October 12, 2011

HAREpolish "A Positive"

Finally!! I got my hands on HAREpolish!

HARE "A Positive"
HARE "Pegasus"

Photos above were taken with a Canon 60D, 100mm macro lens.

I used a Canon point shoot camera for the video and these photos.
I realize..a lighter camera helps reduce shaky cam!! :)

HAREpolish "A Positive"
I bought it for $8 on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/people/HAREpolish

Awesome nail blogger/creator of HAREpolish: http://nailingit.tumblr.com/

I love the three different sizes of glitter she uses in her polish ~ it's so dimensional!! The red is a gorgeous wearable berry red. Everything about this is perfect to me. I absolutely love it! I can't wait to swatch "Pegasus."

In other news, we had some wacky Seattle weather yesterday!
It stormed, then it cleared up..then it stormed x100!!
It's so fun to be inside on days like this!

Did you hear? Peanut butter prices are going up? By 30-40%!

I'm going to volunteer my time at ALG now! Bye!


  1. Nice berry color! I checked out her Etsy and it looks like they're sold out. Since they Franken their polish I'm wondering if they'll release this one again and if they do how consistent the color would be. Thanks for sharing!

  2. @Jillian Sign up for the newsletter. She usually makes a batch at a time and restocks Etsy. She sells out within minutes! I'm sure she will restock since she had 4 main colors. I saw that she's working on a Halloween collection too. Check out her tumblr for her swatches. :)

  3. Ooh I remember when you bought these! Very cool to see them in action :)

  4. So geometric! I love the names. Too cute!

  5. that is gorgeoussss! i love how it's so customized and unique in shade and glitter particles! and your nails are always on point, babe!!

  6. I really like that polish. Your nails look so long and perfect. What's your secret? :D

  7. I'm glad you like the polish ladies! I am in absolute love with it! :)

    @Rites of Beauty Thank you! I take Biotin twice a day ~ it really has helped my nails grow faster and stronger. :) My hair has also become a lot healthier as well!

  8. Omg, that is such a cute packaging for a nailpolish.. I think I really need to get this!!!



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