October 16, 2011

OPI "DS Bold" and "DS Temptation"

“Fall” into Glitter!

OPI Offers Two New Diamond Dust-Infused Designer Series Nail Lacquers for Fall 2011

Two new shades will be joining the Designer Series by OPI collection this upcoming fall – DS Temptation and DS Bold. Designer Series shades include vivid hues and sparkling, glitter-packed textures featuring OPI’s diamond-dust formula.

“This Fall, bold and rich colors like purple and red will be used as accent shades, adding a pop of pigmented color to any look. Designer Series lacquers enhance these colors with intense shimmer and unique texture,” says Suzi-Weiss Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director. “Adding dazzling diamond-dust and saturated color to these trendy hues makes a bold, high-fashion statement.”

These were sent for me to review and share with you! :)

NEW! DS Temptation

A provocative sparkle of deep purple

NEW! DS Bold

A brilliant sparkle of rich, shimmering red

The OPI DS Designer Series polishes retail for $12.50 each. I know they will be available (if not already) at Ulta this month! :)

*After a few days of wear, I find that these glitter polish chip faster than most polishes. : /

Have a great weekend everyone!! Enjoy it with your loved ones!


  1. THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! The red/purple combo reminds me of the MAC Mi'Lady MES duo hehe. I really need to pick up a few of these DS polishes. <333

  2. @Jill I know you'll love them! They look 10x better in person especially "DS Bold," it sparkles like no other! I wonder if they have an emerald green in the diamond dust formula. They should!

  3. I loving them both on your perfect nails!

  4. Both shades look amazing on your nails! DS Temptation is calling my name.. not good! Haha

  5. Wow, these are GORGEOUS!! I love the red.

  6. omg these are amazing!!! & i love that you make videos for them :D they remind me of the China Glaze holos from like forever ago that i obsessed over!

  7. o0o sparkles!! I really like the purple one.


  8. The packaging on these is really pretty - sad to hear they chip more easily :( Are they real diamonds? And off topic but have you seen Arrested Development?? "Diamond cream!!"

  9. I just picked up DS Temptation recently, but haven't polished my nails yet.. I'm too lazy to polish my nails carefully with darker polishes, which sucks because I have a lot of nice dark wine colored polishes that I'd love to wear! :-(

    DS Bold looks lovely - hopefully the nail supply store that I go to in Orange County will still have them in stock the next time I go there... although between that and Miss Piggy, I think I rather have Miss Piggy since it has a jelly base.

    Thanks for all your comments, Steph! It was really nice reading them all!! :-D

  10. So many gorgeous nail shades out at the moment, too many to choose from! 'DS Temptation' looks particularly fab of the 2 shades here tho =) Thanks for this xo

    Sophia @ Beauty Blog UK

  11. love the way they glitter and shine! so lovely!

  12. Love your videos. These are really pretty and would be perfect for the holidays!! I never heard of these designer polishes from OPI, but that's why I read your blog :)

  13. OBSESSED! love that gray is still going strong! xo


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