October 19, 2011

ZOYA "Dove"

ZOYA "Dove" (from the Spring 2011 Intimate Collection)
The perfect light opaque neutral glossy gray polish.
Zoya polishes have amazing staying power!

"Dove" is a bit lighter than this Fall favorite, OPI "French Quarter for Your Thoughts."
See my post on that polish here.

Grey polishes, I do adore! I'm thinking about picking up Essie's "Power Clutch" next. I think Essie's latest Fall collection is amazing! Check out swatches of the collection from Scrangie (the best nail blogger ever.)

I'm super looking forward to getting my hands on OPI's The Muppets Collection, as well as the Kardashian Kolors from Nicole by OPI. There's so many great nail polishes this 2011 Fall/Winter! If you have any nail polish recommendations for me, please share!

In life news! Minh went to a farm on the East side of Washington..and bought all these Asian pears for $18!
He bought a whole box of Washington apples too. lol Never trust a man to grocery shop! We ended up giving most of them away to friends and family in the area. :D I love Asian pears!
We can always juice them as well. I bought a Breville 5 speed juicer a few months ago, and I absolutely love it! I'm looking forward to purchasing a Vitamix next!

I'm excited to watching Up All Night, and Revenge later this evening. :)
Minh and I also started and finished the first season of this horror TV show called the Walking Dead. OMGGGG It's so gross! I'm not the type to watch gory horror shows, but there's just something about the show that is so addicting! It's like True Blood -- minus the attractive cast, and romance. I guess Zombies are the new vampires! My friend Danielle warned me of this!

In shopping news! I picked up my first Shiseido natural black eyebrow pencil. I always buy my eyebrow pencils based off of Raeview's reviews! She's so awesome, and has amazing taste in luxury/department store makeup. :) I picked up a few tops from H&M, and Old Navy (had 10% off coupon!). I can't believe the crazy deals out there! I also purchased my second pair of TOMS. I conformed and got the classic black pair in size 7.5. :) TOMS are true to size. I have the wedges, and only the left shoe is comfy! The right one killed my heel. I hurt just thinking about it. I hope I break them in better for next year wear. That's about as exciting as it gets in my world. I hope everyone is doing awesome, and enjoying the month of October!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


  1. that is sooooo gorgeousssss! i'm going to stop by ulta tomm. and see if they have it! i don't own that many zoya n/p either, but they seem to have such amazing shades! and minh is so lucky to find that many asian pears for $18! it's a lot more expensive here for those, but they're sooo crunchy and sweet i just fork over the dough LOLL

  2. such a gorgeous shade!! and i love asian pears too. but damn that is a hugeeee box LOL

    im so looking fwd to the Muppets Collection too. can't wait to see which ones u pick up!

  3. how can zombies be the new vampires? they aren't even pretty! *ahem* edward *ahem*

    your nails are so long and beautiful, thanks for sharing this polish post.

  4. @Giang Zoya has such a great glossy formula. I'm really impressed with their polishes! Asian pears are one of the best fruits ever in my opinion!

    @ShinyPrettyThings You know I'm all about the glitters! I'm looking forward to the rainbow glitter from both the Muppets and the Kardashian collections. :)

    @Galaxia Haha, you know what I mean! They're getting just as (modern) popular as vampires. lol Zombies definitely can't be attractive!!

  5. Great nails! I used to go to Eastern Washington all the time and buy tons of fruit in the summer and fall!

  6. I love love love asian pears !! That's a good price 18$..! Yeah I feel like ZOMBIES is the new VAMPIRE, its the new trend. Kind of makes me angry... :( I love zombies since forever.

  7. Hey Steph,
    Have you tried Out the Door Northern Lights? It's great on darker colours, as its not too obvious on lighter ones. I'm absolutely obsessed with it!

  8. So pretty! I love all your color choices...

    And totally OT but I am soo addicted to Revenge too, haha :)

  9. i could eat always pears for daysss! love 'em! everytime i visit your blog, i feel the need to change my polish. lol. xx

    enter my giveaway to win $100 to pixiedusk.com!

  10. amazing gray polish! love it.


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