September 15, 2011

Non-Dramatic Life Happenings

A random life post with photos from my Twitter. lol
Nickel in the AM hours ~ I don't know another dog who sleeps more than this guy right here.

He's pretty aww-dorable at times. :)
Timmy & Wally are awesome, they just had their 1 year comprehensive exams. They're healthy doggies. =^_^=
I went to the Josh Groban concert last month, and it was awesome!!
We had 10th row floor seats which apparently came with free VIP goodies.
Minh told me that he'd sell me his Josh Groban memorabilia if I wanted. jk.
Double JG things for me!! I used the tote as a grocery bag earlier tonight at Trader Joe's and the cashier told us how much she loved him too! lol
I've been keeping my eye on this Bodum tea pot for months and the price is still $27.99 at Target.
I own 5 Bodum tea cups, and glasses (Crate & Barrel), but I can't bring myself to pay $27.99 for a Bodum good from Target because I know it will eventually go on sale!
I don't need it, but I think it would be great for loose leaf teas and just neat to own.
I freaking love Bodum tea cups. They're worth every penny if you're a daily tea drinker.
Bodum Bistro Mug $14.95 <-- You won't regret it.
My Oxo storage containers arrived! I ordered them online since there was 3% cashback through Ebates. They're stack-able too. :) I went with the 5 piece set instead of the 10 piece set after reading about 40 different reviews. lol Everyone said the smallest container is worthless, and the 10 piece set comes with one too many small containers.
I've filled them since with spaghetti, and brown rice. I don't really know what to put in the small one yet.

I've also bought my first garlic press, and kitchen tongs for cooking.
I made an Arizona Ice Tea popsicle with my Zoku popsicle maker (from Williams-Sonoma)!
At first I was full of fury and hate for the Zoku because all my popsicles got stuck!
I spent some time reading reviews online, and then realized my mistake. Now I'm a pro popsicle maker! They're really great for making frozen yogurt bars in 7 minutes!
I also painted my nails with two OPI polishes (more on them next post). :)

Minh and I went to the Puyallup Fair for the first time. It was SO MUCH FUN.
There were SO many farm animals at the fair. It was so great getting to be around them.
I really haven't had this much fun in Washington State since going to the fair. :D
Minh even won me a monkey! He got lucky at the dart game. He hit a tiny yellow star allowing him to pick from the big prizes. We also won a small hedgehog prize which we will save to "trade up" when we go back to the fair later this month. :D
I had funnel cake for the first time in my life and it was freaking delicious. I can't believe I didn't know it existed for 24 years.
I did a little DIY project earlier today. I perfectly hung some colorful 3M hooks on the wall!
I found them at Staples. : )
In craft news, I've been literally addicted to making clusters. I just feel a major sense of accomplishment after I finish each pair. My fingers and thumbs pretty much hate me right now, but they'll forgive me over time. :D

Tomorrow is my Dad's 60th birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!
Sunday is my sister Julia's 19th birthday! Happy Birthda Julia!
September 29th is my Mom's birthday!! Happy Early Birthday Mom!

Everyone in my family was born in September but me. lol

Catch up with you all soon because Minh has recently discovered Words with Friends and I am now being neglected. >:(


  1. Nice pics! Cute dog!

  2. I haven't been to the Puyallap fair since I was a kid!! Nickel is adorable, and I also have the Bodum mugs - great for morning!

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  4. " Minh has recently discovered Words with Friends and I am now being neglected. >:("

    lol you are too cute!

  5. Omg Steph, frozen yogurt bars sounds amazing.

    Thanks for sharing ^w^

  6. I LOVE chihuahua's! I have a long haired 3.5lbs chi myself! I also have a corgi, he is such a goober! So cool to finally find a blogger from the PNW, though I am further south from you. Seattle is so pretty this time of year! that is, minus the rain drops that may be forming. Thanks for sharing your everyday happenings and hope you keep in touch!

  7. I love those Popsicle maker thingies. Imagine the possibilities!


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