October 24, 2011

[Ended] Easy Giveaway & Weekend Recap!

I thought these temporary lip tattoos were pretty cool!
The videos on their website on how to apply is really good (you have to use scissors to trim them to fit the shape of your mouth). Did you know the creator was a 14 year old girl and her Aunt? Eprops to young entrepreneurs!


I've seen them pop up all over including at Sephora.

I figured it would be fun to giveaway 2 sets of 4 different lip tattoos to one of you!
This giveaway is going to be open for US readers because I want the winner to get their prize before Halloween. I think these would be pretty cool for Halloween festivities. :D
Not to worry my International readers! I have another giveaway lined up for you too!

How to enter (easy!):
Leave me a comment with your first name, where you're from, and tell me a little bit about your city or state! I love learning fun facts, and what's famous or popular about your hometown. :)

If you're dressing up for Halloween, let me know what you're going to be!

I will pick the 2 winners this Wednesday, October 26th at 10pm Pacific time!
This Giveaway has Ended!
Congrats to the winners!
My new fav show Revenge is on at that time too. :D

Weekend Recap
(We're big dog people if you can't already tell :))

Minh and I went down to Vancouver, WA to visit his family on Saturday evening. We stayed until Sunday night. It was a short weekend trip. I normally prefer to leave earlier on Friday, but we met with a couple who bought Minh's car. He posted his car on Craigslist and sold so fast! It was so nice to sell it to the first couple who came to test drive it. They bought it for their 21 year son. Volvo's are pretty solid, safe cars. They're just a bit bulky, but hey..if Edward Cullen approves, I approve. : )

On our way down, we stopped by Lacey, WA to grab an iced macadamia nut coffee from Dutch Bros. They're the best drive thru style coffee stand ever! It's way better than anything at Starbucks!
I know they have a location in Lacey, and Vancouver, WA.
I also saw one in Tigard, Oregon. I believe they started in Oregon. Special thanks to my friend Mayumi for introducing me to Dutch Bros.!! :) It really makes the 2.5-3 hour drive down more enjoyable. :D I also tried a white mocha cow iced espresso at Brewed Awakening in Vancouver. It was really good too! What are your favorite coffee places?

Minh and I have been thinking about getting a Nespresso machine. I've been researching them, and trying to figure out where it will sit on my kitchen counter. I really need to make room!
They even gave us 3 dog biscuits for our boys! That's Nickel head in the picture.
Thank you Dutch Bros!
Here is Wally's "omgggg, are we there yet" face.
Did you know dog crates are the safest way to travel with your pets?
Our dog trainer said she got in a car accident once and her dog flew out the windshield and died. She says she felt horrible about herself and always reminded us to crate our dogs in the car. I usually have Nickel sit in the back with Wally because Timmy gets car sick. He gets really groggy and throws up. :/
This is the Seattle overcast. It was about 1pm. In the Fall/Winter we get a lot of these type of days. Seattle actually gets less rainfall than NYC, it just has more overcast cloudy days. The rain isn't "depressing" it's the Edward Cullen approved skies.
Rain cloud! My least favorite driving condition. I'm so paranoid about another car hydroplaning our way. -___-

This is Ty (3/4 shih tzu, 1/4 chihuahua)! He belongs to one of Minh's sisters and her fiance. He turned 2 over the weekend and he's so small! He's only 6lbs, and so portable!! He was sitting on my lap in the truck. If only my boys were this small..life would be so much more easy! Smaller poo to pick up. lol

I'm really considering moving closer to Minh's family in the future so the dogs can all have get together more often. (yes. that's crazy dog lady talk ^^). The cost of living is so much lower in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR is only 15 minute away for tax free shopping. I just want a nice house with yard so my doggies can play! You can get double, triple, even quadruple the house in Vancouver for the same price of anything in Seattle. Why are you so high end Seattle/Bellevue real estate?!

We won't be able to leave Seattle for another 3 years because of Minh's law firm. By that time he would be able to work with both OR and WA clients. I hope my parents will move out here too after they retire. Family for the win! I must calm down with my thinking of the future. Life is so unpredictable.


We left Nickel back home with his parents and took Penny up to Seattle. We switched Nickel for his sister for the week. I gave her a bath, trimmed her hair and nails. She's so sweet. It's so different to have a girl dog around. Penny is so gentle and graceful. She's recovered from her surgery earlier this year. It's weird that both Nickel and Penny broke the same leg several years apart. She was hit by a car and it cost their family the equivalent of 2 Chanel bags for her "repairs." I think she had her hip and leg reconstructed. It looks really stiff now when she walks.
Minh's sketch of Penny on his iPad
Penny bear! She's all clean now. : ) I'm going to go get her a nice reflective collar, and dog tag. She's known to run away when she gets loose. She's not the type of dog that you can convince to come to you. -_- I also want to get her harness from this doggie boutique near my place. I bought Nickel one last year and it's held up so nicely.
My dawgs on the couch.
Penny snuggling with Minh (born year of the dog '82 & he's also a UW Huskie) & Timmy..LOL
Timmy's just close to the camera..he's not as chubby as he looks, okay!!

Minh says we got a new remote holder. It's pretty cute!
He's always snugged up between us. There's no dog as needy as Timmy. He's such a Chihuahua and he's only 1/4th!

My favorite things about Tigard, Oregon...Washington Square Mall (I love their logo!) and tax free shopping!

I finally picked up MAC Shy Girl (nude coral pink-ish?) lipstick and MAC Melba blush. I know these two are HG status for many of you girls. : ) I can't wait to try them out! I also got MAC Lovelorn for bf's sister to try because it's one of my favorite wearable lipsticks. She got engaged over the Summer and is now in wedding planning mode! It was a fun weekend talking about venues, catering, and everything wedding that's completely girly.

Her wedding is going to be in Portland, Oregon and she's looking for a bridal makeup artist/hair stylist so if anyone of you are in the area, or knows someone excellent, please let me know!

Did you know there are Korean dramas on Netflix now? (I haven't canceled Netflix just yet.)
I encouraged Minh to watch 3 full episodes with me. It was hilarious because some of the subtitles took up the whole damn screen!

Random, but super funny! I just saw this on Jimmy Kimmel.
You need to watch this clip of a penguin stealing pebbles from his neighbor penguin's nest! It's SO funny! lol, they call him the criminal penguin. "Some penguins turn to the life of crime." LMFAO.

That is all. Enter the giveaway if you want to try these lip tattoos!


  1. I love your random updates! Thanks for sharing the cute doggie pics!

  2. your dogs are adorable. sorry they get carsick : (

  3. Name: Gaby

    Im from San Diego and its in known for it's known for ita good weather all year round. Downtown is the place to go party and have a good time. There is so much to see that you just have to visit.

  4. Those lip tattoos are really cool - I read about the creators too, good for them.

    Hate driving in the rain :(

  5. Ahhhhhh, another Minh sketch! Love it! Penny is such a cute dog (I'm a BIG dog lover), and I can't believe that her and Nickel are siblings! She looks so different than Nickel, just like Wally and Timmy, haha! Timmy so cute too! IDK, call me crazy, but I love "needy" dogs, esp. Chihuahuas. I have 3 fur babies of my own (all boys, hehe), and my purebred Chi is super clingy with me that he cries when I leave for work! (Haha, I sound so cruel because I think it's cute!)

    I wished I lived nearby tax-free shopping... then again, it probably wouldn't be good for me since I wouldn't have much restrain like I did when I vacationed in Alaska last year. It's a weird thing to experience - not paying sales tax on non-food items, LOL!

    I've been watching Storage Wars on Netflix since a lot of the storage auctions are in in my hometown/area (yay for non-trashy and non-dramatic Orange County reality TV!) I'm surprised that K-dramas are now available, and The Wonder Years?!?! Ohhh, I am so wasting my time watching Netflix until J's mom cancels it (we mooch off her Netflix subscription, even though we already have DirectTV haha! :-X)

  6. My name is Angie and I'm from good ol' Texas!

    I love Texas because everything is truly 'Big in Texas' from the roads, malls, homes to the cars.

    I'm originally from Austin, Texas and I love this city because I'm a UT Longhorn (woot woot!) and this place is all about an organic lifestyle. The people are amazingly friendly and kind, the city is bursting with art and small vintage shops with a ton of great finds, large amounts of parks to bike, walk or run (Austin is known for their marathons too) and the restaurants/eaterys are one of a kind. There's a huge sense of community here and it's a lovely place to live or visit (heck, if you visit you'll never wanna leave!). Best part is the weather is friendly and bright too- long spring and summers and fairly warm and short winters.

    For Halloween I'll be going to 6th Street downtown as a Arizona Tea bottle :-D It's going to be a fun night!

    Thanks for the giveaway, Steph!

  7. My name is Angela and I'm currently in pittsburgh.
    random fact about pittsburgh... it's the world record holder of bridges... a total of 446 bridges.
    sadly idk if i'm dressing up or not, if i do i'll go the cheap way. a school girl with clothes already in my closet

    wally looks so cute =D

  8. Wahh, those are cute!
    My name's Sandy, and I live in Arizona. Mmm. Because I live in the desert part of Arizona, the air is incredibly hot (though it isn't now because it's close to winter), and the plants here have adapted to the little rain we get. An interesting fact about the state is that turquoise is the state gemstone, and that we have the largest percentage of land set aside as Indian lands. n.n. As for Halloween, my friend wants me to be an Asian school girl (because I'm Asian xD), but I haven't really decided yet.

    I'm glad that I had enough time to make this, considering that I only learned about it today. xD

  9. My name is Trinh :) I was born in Houston, Texas. Houston is one of the top 4 places in the nation to live. Hilary Duff and Beyonce are from here :) For Halloween, I probably won't do much. I'll dress my son up and take him around to get some candy. He'll be a baby tiger since he was born in the year of the tiger ;) thanks for the giveaway. I was eyeing the polka dot one a few days ago. I'm getting married in Vegas in 2 weeks so I was looking up these lip tattoos. I couldn't wear anything here but anything goes in Vegas!

  10. I'm Tiffany and I'm from the city by the bay.. San Francisco!! Besides hippies, gay pride and the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is well known for our diverse cuisine! If you're ever in the bay area.. let me know! I can give you a list of places you must try!

    As for my Halloween costume... I can't really reveal bc I'm doing a giveaway with it toooo! But the hint is it involves a red wig! :)

  11. thanks for always leaving such sweet comments Steph!! always makes me go awww hehe :D

    Name: Dorothy
    City: SF, Cali-for-ni-a yo!!

    uhhh i guess we're known for the Golden Gate bridge that i hardly ever drive across hahaha oh and Google, Facebook, & Apple HQs are all just about 45 min away..i wonder if those are landmarks lol
    i know ppl who visit & go take pix in front of the Facebook HQ. i've never been though, i always just walk past it LOL

    and your dogs are just precious!! i hope you will be closer to your family soon. Family ftw for sure! except most of us don't realize that till we've moved away.

  12. My name is Melody (: I'm from Rowland Heights, CA. It's a community.. not really officially a city. It's pretty much little taipei since there are so many taiwanese inhabitants. The one good thing about living in a predominately asian "city" is the food is delish! (: For Halloween ? I'm not entirely sure.. Little Red Riding Hood has been on my mind for quite some time now. Thanks for the giveaway (:

  13. you should post a picture of you wearing the lips tatt!

  14. I agree with Laydiana!! =D
    My name is Betty. I'm from Brooklyn, NY. Something about me...I'm addicted to sparkling water!!! For halloween I'm going with something "low-key". I'm going to be a Greek goddess. Wearing a red & gold dress =)

  15. Hi Steph!

    My name is Esther. I'm born & raised in Dublin, Ohio (and I know you're from MI, uh oh!) As you probably already know, we're known by our football team, Ohio State Buckeyes! Currently, I live in Savannah, Georgia because I married an Army boy :) I'm only 24, married young! Haha! Savannah is known for being the most haunted city in the United States. We have the biggest St Patrick's Day celebrations (proven by Google, apparently!) Party central. Savannah is also historic & many tourists come here (beaches, fresh seafood, & downtown). Oh, & we're legally able to drink on the streets of downtown Savannah! Pretty sweet.

    I don't think my hubby & I are dressing up for Halloween this year. Last year we dressed up as undead bride & groom. I did the make-up and it was a hit among the strangers downtown.

    Btw, I enjoy your photos & blog posts! I follow your twitter and discovered you by Bubbi. One of the exciting things that I found out about you is that you love lambrusco. HEYYY so do I! & my girls! We used to have wine night every Wednesday. *sigh* I miss those days.

  16. cool lip tattoos. i've never seen this.

    i'm from austin, tx and we have the largest urban bats community under the congress bridge.

    i'm going to be a cat for halloween cos' i'm crazy about them. yes, i'm a crazy cat lady.

  17. That pic of Timmy with the remote is beyond cute!!


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