October 9, 2011

Revlon "Starry Pink" and OPI "Pink-ing of You"

I always go back to a favorite nail polish if I'm feeling unhappy or just bored. My spirit is always lifted when I like what I see on my nails. :)
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!! Let's all paint or nails pink! :)
OPI "Pink-ing of You" & Revlon "Starry Pink"
I found both of these at Target! I also really like Fred Meyer because they have a great selection of nail polish, and drugstore makeup.
Bf says our grocery shopping budget always includes a lipstick. lol He likes to poke fun at my beauty product hoarding habits.
What he meant to say is it always includes a nail polish!
OPI "Pink-ing of You" is one of my favorite pink nail polishes followed by OPI "Got A Date To-Knight!" I recently found it at Nordstrom Rack in Lynnwood, WA. It was the last one *bonus*! I'm currently trying to hunt down "Heart Throb" polish from OPI Sheer Romance Collection 2004. I absolutely love sheer pink polishes! There's something so soft and feminine about them that I adore. I also want to get my hands on "Strawberry Margarita!"

I applied 3 coats of "Pink-ing of You" and 1 coat under the Revlon "Starry Pink" glitter polish.
I like the pink with 2 coats better, but I wanted to show you what 3 coats looks like since we've already seen the 2 coats in an older post. :D
"Starry Pink" is too milky white pink for my taste. It gives the "white out" effect on your nails if applied alone. The glitters appear a bit cloudy once the polish dries. It's nice if you like a subtle hint of glitter.
I don't know why I've been so obsessed with nail polish these past 6 months. I guess it's because nail polish is affordable, easy for me to photography and talk about! lol

I did pick up Revlon "Facets of Fuchsia" (supposed to be a dupe for Deborah Lippmann "Bad Romance") and "Blue Mosaic." I can't wait to swatch them!!

I've been "hitting pan" with a lot of my makeup and beauty products. I get so excited to finish a toothpaste because it means I get to try a new one!! Colgate has been advertising this new Optic White toothpaste and I have 2 coupons saved already!! I love switching up shampoo, soap, toothpaste. I'm still couponing, are you?!

I've been so proud of myself for not shopping makeup as much as I used to..which means my beauty blog is much more boring now-a-days. Sigh.. You can't win them all!! That's also why you haven't seen many makeup reviews, FOTD, EOTD posts from me.
Here's my lazy person's EOTD from today (Sunday). I used a Chanel #59 Gold Rush e/s quad, Lancome Artliner, and Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara, and MUFE Brown Eyeliner. I did get the new Black Chanel lash curler and I will post my thoughts on it soon. My natural lashes currently suck, but I like the new lash curler for the most part. Circle lenses are the Hana Iceye Brown. They're hands down the most comfortable lenses ever!! They're even more comfortable than my regular Acuvue. I need moreeeeeeee!

FOTD from Saturday. Yes, I have on way too much Rock & Republic Xrated Blush!!
That stuff is so pigmented. My aunts really like it on me when they were visiting. They say it instantly liven ups the face. I normally use my favoriteeee R&R "Bedroom" (special thanks to Jean for the best gift ever!). I used 2 eyeshadows from my Bobbi Brown Tortoise Bronze palette, but you can't really tell what's going on in the eye department from the above. I do really enjoy the more neutral eye looks these days. Falsies would have enhanced the overall look, but I am too lazy for them.
I always feel that falsies are required for EOTD, FOTD posts..and I barely wear falsies so I get discouraged to share. I still take pics of my makeup weekly (because I want to look back when I'm an old lady and be like..hey! that was my makeup choices back in the day), but it's never anything exciting to post on blog.
It's so pretty!!!

I did purchase 3 Chanel eyeshadow quads from a blog sale last month (score!!). I do want to share my thoughts on Chanel eyeshadow with you since these are pretty much my first powder eyeshadows by Chanel.

I am trying out a new lash serum called Lashem. I hope it helps my lashes grow longer and fuller. Lash extensions totally ruined my real lashes. I love the look of false lashes, but I dislike removing the lash glue from my eyes. I always seem to have some remnant glue left on my lash line days after!

In other no one really cares Steph, life news:

I've had a crazy start to October. Minh and I almost got creamed in a car accident on the highway on Wednesday. A teal Dodge Concord just starting flying in our direction head on. It was like WHOAAAAAAA why is this car doing crazy donuts in front of us ON THE HIGHWAY? The driver must have hydroplaned since it was a super wet and rainy day (what's new Seattle Fall 2011?). I don't know how many times I repeated OMG, OMG OMG OMG.

It was heavy lunch time traffic on I-5 North too! Her car spun 360 twice and ended up smashing into the median (while sliding towards us!!). The front of her car was facing oncoming traffic after all the vehicle acrobatics. She flew across two lanes of traffic and luckily did not hit anyone! Several cars dodge her crazy vehicle rain dance. *MIRACLE*

We pulled over and Minh ran out to check on the driver. Minh said she was trembling and couldn't really talk. Good thing she didn't have a passenger because her car was a goner. I stayed in the car and called 911 to report the accident. We stayed to fill out witness statements for the police (and most like for the driver's insurance).

If we were driving any faster her car would have smashed into ours, then who knows what. I don't even want to think about it, but Minh and I kept talking about it after. "What if she hit us, and then a semi-truck ran into us?!" I was like SHUT UP!!

I do admire Minh for always stopping to helping strangers in almost any situation. He says he would want others to do the same for him. He was pretty surprised that no one stopped to help the girl. I'm sure the drivers who were able to dodge her called in the accident while they continued to drive on the highway..

People need to quit texting and driving. You know who you are!! I see it far too often for comfort. Let's save lives, not put them ask risk!

BTW, it was my 2 year anniversary living in Seattle last week. I still dislike Fall/Winter weather here. I don't think Washington folk understand how wonderful Autumn is in other parts of the country. The wet and miserable weather in WA this time of year is not enjoyable. I miss seeing massives amounts of leaves changing color. I miss going to the apple cider farm, and eating old fashion donuts with hot cider in Michigan. I hope to head home to visit in November. I wish I didn't fear flying so much. I'm starting to get more and more paranoid as I get older. ahh

I've been thinking about buying Cod Liver Oil. I've heard that it's great for the skin.
I did buy Flinstone vitamins today just because I wanted to full-fill a childhood want. lol
FINALLY!! FLINSTONE VITAMINS ARE MINE! They're not just for kids, you know. The instructions say adults can take them too. :) Plus, they're on sale this week at Target!

Everyday, I take 2 biotin, 2 vitamin E. Now I'm going to add in Flinstone vitamins, and Gingko Biloba. Minh takes Gingko Biloba because he's says it's great for his memory. He took it all throughout law school. I'm going to try it and see how it works even though I think I have an awesome memory!! If there's anything I'm proud of, it's my memory of daily life situations.
Random Question: Are you not supposed to take vitamins with tea?

P.S. I dislike 98% of Halloween related decorations and "fun" events..like haunted houses, or scary movies!! EW

I also have a fun small giveaway coming up for you! I want to share with you these cool temporary lip tattoos from Violent Lips. I just need to go get my lip threaded before I take any up close lip photos. HAHA.
I think they'd be great for Halloween dress up fun. It's the one day of the year where you can be crazy and accepted!


  1. OMG sooo glad u & bf are ok!! that's really scary. i once saw a bike messenger ride head on into a fedex truck & fly off. it was really scary but miraculously he wasn't unconscious after hitting the ground.

    i don't even take vitamins (horrible i know lol) but my mom's super against taking pills w anything but water. mb it's an asian thing...hahaha

    oh i hate halloween decor too. it's so lame! i just like the fun-sized shaped candies XD

  2. Glad that you and Minh are OK! Another reason to hate the weather in Seattle is all the accidents that happen! Thanks for the update - and gorgeous nails!

  3. lol your posts are so adorable. when I read the, "It's so pretty!!!
    YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL TO ME." you made me lol at 1am!! startled the dogs and everything!

    and holy crap about the car hydroplaning in front of you guys! the same thing happened to me last wednesday and i've been feeling guilty ever since =\ one part of the freeway got sort of flooded so i started slowing down while the car in front of me stayed at their speed. next thing i know, the car is going left to right ( we were in the very left lane) and then completely turned around and was coming AT me! and you can't just BRAKE or else the cars behind you might hit you since it was hard to see. then they slammed in to the middle divider and just slid across 3 lanes. i don't think it hit anyone but i was so startled that i just kept driving! how DUMB right!? afterwards i was like "wait why didn't i stop to help them!? did anyone even call 911!?"

    such fail. minh is all sorts of amazing for stopping over to help. its too easy to freak out during an emergency and even easier to just walk away from it. my hands and legs were trembling after and i ended up just going to my bf's work bc i couldn't drive much longer. i'm so useless during a crisis! you should appreciate minh's fearlessness haha ;)

    i think your 'rambles' posts are my favorite! your hauls/eotds/etc are always fun but your rambles let us get to know the real you! :)

  4. Ohhh my gosh, so glad that you & Minh are okay! I don't even know how I would have reacted if I was driving and a truck like that was coming towards me!

    I've been wearing pink on my nails so far this month, and plan on doing so for the remainder of October, all for breast cancer awareness month :) Can't wait to see your lash curler review!

  5. OMG I would have totally freaked out! Glad to hear that you and Minh are okay!

  6. Holy shit, that's so scary!!! So glad you guys are ok!

  7. Dang! Thank goodness you and Minh are safe! I agree- people seriously have to stop texting and driving- its ridic.

    I love pink and that OPI color is to die for! So gorgeous!

  8. Hi Steph! Lovely mani! :D I'm glad you guys are safe, and that was so wonderful of you both to stop and help. :)

  9. Oh my goodness! I'm glad you guys are okay. That's really great you guys stopped for her. I had an accident a while ago and was surprised somebody stopped for me. I was in a hit an run, but I had a witness. =]

    As for the nail polish , I really like the pink color, fits your skin tone well, and I would have pictured the Revlon polish to have less color and more glitter. Oh well. Its hard to find a great glitter, they either have too much glitter or not enough.

  10. i need to paint my nails today and because of this post, im going pink! i want to get chanel's eyelash curler just to have it. lol

    so glad to hear your ok! i remember my car spun out in the rain once, hit the center divider and 2 cars hit me before my car came to a stop. AND no one stopped for me. can you believe that?

    enter my giveaway to win $100 to pixiedusk.com!

  11. I love it when you write more about your life :) OMG that story with the car was so scary - good thing everybody was safe! Minh sounds like such a sweetheart :)

  12. Pink-ing of You is my all time favorite polish toooooo... that was my inspiration for my blog! I'm glad that you guys are ok from that crazy incident! Driving in the rain is so scary and it's even scarier when most people just don't know how to drive in the rain!

  13. So glad that car didn't hit anyone! It's really scary being so close to accidents, lucky it wasn't a fatal one.

    I've been eyeing on Pink -ing of You for such a long time! Happy to see a post on it from you, love your picture quality!

    The Chanel eyelash curler, is it any good? I was tempted to pick it up but I'm still doing eyelash extensions! I don't think I can ever give them up now. :( But it saves me so much time in the morning. And no need to struggle with falsies, haha. My attempt to justify them... =D

  14. I totally got Pink-ing of You because of your rave and I love it!

    BTW Ulta is having a sale on OPI this week. Buy 2 nail polishes and get a topcoat or basecoat free. They have a $5 off $10 on the website


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