
Alyssa Miller for GUESS Seductive I'm Yours.
She's also the face for GUESS Seductive. GUESS models are always bombshell gorgeous!

The bottle is really pretty. I can't help but be reminded of something at VS.
Description: "The GUESS Seductive I'm Yours bottle features flirtatious, feminine design details: A hot-pink and black color palette, delicate fishnet pattern, sheer black cap, and the signature Seductive heart dangling charm. The carton is a vibrant hot pink that begs to be noticed, encased in black and gold and featuring iconic GUESS triangle with "I'm Yours" scrawled across it in a bold lipstick script."
The logo is a metallic paper sticker on the bottle. The 1.0 oz Eau De Toilette retails for $40 which is on the more affordable end of perfume. The charm is a cute added touch to the charm of the bottle.

Random: The new redesigned bottle of Miss Dior Cherie is not as cute as the old one. It used to be one of my favorites until I ran out. I have not yet repurchased because they replaced the beautiful glass print 'Miss Dior Cherie" bottle with a paper sticker label "Miss Dior Cherie". The bottle decreased in "value" while the price of the perfume stayed the same. I'm glad I still have the original bottle of Dior Cherie. (Those of you who are Dior Cherie fans know what I'm talking about!) I just felt like bringing that up. Have anyone of you noticed?

The New GUESS Seductive I'm Yours perfume is the latest addicion to my perfume collection.
Doesn't it add a nice balance of color to my small collection? :D
I change up my scent everyday, but my all time favorite is Marc Jacobs Daisy followed by Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue ~ then YSL Parisienne..then Coco Chanel Mademoiselle for the Summer!

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
Michael Kors Hollywood
Marc Jacobs Daisy
Marc Jacobs Daisy So Fresh
Guess Seductive I'm Yours
YSL Parisienne
Coco Chanel Mademoiselle
Chloe (Not a fan of this..but the bottle is super cute!)
I also have a big bottle of one of the Juicy Couture perfumes and I dislike it so much. I already promised to give to my friend because she likes it so much! lol

I also love Versace Bright Crystal, and Dior Cherie.
If you have any perfume recommendations please let me know in the comments!
I've also been wanting to try some Jo Malone perfumes, but there are just so many!
Which one would you recommend from Jo Malone?

I've also heard a lot of great things about the Britney Spears perfumes lol. Is it true? Do they smell absolutely beautiful? : )

Guess Seductive I'm Yours Perfume
Available September 2011 in North America at selected GUESS retail stores, perfumery chains, department stores,,

I know everyone has different preferences in perfume, but I just wanted to share with you what I like and dislike. Don't forget to go do the smell test at your favorite department store!

Also, Bleu De Chanel (for Men) is the best smelling cologne ever!! (In my opinion!)
I always find an excuse to spray it if I walk by it in the mall. :D

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


  1. I love how pretty all your bottles look grouped together! I thought I found my new scent in Prada Candy but when it came out in stores it did not smell like the tester I tried previously :( so my hunt continues...

  2. @fifi I want to go check out Prada Candy now! I remember a perfume girl mentioning it to me before. Cute name for a Prada perfume!

    @D.Sadie Me too! It's not boring like most of my yellow perfumes lol

  3. Bleu de chanel is an awesome fragrance. If you're looking for a girl version of it, chanel chance eau fraiche ( green liquid) smells awesome. Its my hg fragrance!

  4. i havent noticed the dior cherie bottle only cuz mine is more than half full still... ive had it since 2006 lol

  5. the thing with the dior cherie perfume is pretty common with LVMH brands =\ LVMH has even been reformulating their perfumes and altering the packaging of them for more profit. they've also made it illegal to purchase vintage LVMH perfumes! people believe its because they don't want consumers to realize just how much they've been changing their classic perfumes over the years.

    they've changed up a lot of the perfumes they own but I heard the most complaints about Dior. a lot of people say that their beloved Dior perfumes also don't have the same staying power as their older bottles.

    did you notice a change in the scent of the dior cherie also??

  6. I recently re-purchased the Dior Cherie I picked up the larger bottle as an upgrade for my smaller one and for some reason I did not notice the label change until I got home and saw the new bottle alongside the old one. I was VERY disappointed and perplexed at the change in packaging. Isn't change supposed to be better? I LOVE this perfume so much I'll probably always own a bottle but I do plan on saving my empty one for nostalgic purposes :-)

  7. SAMOA ! nice I am really liking that shade.... and the RED one too is so nice..... new follower you blog is so nice ...and lively....

    I invite you to check out my blog follow me??

    thanks girl.


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