September 17, 2011

OPI "Road House Blues" and "Honk If You Love OPI"

Perfect Fall Blue & Purple nail polishes. Thank you OPI!
OPI "Road House Blues"
OPI "Honk If You Love OPI"
::honk, honk, honk::
My nails haven't been in the best shape this week. I've been crafting a lot..and cleaning the living space.

I think these two polishes go so well together. They're very similar in formula (most likely the same apart from color). I love the cream finish. The staying power is top notch! You don't have to worry about your dark polish chipping on you.
The colors really stand out in bright natural light, otherwise they're much darker in color like the picture below.
If you love dark, dark nail polish with a hint of color, these two shades are for you!
They can look almost black blue or purple black in dim lighting.

These two are great picks for those who love the look of the sophisticated black nail polish.
Overall, there really is something for everyone in the OPI Touring America Collection. There are 12 colors to pick from after all!

I just have to mention how much I love Kiehl's lip balm! This one is in Mint, and I picked it up from Costco a while ago. It's amazing!! The only downside, you have to use your finger to apply it. I'm not a big fan of that but for this lip balm ~ I'll let it slide. : )

I also painted my toes with this combination. :D
My toes were camera shy so no pictures for you today!
The khaki green polish is called "Uh Oh Roll Down the Window" <-- lmfao.
Best name ever. lol

Random: I've really been into Lady Antebellum's song "Just a Kiss." :D


  1. costco sells kiehls?!?!?!

    *runs off to costco*

  2. "Honk if you love OPI" is a perfect fall purple!

  3. Your nails are so perfect! Beautiful!

  4. Very pretty colors! Perfect halloween colors/October colors! btw Wally to the right is super freakin cute :)

  5. I was not planning to buy anything from the touring america collection, but after these pictures I just have to.

  6. Nice colours!! If only OPI wasn't 20 bucks a pop here in aussie, I'd buy them all in a heartbeat. Haha!

  7. @Stefanie 20 for one bottle?! That is pretty expensive. Do they offer OPI at nail salons there?


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